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Groestlcoin 6th Anniversary Release


Dear Groestlers, it goes without saying that 2020 has been a difficult time for millions of people worldwide. The groestlcoin team would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone our best to everyone coping with the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19. Let it bring out the best in us all and show that collectively, we can conquer anything.
The centralised banks and our national governments are facing unprecedented times with interest rates worldwide dropping to record lows in places. Rest assured that this can only strengthen the fundamentals of all decentralised cryptocurrencies and the vision that was seeded with Satoshi's Bitcoin whitepaper over 10 years ago. Despite everything that has been thrown at us this year, the show must go on and the team will still progress and advance to continue the momentum that we have developed over the past 6 years.
In addition to this, we'd like to remind you all that this is Groestlcoin's 6th Birthday release! In terms of price there have been some crazy highs and lows over the years (with highs of around $2.60 and lows of $0.000077!), but in terms of value– Groestlcoin just keeps getting more valuable! In these uncertain times, one thing remains clear – Groestlcoin will keep going and keep innovating regardless. On with what has been worked on and completed over the past few months.

UPDATED - Groestlcoin Core 2.18.2

This is a major release of Groestlcoin Core with many protocol level improvements and code optimizations, featuring the technical equivalent of Bitcoin v0.18.2 but with Groestlcoin-specific patches. On a general level, most of what is new is a new 'Groestlcoin-wallet' tool which is now distributed alongside Groestlcoin Core's other executables.
NOTE: The 'Account' API has been removed from this version which was typically used in some tip bots. Please ensure you check the release notes from 2.17.2 for details on replacing this functionality.

How to Upgrade?

If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), then run the installer.
If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), run the dmg and drag Groestlcoin Core to Applications.

Other Linux



Download the Windows Installer (64 bit) here
Download the Windows Installer (32 bit) here
Download the Windows binaries (64 bit) here
Download the Windows binaries (32 bit) here
Download the OSX Installer here
Download the OSX binaries here
Download the Linux binaries (64 bit) here
Download the Linux binaries (32 bit) here
Download the ARM Linux binaries (64 bit) here
Download the ARM Linux binaries (32 bit) here


ALL NEW - Groestlcoin Moonshine iOS/Android Wallet

Built with React Native, Moonshine utilizes Electrum-GRS's JSON-RPC methods to interact with the Groestlcoin network.
GRS Moonshine's intended use is as a hot wallet. Meaning, your keys are only as safe as the device you install this wallet on. As with any hot wallet, please ensure that you keep only a small, responsible amount of Groestlcoin on it at any given time.





ALL NEW! – HODL GRS Android Wallet

HODL GRS connects directly to the Groestlcoin network using SPV mode and doesn't rely on servers that can be hacked or disabled.
HODL GRS utilizes AES hardware encryption, app sandboxing, and the latest security features to protect users from malware, browser security holes, and even physical theft. Private keys are stored only in the secure enclave of the user's phone, inaccessible to anyone other than the user.
Simplicity and ease-of-use is the core design principle of HODL GRS. A simple recovery phrase (which we call a Backup Recovery Key) is all that is needed to restore the user's wallet if they ever lose or replace their device. HODL GRS is deterministic, which means the user's balance and transaction history can be recovered just from the backup recovery key.



Main Release (Main Net)
Testnet Release


ALL NEW! – GroestlcoinSeed Savior

Groestlcoin Seed Savior is a tool for recovering BIP39 seed phrases.
This tool is meant to help users with recovering a slightly incorrect Groestlcoin mnemonic phrase (AKA backup or seed). You can enter an existing BIP39 mnemonic and get derived addresses in various formats.
To find out if one of the suggested addresses is the right one, you can click on the suggested address to check the address' transaction history on a block explorer.


Live Version (Not Recommended)





ALL NEW! – Vanity Search Vanity Address Generator

NOTE: NVidia GPU or any CPU only. AMD graphics cards will not work with this address generator.
VanitySearch is a command-line Segwit-capable vanity Groestlcoin address generator. Add unique flair when you tell people to send Groestlcoin. Alternatively, VanitySearch can be used to generate random addresses offline.
If you're tired of the random, cryptic addresses generated by regular groestlcoin clients, then VanitySearch is the right choice for you to create a more personalized address.
VanitySearch is a groestlcoin address prefix finder. If you want to generate safe private keys, use the -s option to enter your passphrase which will be used for generating a base key as for BIP38 standard (VanitySearch.exe -s "My PassPhrase" FXPref). You can also use VanitySearch.exe -ps "My PassPhrase" which will add a crypto secure seed to your passphrase.
VanitySearch may not compute a good grid size for your GPU, so try different values using -g option in order to get the best performances. If you want to use GPUs and CPUs together, you may have best performances by keeping one CPU core for handling GPU(s)/CPU exchanges (use -t option to set the number of CPU threads).






