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Don't be fooled by the Market Bot ''Mystery Guy''

The guy is literally using a dummy account that was created 3 months ago and that only ever participated in Tarkov subreddit. His first thread was a misleading thread where he's carefully manipulating you to believe that bots aren't an issue. His new thread from today is just because with the leak of the public bots, they're now in the public light and fear that BSG might do something drastic to end them. I'll post here some of the misconception he tried to implement today in his thread. :
TL:DR-The easier fix is changing how flea market works. Sure, magically getting rid of all bots will enable you to occasionally buy 10k cheaper labs keycards. But I guarantee that those 4.1 inch rail mounts will still be 20k because that's how human greed works.
TL:DR - But at least it would be bought and sold by thousands of players physically ingame instead of a dozens of botters who don't even play this game in reality.
You might laugh, but "computational thinking" is not acquired on a single day. Regular people have a hard time just creating a cat that moves left and right in Scratch
Regular people aren't the problem here though ; you pass a lot of time making that argument that it can be long and difficult to program a bot, but the fact is that the people who program bots move from game to game. They don't wake up one morning deciding to run some bots on a random game, it's a challenge for them. When a new mmo comes out, they test it, by creating cheats and selling them, creating powerleveling services, running bots on multiple games, ect. Some of them have years of practice with certain engines.
Let's do some math. 60~120mil profit a day.
I think that you vastly underestimate how you can make a profit with automatisation when you factor in the item flipping. You use the current Flea market prices in your examples while it's already over inflated due to bots. The real money comes immediatly after a wipe ; because they can then immediatly obtain a vast ammount of money in the first days and completely control the market with it's pyramidal structure. There's just no way for any player to catch up to any bot due to, you know, having to sleep and eat.
Also in your examples ; you use specific high frequence trade items, while the goal to real profit is to control as many items as you can, considering that this game contains hundreds of valuable items, which include quest items that can be sold. Again , some of them botters have 2+ years of practice (only in tarkov) by now and you mentioned how far we can get with item price records. With that alone it's very easy to know which items is profitable.
They probably easily make 30-40x that amount per day on multiple accounts to spread the wealth. You also misunderstand that there a ways in these games to ''Secure'' your gains. For example in a game like GTAV, people would buy pricey cars to store them and protect their money from being wiped ; they could then resell those car to get the money back. In Tarkov, It's already known that RMT'ers are using high priced items with fixed price like LEDX, Bitcoins and keycards to secure their gains.
100mil is valued at $66 right now.
That's actually very high considering that we're playing a BETA GAME, that late in the market which is already over-inflated and that a wipe was announced in 5 months. The real money is always after a wipe ; AND when the game will be officially released. That's the moment that these guys are practicing for, when the stakes will be real and that the economy will become permanent.
And like i said ; it's not like these guys just run some Tarkov bots and expect to live from that only. They are way more ressourcefull, they sell glitches, private cheats, money, on multiple games at the same time. That's how it becomes very, very profitable and moreover ; it's a passive income. You can have a job and run these as a sideline, while coding in your free time.
Also you're lying here since there are multiple sites, found one where it's 50$ (CAD) for 10million. price always varies from different providers and depending on the country money current going rate.
Conclusion : Unless you're just doing it for academic curiosity/entertainment, coding bots is a total waste of time.
Off course if you never programmed in your life and just expect to be able to google how to create a bot, you might have a reality check. Again you vastly underestimate the market for cheats and ''gold selling''. Or maybe you just know too much about it and want to keep your incomes.
Even without bots, any person/group with enough capital can control the flea market and exploit the economy in the current system.
But they can't do it all day long, all week long. They have to, you know, sleep and eat. One could also expect the players to play the game here and then and to not sit 24h on 24 on the market while not using any of the gear that they could afford.
Why did BSG help the bots by removing the 60 second timer? They did not help the bots; They attacked bots.
That's not what i heard personally. What i heard is that it started a new race between botters and that some of them were already way more advanced than others and were able to perform better than before.
Just like you said ; they never aim for 100% snipe, but when you reach 75% you're already swimming in serious bucks.
For me the only way to aleviate bots is to render them useless in-game directly. You limit the amount of transaction per account per hour, you add in-game buy orders and priorize them in the market.
Some market bots slightly flipping the market better than no-lifer players who actually play the market on the game client with mouse and keyboard is not their priority nor it should be.
It should be one of their top priority in a full loot mmorpg with tiered gear that can be bought and sold. When the economy gets broken, it breaks the game completely. Random people can obtain vast amount of money quickly by buying it then they can roll with the best kits for 50 lives in a row if they want. It completely breaks the gameplay and the purpose of the whole game.
It's been known that botters start public campaigns to divert the attention from them. I'd take a no lifer who actually play the game all day long over a ducking botter who don't even play and just ruin the whole game for thousands of players to gain personal wealth.
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Seedbox recommendation - Something... moderate?

I'd like to offload some of my torrents from my PC to a dedicated machine, even just a for a little while, partially because my computer is making my house too damn hot.

