Overstock to Offer Bitcoin for Sale After Acquiring

Why I Think Wanchain Is An Incredible Long-term Investment

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way associated with the Wanchain team. Neither am I a financial advisor, nor is this meant to be financial advice. Whatever follows, just reflects my understanding of the project, and my personal opinion on its future outlook.
The objective of this post is to lay out, in simple terms, what Wanchain is, and why I think Wanchain’s native coin, Wancoin, could be one of the best cryptocurrencies to hold, not just through the coming months, but years.
So, let’s dive into it!
Wanchain’s vision is rebuilding financial services. Wanchain is a global financial platform that connects, and exchanges value between different blockchains. Simply put, Wanchain is a ‘decentralized’ version of traditional banks in the current and future financial landscape.
We are living in times of a major digital transformation, a time where digital assets are entering the financial ecosystem at an unprecedented rate. As the adoption of digital assets is increasing, we are witnessing an appreciation in the value of these assets. This necessitates the existence of a ‘digital bridge’ to transfer value, in the form of digital currencies and/or assets, between different blockchains.
Wanchain’s distributed ledger allows:
To put it in a few words, Wanchain is a very ambitious and potentially disruptive project, aiming to become a super financial market of the world. The project has some of the brightest minds in the business working behind it. Wanchain is solving a real world problem and has an immensely vital use case. I have complete confidence that Wanchain could easily be one of the top 15 cryptocurrencies by market cap by the end of 2018, and it would continue to grow even beyond that. Therefore, I believe holding Wancoins would be a great long-term investment.
Full disclosure: I am invested in Wanchain for the long-term, and I plan to buy more when Wancoin trading goes live.
Hackernoon blog post: https://hackernoon.com/why-i-think-wanchain-is-an-incredible-long-term-investment-86b9d0d6eb6c
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If you use Twitter - Please see here

In order for Litecoin to succeed, there needs to be public acceptance. In order for there to be acceptance their needs to be public awareness. We all want Litecoin to succeed, we all want our coins to increase in value over the years.
I suggest that you all join twitter using a Litecoin related username. You then follow as many Litecoin/Bitcoin/Crytocurrency pages as you can find.
Then every day, just post 1 or 2 tweets about Litecoin, whats in the news, ANYTHING positive you read/hear about Litecoin. Really it should not take any more than 2 minutes of your day. If you are true believer in Litecoin and want it to succeed 2 minutes should be nothing to you.
Follow me https://twitter.com/litecoinaddict
Who to follow and tweet at:
https://twitter.com/SatoshiLite https://twitter.com/litecoinaddict https://twitter.com/LitecoinAssoc https://twitter.com/OverstockCEO https://twitter.com/coinbase https://twitter.com/cryptocointalk https://twitter.com/btcecom https://twitter.com/LitecoinProject https://twitter.com/LitecoinFeeds https://twitter.com/Litecoin https://twitter.com/litecoin https://twitter.com/litecoinguy https://twitter.com/newegg https://twitter.com/overstock https://twitter.com/Crypto_Advisor https://twitter.com/altcoinsking https://twitter.com/HugoAdvice https://twitter.com/Litecoin_Knight https://twitter.com/freakingcat https://twitter.com/TheRealMage https://twitter.com/TheCryptoShirts
Please post people/companies you follow and I will add them to the list.
Lets contact companies who accept Bitcoin and request they accept Litecoin, we should all be supporting Go Coin and when you tweet these companies, also tweet @GoCoin....It worked with Shoppify so lets do this!
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Product on Schedule, Game of Coins, New Website - Swarm Newsletter Jan 8 Update