ALL NEW! – Groestlcoin EasyVanity 2020

Groestlcoin EasyVanity 2020 is a windows app built from the ground-up and makes it easier than ever before to create your very own bespoke bech32 address(es) when whilst not connected to the internet.
If you're tired of the random, cryptic bech32 addresses generated by regular Groestlcoin clients, then Groestlcoin EasyVanity2020 is the right choice for you to create a more personalised bech32 address. This 2020 version uses the new VanitySearch to generate not only legacy addresses (F prefix) but also Bech32 addresses (grs1 prefix).




Remastered! – Groestlcoin WPF Desktop Wallet (v2.19.0.18)

Groestlcoin WPF is an alternative full node client with optional lightweight 'thin-client' mode based on WPF. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is one of Microsoft's latest approaches to a GUI framework, used with the .NET framework. Its main advantages over the original Groestlcoin client include support for exporting blockchain.dat and including a lite wallet mode.
This wallet was previously deprecated but has been brought back to life with modern standards.


Remastered Improvements



ALL NEW! – BIP39 Key Tool

Groestlcoin BIP39 Key Tool is a GUI interface for generating Groestlcoin public and private keys. It is a standalone tool which can be used offline.



Linux :
 pip3 install -r requirements.txt python3 bip39\_gui.py 


ALL NEW! – Electrum Personal Server

Groestlcoin Electrum Personal Server aims to make using Electrum Groestlcoin wallet more secure and more private. It makes it easy to connect your Electrum-GRS wallet to your own full node.
It is an implementation of the Electrum-grs server protocol which fulfils the specific need of using the Electrum-grs wallet backed by a full node, but without the heavyweight server backend, for a single user. It allows the user to benefit from all Groestlcoin Core's resource-saving features like pruning, blocks only and disabled txindex. All Electrum-GRS's feature-richness like hardware wallet integration, multi-signature wallets, offline signing, seed recovery phrases, coin control and so on can still be used, but connected only to the user's own full node.
Full node wallets are important in Groestlcoin because they are a big part of what makes the system be trust-less. No longer do people have to trust a financial institution like a bank or PayPal, they can run software on their own computers. If Groestlcoin is digital gold, then a full node wallet is your own personal goldsmith who checks for you that received payments are genuine.
Full node wallets are also important for privacy. Using Electrum-GRS under default configuration requires it to send (hashes of) all your Groestlcoin addresses to some server. That server can then easily spy on your transactions. Full node wallets like Groestlcoin Electrum Personal Server would download the entire blockchain and scan it for the user's own addresses, and therefore don't reveal to anyone else which Groestlcoin addresses they are interested in.
Groestlcoin Electrum Personal Server can also broadcast transactions through Tor which improves privacy by resisting traffic analysis for broadcasted transactions which can link the IP address of the user to the transaction. If enabled this would happen transparently whenever the user simply clicks "Send" on a transaction in Electrum-grs wallet.
Note: Currently Groestlcoin Electrum Personal Server can only accept one connection at a time.



Linux / OSX (Instructions)


UPDATED – Android Wallet 7.38.1 - Main Net + Test Net

The app allows you to send and receive Groestlcoin on your device using QR codes and URI links.
When using this app, please back up your wallet and email them to yourself! This will save your wallet in a password protected file. Then your coins can be retrieved even if you lose your phone.



Main Net
Main Net (FDroid)
Test Net


UPDATED – Groestlcoin Sentinel 3.5.06 (Android)

Groestlcoin Sentinel is a great solution for anyone who wants the convenience and utility of a hot wallet for receiving payments directly into their cold storage (or hardware wallets).
Sentinel accepts XPUB's, YPUB'S, ZPUB's and individual Groestlcoin address. Once added you will be able to view balances, view transactions, and (in the case of XPUB's, YPUB's and ZPUB's) deterministically generate addresses for that wallet.
Groestlcoin Sentinel is a fork of Groestlcoin Samourai Wallet with all spending and transaction building code removed.




