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Video Games Are The Next Level Of Blockchain And Crypto

Video Games Are The Next Level Of Blockchain And Crypto
Stop hitting your head against bricks for worthless coins, Mario!
Video games are a nearly $43 billion industry, according to a recent press release from the Entertainment Software Association and The NPD Group. These digital games and the consoles that play them are now an integral part of our culture, but it almost wasn’t this way.
In 1983, the video game industry hit a recession, known in some parts of the world as “Atari Shock.” It was not unlike 2018, for cryptocurrency.
Atari’s success in the home video game console market spurred a flood of competition, including ColecoVision and Intellivision, all competing with the birth of personal computers like the Commodore 64 and Macintosh.
Sales plummeted as hardware and software developers battled over control of publishing rights and other income streams. It ended with the iconic images of E.T. and other Atari game cartridges being buried in a New Mexico landfill.
Not only does cryptocurrency mimic the video game industry, but we’ve long discussed how intertwined the two truly are. In fact, we’re seeing the lines between the in-game currencies and cryptocurrenciesblur more and more as we move into 2020.
And the ties run much deeper than our GPUs, where gaming and crypto mining push mathematical limits alongside video editors, VR developers, and other high throughput technologies.
In fact, Planet Digital Partners, a video game publisher run by former execs from Take 2/Rockstar and Sony’s Playstation division, is funded by an STO. This puts it on the cutting edge of both gaming and blockchain, but it’s far from the only company making these kind of moves this year.
Both blockchain and cryptocurrency are already making moves into video games and esports, and it’s time we shined a light on the most popular consumer use case of blockchain technology to date (according to DappRadar) – video games.
We’ll start with the company that carried the gaming industry on its shoulders back in 1983.

Sometimes Heroes Wear Capes

Despite the home console market being flooded and investors (especially in North America) abandoning video games, one company proved it could still be profitable.
From 1983 through 1987, a small, 8-bit computer console called the Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom in Japan) gained worldwide popularity. Insanely playable games exclusively owned by Nintendo gave it a competitive advantage. People fell in love with the mechanics of games like Mario and Zelda, which each took different paths to victory.
Super Mario Bros had timed levels, points, coins, and lives, giving replay value through high scores. Legend of Zelda was a linear story that encouraged exploration and staying alive as long as possible.
The Mario brothers became mascots for the industry, and Nintendo still holds approximately 9 percent of the global video game market. Many of the mechanics of these games (and others) are still integrated into modern games.
As consumers, we’re all used to earning in-game currencies to spend on in-game purchases. The lines between physical and digital cash were long blurred in the video game industry. And for too long, we accepted the one-way limitations. You can spend as much time and money as you want collecting Mario coins, but they’ll never be transferable for cash.
Of course, any authentic Nintendo-licensed product is almost guaranteed to retain value over time. Some Nintendo games sell for tens of thousands of dollars.
But the in-game currencies rarely transfer outside the game, and they never transfer outside the developer’s ecosystem.
Cryptocurrency companies have been lining up at the industry’s gates to make that connection happen.
Unikoin Gold (UKG), Loot, UltiCoin (ULTI) and GameCredits are among the platforms trying to negotiate with big developers like Blizzard, Nintendo, and EA. They want to integrate their cryptocurrencies into existing games to let gamers cash out. While ambitious, it’s unlikely any of these companies will be the next Mario that carries both crypto and gaming on their shoulders.
While the promise of cross-platform currencies sounds great, we barely got cross-platform play in 2019. The idea that developers will let one of these startups profit from their work is a pipe dream.
What’s more likely is the existing developers will simply funnel their in-game currencies into the Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Steam, Android, and iOS marketplaces. Think of it like store credit with points being roughly equal in value to Best Buy Reward points.
Developers want you playing their game more – not earning cash. But that doesn’t mean a secondary economy based on eSports and social gaming won’t be built.
And that’s just one aspect of how crypto is impacting video games. There’s also the underlying blockchain.

Chaining Together a Winning Combo

There are a lot of moving parts in gaming. Have you ever sat down and counted how many names are in the end credits of your favorite video game? Industry analysts estimate the video game industry supports over 220,000 jobs.
And the people working at these jobs are serious about their craft.
Video game mechanics became somewhat of the “secret sauce” that could be licensed at will, and you’ll find a lot of games running on Epic’s Unreal Engine. Fortnite, arguably the most popular video game of this generation, is the target of constant lawsuits over copyright infringement, from its game mechanicsto in-game dance purchases.
What’s even funnier is the developers of competitor PUBG sued Epic over using its own Unreal Engine in Fortnite.
Tracking copyrighted content is a complicated issue, as are security issues around online gaming, in-game purchases, and more. Gaming inevitably invites cheating too.
These are the technical issues blockchain will need to address to truly be integrated into video gaming, and it already happens.
Current video game servers are essentially already blockchains. They’re both distributed and decentralized networks, with each console acting as a node. You really notice this when you can’t play a game you inserted into your PS4 or Xbox One because it needs to download an hour or two worth of data to sync with the rest of the network.
Instead of “mining,” each node is responsible for processing the data necessary to run the game smoothly. Video game matchmaking systems were already using blockchain technology for decades – they just didn’t call it that.
Beyond the technical and economic issues the video game industry historically faced, it’s also a lightning rod for political rhetoric.
Long before bitcoins were vilified as the preferred currency of online drug dealers, video games like Death Race in the 1970s were blamed for inciting violence.
The video game industry has long dealt with the same polarizing, sensationalist headlines as cryptocurrency. In 2018, the gaming and crypto communities were divided over the cost of graphics cards.
Moving through 2019 and into 2020, the combined power of these two industries will fuel innovation, and I truly believe we’re about to see a crypto Mario rise from the ashes to carry the market on its shoulders for the next decade.
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I'm still pro-Vert! Traded 1 BTC for 265 VTC today and it felt great, here's why I'm stoked.