Happy New Year! The Swarm Team is starting off 2018 with a bang!
The markets are hot, our product is almost ripe, and we're feeling solid going into the new year. Two themes for us this week at Swarm were AI and the SWM token. The Distressed Real Estate fund that will launch with our platform uses AI to identify the optimal opportunities for purchase. Other funds in the pipeline use AI to make smarter trading decisions, learning from signals in trading and from places like influencer Twitter feeds. Where Swarm opens up opportunities once available only to a select few, AI is what really drives the economy - recommending and making decisions faster and better than any middleman could. And the Swarm token, SWM, is the the essential element which powers this whole ecosystem. Look for a blog post from us this week detailing our plan to maximize the utility of the SWM token. Hint - it's gonna be a gas!
Product On Schedule
Version 0.6 of the Swarm Platform was delivered this past Friday, a day ahead of schedule. Account creation, funding, review and allocation to individual funds are all coming together. Props to our friends on our Telegram channel for asking about v0.6, and sorry it was only an internal release! But we are excited to demo the platform on stage at the North America Bitcoin Conference in Miami next week and give a sneak peak! We remain on schedule for the public release of the MVP (v 0.61) of the platform on January 29.
Game of Coins @ CES
Philipp & Chris attended CES on Tuesday. Once a consumer electronics show to see the latest gadgets, CES has become a place where emerging technologies are discussed and announced. And yes, there are still the cool gadgets too. Brandchannel reached out to get Swarm's take on crypto @CES. Read the interview here!
On Tuesday, January 9th, Swarm CEO Philipp Pieper was on the Game of Coins panel at the CES Digital Money Forum. The panel is comprised of top industry leaders: Ripple's Brad Garlinghouse, Civic's Vinny Lingham, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, and Bill Shihara of Bittrex Exchange. Watch the panel on YouTube!
Our New Website
Hit refresh! The new Swarm.fund site goes live soon. We've redesigned the site with a look, feel, and content structure to support the launch of The Swarm Portal at the end of this month. Our core focus remains on the product, so some sections of the site are designed to grow over time, but we hope you like what we've done with the place, and we welcome your feedback on how it can be improved!
This Week in the News
Swarm Fund’s Philipp Pieper to Speak at The Digital Money Forum at CES 2018’s “Cryptocurrency: A Volatile Game of Coins" Press Release Jan 05, 2018 Business Wire
Cryptocurrency at CES: 5 Questions With Swarm Fund CEO Philipp Pieper Interview Jan 05, 2018 BrandChannel
We hope your year so far has been as fun and inspiring as it has been for us here at Swarm, and will continue to bring you true health and happiness.
Your friends at Swarm Fund
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Merchants Accepting Bitcoin - Building Confidence First - The Adoption Rate Comes

It is clear the adoption rate of Bitcoin is improving but the reality is confidence lacks in Bitcoin as a currency. Headlines that read "BitPay Reveals it Paid ESPN Bitcoin for Bowl Game Sponsorship" are exciting to read and hear about but really, if ESPN spun the BTC to USD within minutes of accepting it, did they really accept Bitcoin or just the equivalent in USD? This is only news if ESPN was accepting Bitcoin and USING Bitcoin. If I was offered 1,000 Bitcoin for my $500,000.00 USD house I would simply call BitPay and say "If I give you 1,000 Bitcoin right now, how much will I get in USD?"... they will say.. "today, right now, at this minute, you will get USD $496,000.00" If I was offered a qty of Ferrari's for my house I would call the dealer and say, what are these worth today and will you pay me USD cash in my jeans for them right now?
Does this mean I accept Bitcoin? Does this mean Im a Bitcoin Merchant? The answer is obvious and that is the state of MOST of these transactions getting press.
There are exceptions like Overstock, Blockchain and a few diehards. Primarily the growth in Bitcoin will come from Merchants who ACCEPT and USE Bitcoin. The key here is USE. Using Bitcoin will expand the network, increase confidence and provide a more stable price.
The only companies benefiting from Bitcoin are exchanges, ATM operators and Trading Platforms.
Not a good foundation for growth.
If you know a company accepting Bitcoin list them on our Twitter feed and we will put them on our Twitter List for consumers and other Merchants to see. This Twitter real-time activity can foster growth as it allows Merchants to see other merchants by their PRODUCTS and not just a company name. This will lead to a Merchant using the Bitcoin they just accepted to purchase something from another Merchant immediately instead of doing the FIAT conversion.
Please have a look https://twitter.com/accept_bitcoin
Here is the format
PRODUCT : COMPANY NAME : URL : COUNTRY : @Twitter / Facebook - Accept #Bitcoin #BitcoinMerchants
Here is sample of one posted
Pub & Good Food : Durty Nellys Pub : durtynellys.ca : Canada : @DurtyNellysPub - Accept #Bitcoin #BitcoinMerchants
Post on this Twitter feed as many PRODUCTS and as often as you wish, the more the better.
I appreciate the input from the Reddit Community, Thanks and good luck to all.
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Saw the price took a dive. Came here looking for the great news that caused it :)