UPDATED – P2Pool Test Net



Pre-Hosted Testnet P2Pool is available via http://testp2pool.groestlcoin.org:21330/static/


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Electroneum Mining Earn up to $50 a day on your mobile

While Bitcoin and Ethereum mining is not expensive and not very profitable for regular users, there are a wide variety of cryptocurrencies that offer an alternative. There is nothing simpler than Electroneum mining and it guarantees money.
What is Electroneum?
Electroneum (ETN) is an anonymous cryptocurrency that runs on the blockchain and is based on the Bytecoin cryptocurrency blockchain. Electroneum cryptocurrency was launched in 2017 by a team of developers at the head of Richard Ells: he wanted to create a cryptocurrency for the smartphone market and games and apps running on these devices. In 2017, the team organized an ICO (they collected $ 40 million earlier than planned) and launched iOS and Android apps for ETN mining.
An important feature of Electroneum is its availability and simplicity of counting. Most Bitcoin owners don’t really like that an asset consists of 100,000,000 satoshi — it complicates the calculations. Electroneum uses only two digits after the separator: Instead of “0.089151 BTC” you will see only 21.45 ETN.
Electroneum has what it takes to be a viable alternative to Bitcoin. Some of the features worth mentioning are:
.The transaction speed and security of the coins are as good as Bitcoin (and some even claim that Electroneum is safer). .It can be stored both in the cloud and in offline wallets. .The development team is impressive. The company consists of professional engineers, entrepreneurs and marketers. .It can be easily removed on a smartphone or other device.
In short, although Electroneum is based on its own chain, it has a lot in common with Bitcoin.
Is Electroneum Mining Profitable?
Electroneum cryptocurrency mining is very simple and affordable: those who don’t even have powerful computers can handle it. You can even use Electroneum on the background of the computer. But there is another distinctive point like below. Since Electroneum was created for use by smartphones, you can mining using your mobile phone.This is the most preferred and easiest
How to make Electroneum mining?
Many crypto owners believe that it is better to mine alone without a pool, but beginners are strongly recommended to start cryptocurrency mining with other participants. Pools allow you to receive payments every day, and Electroneum is supported by many platforms that differ in their commissions and reliability.
Electroneum Mining on Mobile Devices (Android and iOS)
You can earn Electroneum using your mobile phone. Follow these steps to install the app and register as a user:
“Download” Barcode reader from this link.
After installing the Barcode reader application on your phone, scan the barcode on the left side
Enter the Code when register the application: D65C7C
Check your email address to find an activation link
Enter your mobile phone. Enter the received SMS code in the field on the registration page.
If you lose your account PIN, enter an alternate email address where you can send recovery information.
Enter your PIN. You will need this every time you start the application or send a transaction.
Return to your inbox and click the link in the letter sent to you. This confirms that you have received a PIN recovery email. You can now enter the application.
This much. All you have to do is click the “Start mining” button.
You started making money
while mining phone
Electroneum Mining on Windows and Mac
Use xmr-stak-cpu software for Electroneum mining on CPU: Claymore provides a higher hash than CPU. The CPU version of this software is available from GitHub.
Download and then open the “config” file via any text editor. You should find the following lines in the text editor:
“Pool_address”: “pool.usxmrpool.com//333” “Wallet_address”: “ “Pool_password”: “
They need to be replaced:
“Pool_address”: “layer + ssl: / /etn-eu1.nanopool.org:13433” “wallet_address”: “Your ETN wallet address” “Pool_password”: “x”
Then look for the line:
“Cpu_threads_conf”: null,
And replace it with the following lines:
“Cpu_threads_conf”: [ {“Low_power_mode”: false, “no_prefetch”: true, “affine_to_cpu”: 0} {“Low_power_mode”: false, “no_prefetch”: true, “affine_to_cpu”: 1} {“low_power_mode”: false, “No_prefetch: true,” affine_to_cpu “: 2} {“ low_power_mode “: false,” no_prefetch “: true, “Affine_to_cpu”: 3} {“low_power_mode”: false, “no_prefetch”: true, “affine_to_cpu”: 3} {“low_power_mode”: false, “no_prefetch”: true, “affine_to_cpu”: 4} {“Low_power_mode”: false , “No_prefetch”: true, “affine_to_cpu”: 5},],
Each line connects the processor core separately. For example, if you have a 6-core processor, you can connect five cores and leave one for work. It is important that the first line starts from zero. Register and run the software.
Alternatively, you can try Electroneum mining GPU — there are both AMD and Nvidia options, but it means buying expensive graphics cards. The reward for a mined block is 7,000 ETN, which is quite generous. But is GPU mining worth the investment? You can check the profitability of electroneum mining here
Electroneum mining is a simple and energy efficient way to earn ETN tokens. If you’re new to crypto mining, consider starting your experience with this coin — having some ETN coins in your crypto portfolio will never hurt.
Since it is a mobile-centric cryptocurrency, you can install Electroneum application on your smartphone and continue mining with a single click every day. This is a small source of passive income. Also, don’t forget to join an Electroneum mining rig.
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Bitcoin Unlimited - Bitcoin Cash edition has just been released