This has been a horrific week for crypto currencies. Bad headline after bad headline, and users are acting out of animal-like fear, not from a place of logically weighing the benefits and drawbacks.
This can all be quite scary if you just got in yesterday, or last week. But if you have been closely following the crypto rodeo for a while, this has also all been seen before. And if you know anything about markets in general: the best time to buy is when everyone around you is afraid. That's Warren Buffett's advice, not some guy on Reddit!
And: if you need your 'investment' in a crypto to double or triple by next week in order to pay your rent or feed your children, you're doing it wrong. If that is you, you're a speculator, and speculators get burned sooner or later. Crypto currency rewards early adopters, not early day traders.
Yes, there's a lot more perceived safety when CNBC anchors and well-known investors are telling you Vertcoin is a safe and promising crypto alternative. That safety will come at a steep premium, however. There's a reason why Vert is dirt cheap right now; its survival is not certain, despite a strong initial user community and more than 100,000 downloads of the wallet client within the first month. It's still new, yet the pump and dumpers have already moved onto the next flavor of the week, taking their money with them. Now the coin has to stand on its own. And it's a fantastic coin, in my opinion, which is why I bought more this afternoon. It's the only alt coin for me so far.
I believe in this community, and my only regret re: Vertcoin is that I was #965 or so to discover it on Reddit, and not #1.
Anyone who is in Vert in any meaningful way at this tiny $4.4 million market cap will either lose everything they've put in, or will become Great Gatsby crypto rich. That sounds like "to the moon" naiveté, but it's the only way to portray the early adopter's dilemma that is accurate.
I like many, many things about this coin and I do my research before coming to any conclusions. I like that the creator is a masters student at Johns Hopkins, I like that the developers seem to be real developers and are actively working on incorporating unique new features, I like that this subreddit is filled with positive Doers instead of the nervous price watchers who have flooded the Bitcoin subreddit over the last few months. Skepticism is great, but too much skepticism and cynicism early on can kill a community. Be unafraid. We have a lot to gain, and almost nothing to lose. Fortune really does favor the bold and what took Bitcoin five years could take us five months.
And I like that it's new and tiny. We can shape it into the community we've always wanted and all have a part in building something that will be in the history and economics textbooks in twenty years. No one here is too big or too small to pull up their sleeves and add to Vertcoin. Opportunities to be a part of something like this don't come along often.
The digital photography, viral video, and social media tech revolutions were all fucking appetizers compared to how much wealth and innovation is about to be generated in the US and parts of Europe as a direct result of cryptos gaining public adoption.
My theory, and this is just a theory based on looking at the adoption rates and wild market value flux of Vertcoin since its inception, is that Vertcoin is roughly mimicking the growth curve and panics of Bitcoin, except at a much faster rate. What happens over the course of five or six months in Bitcoin land, seems to happen to us in about seven or eight days. Harsher pullbacks, and faster recovery times. Everything is compressed on Vertcoin's time table because the crypto community is much bigger than it was when Bitcoin started.
I also like the math behind Vertcoin, as I've written about before. I think ASIC-resistance and multi pool resistance may not be selling points to the public today or tomorrow - but within a year it will be huge. We're the crypto with all-wheel drive, but it's summer now, so no one cares which car drives the best on wintery roads (they will).
I think not being pre mined is huge. We are the fairest coin out there, aside from the coins that just give themselves away - those are doomed to failure in almost all cases, because I believe work based scarcity is an essential ingredient in launching a currency into the stratosphere. This is what made silver and gold successful for most of Western history, it's what made Bitcoin so successful, and it's what will make Vertcoin successful in its own right.
I know some people say that proof of work algorithms harm the environment w/ the energy consumption they promote and wouldn't it be nice if everyone automatically got gifted coins by the state... No. It just wouldn't work. People wouldn't want them. Effort is tied into value.
None of us can predict the small twists and turns that take us there over the next couple years, but I'm in Bitcoin and I'm in Vertcoin and I have never felt more alive, never felt more able to see that society is finally changing to catch up to the Internet - and these changes are going to benefit many stakeholders at nearly all levels of human capitalistic society.
It's going to benefit small business owners. It's going to benefit online content creators and independent media. It's going to benefit users, investors, those saving for a rainy day. In fact, it's going to benefit nearly everyone, except for those who fail to adopt it.
Anyone who holds and uses Bitcoin today is on the insane leading edge of humanity. You're still the earliest of early adopters, relatively speaking.
And I believe the Bitcoin network will reward such stakeholders in a big way.
And anyone who mines or uses Vertcoin today is within the leading edge of already leading edge early adopters! So be patient if other people don't want to listen.
I don't believe we'll be bigger than Bitcoin - I think Bitcoin is the Microsoft Windows or Internet Explorer of crypto: the entire world is about to adopt it. Just watch.
Despite this, there's room for an Apple Macintosh OS, there's room for a Linux, for a Mozilla Firefox... I see Vertcoin being one of those types of players within the crypto economy. It can be more beautiful than Bitcoin.
As the Buckminster Fuller quote goes, "When I'm working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong."
Vertcoin is a beautiful solution to some problems that haven't even emerged yet, but will. In the meantime, those who are dumping their BTCs and VTCs at fire sale prices - what are you doing? The decisions you make today could echo in your mind for quite a while.
And in a mid term to long term view, the only people who should be panicked are those who own stock in credit card companies, too big to evolve banks, and in enterprises like PayPal. They're selling ice at a time when the icemaker has just been invented.
If you like my ideas on this stuff, I've written more in-depth opinions this week over on Medium.
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