My theory about the inverse price to good news relationship, for those who care, is that the infrastructure has progressed aggressively but is very one-sided. It's far far easier to get out of Bitcoin than into it. I saw another post mention something similar recently. But in this environment more merchants like Overstock and payment acceptance services like Bitpay growing incredibly fast simply puts downward pressure on the price. It's like having a small stream feed into a huge lake with a waterfall. And the only big thing to make the stream bigger is Circle. Which I hear is great!... but it's also not available. I think the Winklevoss ETF and Circle will be the next stage for price increase. But honestly I don't see why the price would turn around until getting into the currency is as easy as getting out.
Still crossing my fingers for open bazaar as well. If people sell for lower prices, not to mention the lack of fees, then the value of the currency will grow in response. The problem is that it needs a huge network to be valuable, and to get a huge network it needs to be valuable lol. Very much like the start of Bitcoin, OpenBazaar won't blow up overnight. BUT, if we all put one thing up for sell on OpenBazaar, maybe we can kick start the marketplace a little.
Tor integration wouldn't hurt either ;)
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Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-12-01) - Bitcoin Futures Dec 18 - Overstock & Square Rise too Overstock.com's CEO Wants To Undermine Wall Street With The Tech Behind Bitcoin (HBO) Bitcoin Roundup News: Twitch, Chain, Blockr.io, Coinbase, Overstock, Imgur, 1800Flowers... Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-12-18) - Europe vs. Bitcoin - $300,000? - Overstock All In Overstock.com's big bet on bitcoin technology

Overstock.com (NASDAQ:OSTK) is up 5.12% in premarket action after Bitcoin shot higher to briefly crack the $5K mark again. The Bitcoin rally is being attributed by analysts to resistance at the $4.2K Overstock will then use ShapeShift to convert the cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin. They are accepting bitcoin. Shapeshift is accepting your altcoins, for a fee. The "big" development here is overstock put shapeshift directly on the site. Overstock is still stocking up on the real bitcoin. Sorry guise. Overstock’s tZERO Project Created to Be Used Against Short Sellers. The investors filed motions earlier this week in an effort to consolidate the five cases against Overstock and the appointment of a lead class counsel. So far, eight parties shared their intentions to lead the suit, including Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC, Levi & Korsinsky LLP, Pomerantz LLP, Bernstein Liebhard LLP IPFS News Link • Bitcoin Overstock to Offer Bitcoin for Sale After Acquiring Bitsy.com Biometric Wallet 09-15-2018 • https://news.bitcoin.com, C. Edward Kelso . The Crypto Winter, assuming it ends at some point, might be best defined by what companies in the space did to prepare for the future, to consolidate and increase relative positions as others retreated. News that Square is dabbling in bitcoin sparked a frenzy that lifted the company’s stock by 24% in the span of 10 calendar days. The bitcoin pop proved fleeting for Square though.

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Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-12-01) - Bitcoin Futures Dec 18 - Overstock & Square Rise too

Overstock.com CEO, Patrick M. Byrne, Discusses Overstock.com Accepting Bitcoin on FOX Business - Duration: 4 minutes, 53 seconds. Overstock Newsroom 5 years ago Today in Bitcoin News Podcast (2017-12-01) - Bitcoin Futures Dec 18 - Overstock & Square Rise too World Crypto Network. ... Bitcoin craziness spreads to Overstock, Square - Nov. 30, 2017 VICE News spent time with Byrne at a party in Miami, at Overstock headquarters in Utah, and at his secretive ski chalet to find out why he's betting big on the technology behind bitcoin. Subscribe ... Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne on the online retailer's blockchain business. ... Why the Overstock CEO is a fan of bitcoin - Duration: ... VICE News 71,036 views. Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne discusses his outlook for bitcoin and holiday shopping. Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne discusses his outlook for bitcoin and holiday shopping. ... VICE News 71,098 ...

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