Download the latest Bitcoin Cash compatible release of Bitcoin Unlimited (, November 5th, 2018) from:
This release is a major release which is compatible with the Bitcoin Cash compatible with the Bitcoin Cash specifications you could find here:
This release will also implement a set of consensus changes proposed by an alternative implementation, Bitcoin SV, see SV release notes for ver 0.1.0 for more details. Such set of features is disabled by default, the default policy is to activate the set of changes as defined by the bitcoincash.org specification.
To configure your BUcash client so that it will activate the protocol upgrade proposed by SV you need to add consensus.forkNov2018Time=0 and consensus.svForkNov2018Time=1 in your bitcoin.conf file. Trying to activate both protocol upgrades at the same time will lead to the client to exit with this error message: Both the SV and ABC forks are enabled. You must choose one.
List of notable changes and fixes to the code base:
Release notes: https://github.com/BitcoinUnlimited/BitcoinUnlimited/blob/dev/doc/release-notes/release-notes-bucash1.5.0.1.md
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Groestlcoin June Development Update & Release!

Another Quarter, Another Release! The Groestlcoin production factory has been working overtime as always in order to deliver even more tech to push Groestlcoin mainstream when the time comes.
There have been many new fantastic wallets and exchanges added to Groestlcoins repertoire over the past 3 months so we will re-cap these before moving on to what is new today.


What's New

Re-forged: Groestlcoin Samourai

Groestlcoin Samourai is a wallet for the streets. A modern Groestlcoin wallet hand-forged to keep your transactions private, your identity masked, and your funds secure. Its main advantages are its extreme portability and is the most secure Groestlcoin mobile HD wallet.
We've built a wallet that Groestlcoin deserves. If you are looking for a wallet that Silicon Valley will never build, the regulators will never allow, and the VC's will never invest in, this is the perfect wallet for you.
![Groestlcoin Samourai Release Video](http://img.youtube.com/vi/i3WU8Tde8XQ/0.jpg)

Head over to the Groestlcoin Samourai Release Page here for the full release announcement.

New: GroestlImage

Groestlimage turns any file into a mnemonic phrase allowing users to generate Groestlcoin private keys and addresses based on the data URI of the provided file. A picture is worth a thousand Groestls.




Source Code


New: Groestlcoin Core Config Generator

Groestlcoin Core Config Generator is a simple GUI to configure the groestlcoin.conf file – A developers dream tool!
Each configuration option is available via the user interface, grouped by what attributes they affect. For ease of getting started with a new configuration, a variety of preset "node classes" are available on the right-hand-side of the screen. Selecting a preset will load our recommended base configuration for a node fitting that description, at which point you can then tune the configuration at the single option level.




Source Code


New: Groestlcoin Dumb Block Explorer

Dumb Block Explorer is a trivial block explorer written in a single PHP file. Now everybody can run their own block explorer.




Source Code


New: Groestlcoin SMS Push TX

Groestlcoin Simple Push TX is a server to push Groestlcoin transactions via SMS. Now everybody can send new transactions via SMS if the Internet is not usable (i.e. blocked by government entities or becomes otherwise unavailable).


Source Code


Update: Electrum-GRS 3.3.6

Electrum-GRS is Groestlcoins #1 thin-client for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android, based on a client-server protocol. Supporting multi-sig wallets without the bloat of downloading the entire blockchain.

New Features (Universal)

New Features (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

New Features (Android)



Source Code

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A tour of the Gridcoin wallet

Hey guys, I thought I would put together an in-depth tour of the Gridcoin wallet software for all of our recent newcomers. Here I'll be outlining all the features and functions the windows GUI wallet has to offer, along with some basic RPC command usage. I'll be using the windows wallet as an example, but both linux and macOS should be rather similar. I'll be including as many pictures as I can as embedded hyperlinks.
Edit: Note that since I originally made this there has been a UI update, so your client will be different colors but all the button locations are in the same place.
This is my first post like this, so please forgive me if this appears a little scatter-brained.
This will not cover the mining setup process for pool or solo miners.
When you launch the wallet software for the first time you should be greeted with this screen.


