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Results of the Subreddit Survey

This time last week, we put out a subreddit survey to gather demographic info and solicit opinions on the current state of Rule 8 (low-effort content) and Rule 9 (non-original fanart).
In 7 days, the survey got 1,558 responses, which is a whopping 0.77% of our 203,000 subscribers. We didn't expect to get anywhere close to full participation, given that a bunch of those subscribers are probably no longer active, and more still just view /FireEmblem through their own front page and so they were never going to see the survey in the first place. Effectively, each response to the survey is "representing" 130 people.
While perusing these results, it's important to keep in mind that this survey expresses the opinion of respondents to the survey, not necessarily our subscriber base at large. That said, we are still going to look to its results in informing our policies.
Here are the results.


Three-quarters of respondents are male. According to this random article I found on Google, estimations of the gender balance on Reddit puts the male userbase at somewhere between 50 and 71%, meaning we skew slightly disproportionately male. I wouldn't look too far into it, though, given the response rate.
Around 70% of respondents are between the ages of 18 and 27, as expected. A mere 3% of respondents are older than 32 or younger than 13.
No particular trends in the number of years the respondents have been on Reddit.
About one-fifth of respondents joined the subreddit in the 6 months after Three Houses' release, and another one-fifth joined in the year or so preceding Three Houses' release. Let's compare this to our subscriber stats:
In the time between the release of the first Three Houses trailer (June 2018) and the game's release (July 2019), we went from 81,000 subscribers to 123,000. That means roughly 20% of our current subscriber base joined in that time, which matches up with the representation in the survey.
Meanwhile, between Three Houses' release and now, we've shot up from 123,000 subscribers to our current figure of 203,000. If those new subscribers were properly represented in the survey, they should fill up about 40% of the pie, not 20%. This suggests that brand new subscribers are underrepresented in the survey responses. Some of those might've subscribed to the sub for some hot tips while they were playing the game, and stopped looking at it afterward. Some might have subscribed because of the surge of fanart that accompanied release. I guess new subscribers just prefer to view the sub via their own front page. We're not 100% sure. All we know is that there's some sort of underrepresentation in these results.
Less than 10% of respondents post enough to consider themselves "active" in the sub. Including a third option here felt like kind of a cop-out, but surely if we left it between "active" and "not active", a lot of people would be unsure where they stood. Frankly, I was surprised by this result, because I figured that the only people who would care enough to respond to a big dumb survey would be the same people who care enough to actively post. Apparently not. What's up, all you politically-active lurkers?

Fire Emblem Games

Okay, disclaimer, I bungled things up here with regard to TMS♯FE. It was only brought to my attention that I forgot to include it as an option after 490 responses were already submitted. As such, I'll list the actual percentages for it in the remaining thousand or so responses below.
Here's a graph of which FE games respondents have PLAYED, but not necessarily beaten. TMS♯FE's real percentage is around 11%. Unsurprisingly, nearly all respondents have tried out Three Houses, and then Awakening follows it up. The very first FE game, Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, is also unsurprisingly the least-played game.
The graph for which FE games respondents have BEATEN turns out similarly. TMS's actual percentage is around 7%. Unsurprisingly, the NES games also have the highest discrepancy between playing a game and beating it – less than 50% of people who've tried FE1 or FE2 have actually beaten them. If you flip between the two graphs, you'll see that the only game that changes position between them is FE11 - more respondents have beaten Radiant Dawn than Shadow Dragon despite the fact that Shadow Dragon is slightly more-played.
What were respondents' FIRST FE games, and which is their FAVOURITE? Because the visuals are unhelpful, here's a chart of the responses. I think Reddit formatting should let you sort the columns by frequency if you click the headings.
FE1 3 0
FE2 2 0
FE3 7 0
FE4 8 76
FE5 3 35
FE6 31 40
FE7 332 56
FE8 206 80
FE9 82 90
FE10 62 134
FE11 71 11
FE12 1 18
FE13 453 117
BR 62 5
CQ 33 35
RV 3 7
FE15 10 62
FE16 115 732
Heroes 48 7
Warriors 2 3
TMS 1 3
*Again, TMS got screwed, so multiply its responses by 1.5 to get an estimate of what it should've gotten.
Contrary to what one might expect, Awakening still dominates the first-game category for our respondents, followed by the localized GBA titles, and only then does Three Houses show up. If Fates's three versions are combined, it ends up right below Three Houses and right above Path of Radiance. This might be tied into our underrepresentation of new subscribers – presumably a lot of them started with Three Houses.
Meanwhile, Three Houses certainly dominates the favourite-game category, with nearly half of respondents saying it's their #1. Either the game is well-loved, or recency bias is a big thing. Or both. Radiant Dawn has to settle for a distant second place, followed by Awakening and Path of Radiance, all in single digit percentages. Unsurprisingly, Three Houses also takes the crown for the highest favourite/played ratio – 49.7% of people who've played Three Houses listed it as their favourite game, far higher than any other game.
Don't let the colours of this graph fool you - one-third of respondents sided with the Blue Lions first, while more than a third chose Black Eagles and less than a third chose Golden Deer.