Recommendation form

Are you OK with direct message offers from vendors?
What are your main reasons for getting a seedbox?
I want to build some ratio on a couple private trackers and have a place to store smaller music torrents to seed long term.
Do you have any specific requirements?
Nothing in particular.
Are you looking for a shared or dedicated solution?
I don't think I can afford a dedicated box but I could be wrong.
Are you looking for managed or unmanaged solution?
I think I'd prefer unmanaged but managed isn't a dealbreaker if it's a better deal.
Please describe your Seedbox experience:
I've rented one for a couple months before but it was a long time ago, don't remember the vendor.
Currently with a provider or used one before?
Not currently with a provider but I have experience.
What is your Linux experience?
Fairly experienced, can compile code, make a webserver etc.
What is your monthly budget?
$20-40 CAD / $10-30 USD / $10-25 EUR
Payment preferences or requirements?
I can pay with credit card, paypal or bitcoin.
Do you need support for public trackers?
Routing: Tell us your continent:
North America.
What kind of connection speeds do you need?
I'd prefer 1000MBps or so, more couldn't hurt
How much monthly bandwidth is needed?
2TB or more should do.
How much disk space do you need?
At least 1TB, more couldn't hurt though.
List some features you are looking for:
A robust torrent client with some scripting ability would be a bonus.
Anything else you think we should know?
Nothing I can think of...

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Shakepay BTC Price is substantially different in comparison to several other sources.

New to BTC, so wondering if someone can explain what's happening here to me. Currently I just feel like I am being scalped both on buys/sells by Shakepay. Their prices are always inflated if you want to buy and then largely dropped if you try and sell BTC.
For example:
At this time 8:21 PM EST. I get the following quotes
Yahoo Finance – BTC - $12,613.63 CAD
Coindesk – BTC $12,612.16 CAD
Google – BTC $12,588.96 CAD
ShakePay Exchange
To buy BTC $12,760.41 CAD
To sell BTC $12,445.07 CAD
Anyone know why this is?
Edit: So I get that's how they make money. But It still doesnt really make sense when you look at other low commission or no commission platforms. Like Robinhood, or Questrade (etfs). There is no $150-200 added on commission when purchases $15,000 worth of an asset. I'd much rather get a fixed commission fee. This is absolute robbery imo, and has left a poor taste in my mouth for a first bitcoin experience.
Think I am going to cash out on the next bump. I feel as though I've been scammed in some way, and I know that sounds a bit dramatic.
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My saved items

Social justice stuff:

70 papers to support wearing masks
dude who went out dressed as a woman and got harassed
copypasta to refute the "only girls take selfies with the stuff they share"
racism is a mental health issue (tweet image)
abuses by police
why you shoudln't say all lives mattewhat does BLM mean
juxtaposition of police complaining vs police abusing
the iceberg of white supremacy
"microagressions I face as a black woman"
debunk of 13/50
another debunk of 13/50
another debunk of 13/50
examples of male privilege
opinions vs prejudice
all cops are bastards
literally all cops are bastards
response to someone saying that Africa is underdeveloped
list of things for cis people to know, from a trans person
some debunked trans stuff and also some scientific studies
police, racism, and white supremacy
police, racism, and white supremacy
false rape claims
just a funny video about nazis pretending they're not nazis
how old are animals when they are killed for food
crime stats about men
crime stats about men part deaux
On Whiteness: How Race and White Supremacy Affect Discourse Surrounding Masculinity
"life would be easier if I'm white"
discussion on "inspiration porn"
disneyvacation how to make the most of white privilege
"it's better now than it used to be" tweet
rape victim blaming (image)
the point of FWR
the alt right, pitbulls, and race realism
almost trafficked in Austin TX
wage theft infographic
white privilege image
image about women staying safe
“The law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal their bread.”
examples of systemic racism
Islamophobic myths debunked
Feminist stuff explained
what SRS is all about
free market capitalism and homelessness


biden is handsy with everyone, not just women/kids
"Why I'm skeptical about Reade's sexual assault claim against Biden: Ex-prosecutor"
Trump administration profiting off the pandemic
Poorly handling pandemic
lack of meals in schools (tweet image)
crimes of Roger Stone
Trump and Epstein
racist views of trump
GOP's attack on democracy
debunking of certain defenses of Trump (impeachment hearing? idk)
electoral college is stupid and Trump agrees
damage to international relations
"why do liberals think Trump supporters are stupid?"
more racist views of Trump
GOP on immigration (image)
"everything you need to know about American conservatism"
nunes buried evidence on Russian meddling
on hillary's email server
Trump colluding with Russia
GOP - party of "principles"
"why is the left so violent"
Trump doing dictator stuff

Workout stuff:

quarantine workout template
giant dude doing crazy bodyweight routine
list of every minimalist shoe on the internet
quarantine workout
some dude's workout routine/weightloss, check back to see if he posted his routine at all
bodyweight fitness workout stuff
something about L-sits and pistol squats
various ab exercises
stronger by science podcast
common deadlifting mistakes
get cut/abs
reverse crunches
lift weight, eat more protein
bodyweight exercises
gym gif
handstand tutorial
vibram fivefingers sale
bodyweight workout
more bodyweight fitness stuff
proper running form
muscle ups on rings
muscle up progression