After that prompt, you should be left sitting on the main overview tab with several fields on it.
From top to bottom:


Now onto the other tabs on the left side. Currently we're on the Overview tab, lets move down to the Send tab. This tab it pretty self-explanatory, you use it if you want to send coins, but I'll go over the fields here:
  • Pay To: Enter a valid gridcoin address to send coins too. Gridcoin addresses always start with an S or and R.
  • Label: Enter a label here and it will put that address in your "address book" under that label for later use. You can leave it blank if you don't want it in your address book.
  • Message: Enter a message here if you want it attached to your transaction.
  • Amount: How many coins you want to send.
  • Add Attachment: Leave this alone, it is broken.
  • Track Coins: This doesn't do anything.


Now down to the Receive tab. Here you should have a single address listed. If you double click on the label field, you can edit it's label.
  • New: Generate a new address.
If you click on an address, the rest of the options should be clickable.
  • Copy: Copy the selected address to your clipboard.
  • Show QR Code: Show a scan-able QR code for the selected address.
  • Sign Message: Cryptographically sign a message using the selected address.


The Transactions tab is pretty boring considering we have no transactions yet. But as you can see there are some sorting tools at the top for when you do have transactions listed.


The Address Book is where all the addresses you've labeled (that aren't yours) will show up.
  • Verify Message: Verifies a message was signed by the selected address.
The rest of the functions are similar to the functions on the Receive tab.


Onto the Voting tab. There wont be any polls because we aren't in sync yet.
  • Reload Polls: Pretty self-explanatory, I've never had to use this.
  • Load History: By default, the wallet will only display active polls. If you want to view past polls you can use this.
  • Create Poll: You can create a network-wide poll. You must have 100,000 coins as a requirement to make a poll. (Creating a poll does not consume the coins)
Here's what the Voting tab will look like once you're in sync


Now onto the context bar menus on the top.
Under File you have:
  • Backup Wallet/Config: This lets you backup your wallet configuration file just in case.
  • Export: You can export your Transactions tab or Address Book in CSV format.
  • Sign message: Does the same thing as on the Receive tab.
  • Verify message: Does the same thing as on the Address Book tab.
  • Exit: Close the wallet.
Under Settings you have:
  • Encrypt Wallet: Encrypts your wallet with a password. (we'll come back to this)
  • Change Passphrase: Allows you to change your encryption password.
  • Options: Opens the options menu. (We'll come back to this)
Under Community you have:
Under Advanced you have:
  • Advanced Configuration: Opens the Advanced Configuration menu. (Not so advanced if you ask me)
  • Neural Network: Allows you to view solo miners project statistics. It will be largely blank if you're not in sync yet.
  • FAQ: Don't touch this, It is broken.
  • Foundation: Don't touch this, It is broken.
  • Rebuild Block Chain: Starts the client syncing from 0. Don't worry, using this will not make you lose coins.
  • Download Blocks: Downloads the latest official snapshot, can help speed up syncing. The download progress tends to sit at 99.99% for a long time, don't worry, it's working.
Under Help you have:
  • Debug window: Opens the debug window. (We'll come back to this)
  • Diagnostics: Don't touch this, it is broken. This has since been fixed. You can use this to see if there is anything wrong with your setup.
  • About Gridcoin: Opens the About Dialog. This gives you your client version and other information.


Now back to the options menu under Settings > Options.
Here we have the options menu main tab:
  • Pay transaction fee: The transaction fee that will be automatically paid when you make a transaction.
  • Reserve: You can reserve an amount so that it will always be available for spending.
  • Start Gridcoin on system login: Pretty self-explanatory
  • Detach databases at shutdown: Speeds up shutdown, but causes your blockchain file to no longer be portable.
On the Network tab:
  • Map port using UPnP: Attempts to connect to nodes through UPnP.
  • Connect through SOCKS proxy: Allows you to connect through a proxy.
The window tab is pretty self-explanatory.
The Display tab is also pretty self-explanatory, with the exception of:
  • Display coin control features (experts only!): This allows you to have a great deal of control over the coins in your wallet, check this for now and I'll explain how to use it further down. Don't forget to click "Apply".


Now that all of that is out of the way. The first thing you'll want to do is encrypt your wallet. This prevents anybody with access to your computer from sending coins. This is something I would recommend everyone do.
Go to Settings > Encrypt Wallet and create a password. YOU CANNOT RECOVER YOUR COINS IF YOU FORGET YOUR PASSWORD.
Your wallet will close and you will have to start it up again. This time when it opens up, you should have a new button in the bottom left. Now if you want to stake you will have to unlock your wallet. Notice the "For staking only" box that is checked by default. If you want to send a beacon for solo mining or vote, you will need to uncheck this box.


Before we continue, Let's wait until we're in sync. Depending on your internet speeds, this could take from several hours to over a day or 2. This can be sped up by using Advanced > Download Blocks, but this can still take several hours.
This is what an in-sync client should look like. Notice the green check to the right of the Receive tab. All of these icons give you information when you hover your mouse over them.
The lock
The arrow tells you if you're staking. If you aren't staking, it will tell you why you're not staking. If you are staking it will give you an estimated staking time. Staking is a very random process and this is only an estimate, not a countdown.
The connection bars tell you how many connections to the network you have.
The check tells you if you're in sync.


Now I've said "stake" about a million times so far and haven't explained it. Gridcoin is a Proof of Stake (PoS) coin.
Unlike bitcoins Proof of Work (PoW), PoS uses little system resources, so you can use those resources for scientific work. PoS works by users "Staking" with their balance. The higher the balance, the higher the chance to create, or "stake" a block. This means you need to have a positive balance in order to stake. Theoretically, you can stake with any amount over 0.0125 coins, but in practice it's recommended to have at least 2000 coins to reliably stake.
Staking is important for solo miners, because they get paid when they stake. Pool miners don't need to stake in order to get paid however. So if you want to solo mine, you'll need to buy some coins from an exchange or start in the pool first and move to solo when you have enough coins.
In addition to Research Rewards for miners, anyone who holds coins (solo miners, pool miners, and investors) gets 1.5% interest annually on top of your coins. So it can be beneficial for pool miners to stake as well.
Here is a snippet of what a research rewards transaction looks like from my personal wallet. I have a label on that address of "Payout address" as you can see here.


At this point you'll need some coins. You can use one of our faucets like this one or this one to test coin control out.
First let me explain what a UTXO is. UTXO stands for Unspent Transaction Output. Say you have an address with 0 coins in it, and someone sends you 10 coins like I've done here. Those 10 coins are added to that address in the form of a UTXO, so we have an address with one 10 coin UTXO in it.
Now we receive another 5 coins at the same address, like so. Now we have an address with one 10 coin UTXO and one 5 coin UTXO. But how do we view how our addresses are split up into different UTXOs?
Earlier we checked the "Display coin control features" box in Settings > Options > Display. Once that's checked you'll notice there's another section in the Send tab labeled "Coin Control Features". If you click the "Inputs" button, you'll get a new window. And look, there's our 2 UTXOs.
All UTXOs try to stake separately from each other, and remember that the chance a UTXO has to stake is proportional to it's size. So in this situation, my 10 coin UTXO has twice the chance to stake as my 5 coin UTXO. Now wallets, especially ones that make a lot of transactions, can get very fragmented over time. I've fragmented my wallet a little so I can show you what I'm talking about.
How do we clean this up? We can consolidate all this into one UTXO by checking all the boxes on the left and selecting OK.
Now pay attention to the fields on the top:
  • Quantity: The total amount of UTXOs we have selected.
  • Amount: The total amount of coins we have selected.
  • Fee: How much it would cost in fees to send all those UTXOs (more UTXOs = more transaction data = more fees)
  • After Fee: Amount - Fees.
  • Bytes: How large the transaction is in bytes.
  • Priority: How your client would prioritize making a transaction with this specific set of UTXOs selected had you not used coin control.
  • Low Output: If your transaction is less than 0.01 coins (I think).
  • Change: What you will get back in change.
  • custom change address: You can set the address you get your change back at, by default it will generate a new address.
So let's fill out our transaction so we end up with 1 UTXO at the end.
In "Pay To:" Just put any address in your wallet, and for the amount put what it has listed in the "After Fee" Field. Just like this.
Notice how we get no change back.
Now click "Send", we'll be prompted to enter our passphrase and we're asked if we want to pay the fee, go ahead and click "Yes".
Now if we go back to the Overview tab we get this funky icon. If you hover your mouse over it, it says "Payment to yourself", and the -0.0002 GRC is the network transaction fee.
(Ignore the first one, that was me fragmenting my wallet)
Now if we look at the Coin Control menu, we can see that we've slimmed our wallet down from 7 UTXOs to 1.
Now why would you want to use coin control?
2 Situations:
  1. UTXOs less than 0.0125 coins cannot stake. So you can combine a lot of tiny, useless UTXOs into 1 bigger one that can stake.
  2. After a UTXO stakes, it cannot stake for another 16 hours. So if you have 1 large UTXO that is big enough to stake more than once every 16 hours, you can split it into smaller UTXOs which can allow you to stake slightly more often.
  3. By default, the wallet will always generate a new address for change, which can make your wallet get very messy if you're sending lots of transactions. Keep in mind that more UTXOs = larger transactions = more fees.
Sidenote - When you stake, you will earn all research rewards owed reguardless of which UTXO staked. However, you'll earn the 1.5% interest for that UTXO. Not your whole wallet.