Programming/tech stuff:

getting the best out of android
create a bootable pendrive
list of free sites to educate yourself
free alternative to photoshop that's not gimp
infosec tools
Python cheat sheet
how to make a reddit bot
another how to make a reddit bot
android development
raspberry pi stuff
make a gif longer than 15 seconds
221 free programming courses
android programming
import praw
"holy grail" of programming resources
bootable usb drives
free CAD and FEA apps
activate god mod for windows 8
android development
cool websites to bookmark
keep your mousing moving when afk
app development
android development
cerberus to recover lost phone
camera recovery
free online programming course (probably expired by now)
python for beginners
good PC programs to have
algorithms everyone should know
modify your browser's fingerprint


common chess mistakes
what to say to kids instead of "be careful"
how to tie the strongest knot
M to F sex reassignment surgery gif (NSFW)
Terry Pratchett quote on satire
DIY concrete mantle
hierarchy of discourse
just a funny hamster video
growing potatoes
Michael Scott on hate crimes
tips for buying a used car
how to bowl a strike
AI experts from top universities slam ‘predictive policing’ tools in new statement and warn technology could 'fuel misconceptions and fears that drive mass incarceration'
correlation between gut biome imbalance and other issues
C&H it couldn't be avoided
happy halloween meme
gif of "fuck" from SNL
picture cube
good place to get glasses
the gymnast allergic to everything
psychological life hacks
critical thinking
educational websites image
opening things
diagnosing an engine based on spark plugs
austrian choir of 1982 (shitposting in modmail)
mental exercises to reduce dementia
loaded pretzel bombs
roll a coin across your knuckles
solar micro grid
reverse/parallel park
roadtrip playlist
fun hobbies for under $50
the 100 jokes that shaped modern comedy
catholic/bishop accountability
atheist parent resources
ideas for movies to watch
replace your brake pads for <$40
something about adware
signing up for clinical trials
ordering glasses
getting to yes
that's a peanut
cryptogram solver
copypasta of creepy gifs
bertram russell's "why I am not a christian"
recommended movie about time travel
biblical contradictions
continuum season 3 webisodes
religious arguments
transhumanism for kids
free stuff on the internet
record video and stream it to a remote server
amazon's 100 books to read in your lifetime
critical consensus of historicity of books of the bible
how to get started in dogecoin I think
cool websites to bookmark
learn skills online
55 great books under 200 pages
software to install on a new PC
telescope beginner's advice
cool short story
stories with aliens
scifi ebook to read
create a roth ira
muscle reading
hip new thing called "duolingo" or smth
introduction to transhumanism
how to keep your engine bay clean
hedge fund analyst research writeup
discussion of paranormal
get an SMS if there is an emergency nearby
debunking some YEC stuff
art of public speaking
being confident
interview with Malala
practicing another language
glass/bottle cutter
watch documentaries for free
watch nikelodeon online
pale blue dot
bunch of free textbooks
food allergies facts, myths, and pseudoscience
list of banned books by reading level
mindfuck movies
ebook with random esoteric skills
save money on prescriptions
learn electrical engineering
websites for learning
design lego projects
horror books to check out
sci fi movies to check out
40 awkward questions to ask a christian
good list of subreddits
free ebooks

just wanted to reference for latereddit stuff

not sure why I saved this but here you go: https://www.reddit.com/videos/comments/ggowxj/on_may_8_2005_one_of_the_greatest_videos_in_the/
mod drama
mfw muting someone
also mfw muting someone
mfw muting someone else
thinking about those beans
some shit trashy mods did
fragile white redditors
I locked a thread to "prevent police from commenting" (aka I'm hilarious)
day of the spread
day of the spread also
summoning bots (saved over a year ago, they're probably all banned now)
n8 mods ihatewhitepeople
april fools 2019
community points
what does it mean to be not the onion
modmail search
angry at the admins
SPS notices the banout
darkjokes fragility boogaloo
top mod of upliftingnews mod-abusing
fortinbraz's bookmarklet thing on karmabots
one click reporting userscript
how to turn off push notifications
a tidbit about the sorting algorithm
threepanelpuns template
imgur info userscript
j0be's poweruser imgur script
shitposting from imgur by j0be
good piece of advice from gaywallet
bookmarklet to unhide everything on your hidden page
funny thing from centuryclubdrama
image about reposts
j0be bookmarklet to delete everything from your userpage
some javascript thing idk
[exchange karma for bitcoin (is this still even a thing?)](https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/zqocl/exchange_your_karma_for_bitcoin_reddit_bitcoin/}
zadoc's HQG tutorial
another javascript thing idk
preggit's well rounded meme
all these saved items, and you had to be salty
mods who distinguish
mat01ss tutorial on giffing
mat01ss tutorial 2
mat01ss tutorial 3
another j0be script
shittywatercolour painted a comment I made
python script idk
centuryclub intro copypasta
reddit API that the1rgood wrote
ruby API thing
user history reddit bot
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[WTS] Walkers, Peace Dollars, 90% Quarters & WTT ASEs TRADE TRADE INSIDE!

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