A fork is when the network splits into multiple chains, with part of the network on each chain. A fork can happen when 2 blocks are staked by different clients at the same time or very close to the same time, or when your client rejects a block that should have been accepted due to a bug in the code or through some other unique circumstance.
How do I know if I'm on a fork?
Generally you can spot a fork by looking at the difficulty on your Overview tab. With current network conditions, if your difficulty is below 0.1, then you're probably on a fork.
You can confirm this by comparing your blockhash with someone elses, like a block explorer.
Go to [Help > Debug Window > Console]. This is the RPC console, we can use to do a lot of things. You can type help to get a list of commands, and you can type help [command you need help with] (without the brackets) to get information on a command. We'll be using the getblockhash [block number] command.
Type getblockhash [block number] in the console, but replace [block number] with the number listed next to the "Blocks:" field on the Overview tab.
This will spit out a crazy string of characters, this is the "blockhash" of that block.
Now head over to your favorite block explorer, I'll be using gridcoinstats. Find the block that you have the hash for, use the search bar or just find it in the list of blocks.
Now compare your hash with the one gridcoinstats gives you. Does it match?
If it matches, then you're probably good to go. If it matches but you still think you're on a fork, then you can try other block explorers, such as gridcoin.network or neuralminer.io.
If it doesn't match, then you need to try to get off that fork.
How do I get off a fork?
  1. Just wait for an hour or two. 95% of the time your client is able to recover itself from a fork given a little time.
  2. Restart the client, wait a few minutes to see if it fixes itself. If it doesn't restart again and wait. Repeat about 4 or 5 times.
  3. Find where the fork started. Using the getblockhash command, go back some blocks and compare hashes with that on a block explorer so you can narrow down what the last block you and the block explorer had in common. Then use reorganize [the last block hash you had in common]. Note that reorganize takes a blockhash, not a block number.
  4. Use Advanced > Download Blocks.
  5. If none of this works, you can take a look at social media (reddit/steemit) and see what other people are saying.


Your configuration file depends on your operation system:
  • On Windows: %appdata%\GridcoinResearch\
  • On Linux: ~/.GridcoinResearch/
  • On MacOS: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application/Support/GridcoinResearch/
And it should look like this.
If you open up your gridcoinresearch.conf, you'll see the default one it generated. Note that if you entered your email earlier, the first line will have your email on it instead of "investor". If you decided you want to solo mine but didn't enter your email when you first started the wallet, go ahead and put your email on the first line in place of "investor". If you're a pool miner, just leave it as "investor".
Next, it's recommended that you use the addnodes on the gridcoin wiki. So our gridcoinresearch.conf will look like this.
A useful line for solo miners is PrimaryCPID=[YOUR CPID]. Sometimes your wallet can pick up on the wrong CPID so it's good to have that in there if you're solo mining.


A listening node is a node that listens for blocks and transactions broadcasted from nodes and forwards them on to other nodes. For example, during the syncing process when you're getting your node running for the first time, you're downloading all the blocks from listening nodes. So running a listening node helps support the network.
Running a gridcoin listening node is simple. All you need to do is add listen=1 to your gridcoinresearch.conf and you need to forward port 32749 on your router.
If you don't know how to port forward, I'd suggest googling "How to port forward [your router manufacturer]".


Gridcoin.us Official Website
Gridcoin.science Unofficial Website
Gridcoinstats.eu Block Explorer
NeuralMiner.io Block Explorer
Gridcoinstats.eu Faucet
Gridcoin.ch Faucet
Gridcoin Wiki
Gridcoin Github
Arikado Pool
And that's all I have for now!
I plan to keep this post up-to-date with changes in the client. So if anyone has any suggestions, have clarifications they want made, or maybe I got something wrong, then please feel free to leave a comment below or PM me!
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Early Look at the Market – Tues 6.6.17 -**PLEASE DO NOT FORWARD THIS DOCUMENT**

J.P. Morgan Early Look at the Market – Tues 6.6.17

find the other bits on /the_street, a /wallstreetbets subsidiary.

Morning Levels

Trading Update

Top Headlines for Tuesday

Company-specific news update for Mon night.

Calendar of events to watch for the week of Mon June 5

US – economic growth, monetary policy


Tech Events – calendar of events coming up over the next few weeks

Full catalyst list

  • Thurs June 8 – China May imports/exports (Wed night/Thurs morning)
  • Thurs June 8 – German industrial production for Apr. 2amET.
  • Thurs June 8 – ECB meeting (7:45amET statement, 8:30amET press conf.).
  • Thurs June 8 – analyst meetings: AZPN, SYMC
  • Thurs June 8 – earnings before the open: Dell, SJM
  • Thurs June 8 – earnings after the close: CLDR, Hudson’s Bay, PAY
  • Thurs June 8 - Jefferies Global Healthcare Conference. June 6-9. NYC.
  • Thurs June 8 - REITWeek: NAREIT Investor Forum. June 6-8. NYC.
  • Fri June 9 – China May CPI/PPI (Thurs night/Fri morning)
  • Fri June 9 – German imports/exports for Apr. 2amET.
  • Fri June 9 – US wholesale inventories/trade sales for Apr. 10amET.
  • Fri June 9 - Jefferies Global Healthcare Conference. June 6-9. NYC.
  • Mon June 12 – earnings after the close: SAIC
  • Tues June 13 – Eurozone ZEW survey expectations for June. 5amET.
  • Tues June 13 – German ZEW survey results for June. 5amET.
  • Tues June 13 – US PPI for May. 8:30amET.
  • Tues June 13 – Morgan Stanley Financials Conf. June 13-14.
  • Tues June 13 – analyst meetings: PSTG
  • Tues June 13 – earnings after the close: HRB
  • Tues June 13 – Citigroup Industrials Conf. June 13-14. Boston.
  • Tues June 13 - Morgan Stanley Financials Conf. June 13-14.
  • Wed June 14 – China May retail sales, FAI, and IP (Tues night/Wed morning)
  • Wed June 14 – Eurozone industrial production for Apr and Q1 employment data. 5amET.
  • Wed June 14 – US CPI and retail sales for May. 8:30amET.
  • Wed June 14 – US business inventories for Apr. 10amET.
  • Wed June 14 – Fed decision (2pmET statement; 2:30pmET press conf.).
  • Wed June 14 – analyst meetings: Deutsche Boerse, MAT
  • Wed June 14 – earnings after the close: JBL
  • Wed June 14 - Citigroup Industrials Conf. June 13-14. Boston.
  • Wed June 14 - Morgan Stanley Financials Conf. June 13-14.
  • Thurs June 15 – Eurozone trade balance for Apr. 5amET.
  • Thurs June 15 – US Empire Manufacturing for June. 8:30amET.
  • Thurs June 15 – US import price index for May.
  • Thurs June 15 – US industrial production for May. 9:15amET.
  • Thurs June 15 – NAHB housing market index for June. 10amET.
  • Thurs June 15 – earnings before the open: KR
  • Thurs June 15 – earnings after the close: FNSR
  • Fri June 16 – Eurozone May new auto registrations. 2amET.
  • Fri June 16 – Eurozone labor costs for Q1 and CPI for May. 5amET.
  • Fri June 16 – BOJ rate decision (Thurs night/Fri morning)
  • Fri June 16 – US housing starts/building permits for May. 8:30amET.
  • Fri June 16 – US Michigan Confidence for June. 10amET.
  • Fri June 16 – analyst meetings: GLW
  • Mon June 19 – China May property prices (Sun night/Mon morning)
  • Mon June 19 – Eurozone construction output for Apr. 5amET.
  • Tues June 20 – Fed speakers: Kaplan
  • Tues June 20 – analyst meetings: ADI, EXLS, GE (at Paris Airshow)
  • Tues June 20 – earnings after the close: ADBE, FDX
  • Wed June 21 – US existing home sales for May. 10amET.
  • Wed June 21 – earnings before the open: KMX
  • Wed June 21 – earnings after the close: ORCL
  • Thurs June 22 – ECB publishes economic bulletin. 4amET.
  • Thurs June 22 – Eurozone consumer confidence for June. 10amET.
  • Thurs June 22 – US FHFA home prices for Apr. 9amET.
  • Thurs June 22 – analyst meetings: V
  • Fri June 23 – Eurozone flash PMIs for June. 4amET.
  • Fri June 23 – US flash PMIs for June. 9:45amET.
  • Fri June 23 – US new home sales for May. 10amET.
  • Fri June 23 – Fed speakers: Mester
  • Tues June 27 – China May industrial profits (Mon night/Tues morning)
  • Wed June 28 – earnings before the open: MON
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