Rule 9

Rule 9 concerns fanart. It states that fanart can only be posted by its original artist, or someone who paid the artist to create it and who is posting it with permission. As such, we remove any "found fanart". I've documented our reasons for Rule 9 in the survey post, so please refer to that if you have questions about why it exists.
First off, how do respondents feel about the current amount of fanart on the sub? Well… they feel… differently. We polled this using a sliding scale from 1 to 5, where 1 means "I want way more fanart on the sub", 5 means "I want way less fanart on the sub", 3 means the current amount is okay, and 2 and 4 represent their respective extremes, but, like, less extreme. As you can see, the sub is undoubtedly divided on this, but to our pleasant surprise, a plurality of respondents indicated that they don't want more or less. Nearly half of respondents chose 3, while the remaining 50% were divided almost equally between wanting more or less. Hooray for no-win situations.
That in itself, however, wouldn't be enough to justify not touching Rule 9, so we asked about it specifically. Nearly three-quarters of respondents are fine with the current Rule 9. Most of the rest want it to be relaxed. A small percentage want us to ban fanart entirely. An (undocumented) amount presumably would be happy if we confined all fanart to a single day of the week or some other measure to cut down on art without outright banning it. We aren't considering that as a course of action, which is why it wasn't included on the poll.
We also asked if users would be open to having a single day of the week where non-OC fanart could be posted (properly-sourced, obviously). Almost immediately after putting this question up, we realized that this would probably be a bad idea, and so we're glad that the response was rather lukewarm. A 45/55 split might not sound like it's definitive, but having given it some thought, it's nowhere near the result we would need to justify actually putting that plan into action.
We also included a section for free-form feedback on Rule 9. At the bottom of this post I'll include a link to an anonymized spreadsheet containing all the free-form responses we got for each question like that.
Given what you're about to see next in the Rule 8 section (hoo boy), we're going to go ahead and consider a 75% vote in favour of keeping Rule 9 the same a wild endorsement of our preferred course of action, which is this:
Going forward, Rule 9 will be unchanged.

Rule 8

Rule 8 concerns low-effort content, including unedited screenshots, pictures of merch/game boxes, and memes. After Three Houses released, we started enforcing Rule 8 so strictly that memes as a whole were effectively banned.
On this survey, we polled each component of Rule 8 separately to see if respondents thought they should be allowed on the sub.
Should unedited screenshots of dialogue be allowed? A little over 50% of respondents said no. There isn't sufficient support here for us to reconsider our stance on this one. I want to be clear here in saying that we're not looking for majority rule necessarily – our decision would be the same if the numbers were flipped and slightly more than 50% of respondents said yes instead.
Should unedited screenshots of gameplay be allowed? Here there was less of a split. Around 60% of respondents said yes. According to the free-form results (again, linked at the bottom of the post), we get the impression that some people would like gameplay screenshots to be allowed if they show something interesting, instead of just, you know, a shot of a maxed-out Ike or getting a 1% crit. If that was our policy, we'd then have to judge those posts based not on effort, but how noteworthy and radical they were. While I personally am not super opposed to a coolness-based moderating system, we'd prefer that gameplay stuff be confined to the Everyone Plays Fire Emblem thread or shared via self-posts rather than reversing our stance on screenshots. (Of course, EPFE has ironically been temporarily suspended to make room for these survey posts, but that's a separate problem.) 60% support isn't overwhelming enough for us to reconsider this part of the rule.
Should merch posts or pictures of game boxes be allowed, keeping in mind that "collection" posts are already allowed and would continue to be? Around 70% said no, so this is clearly the part of the rule that we're going to get yelled at about the least.
And then we arrive at the big one – memes. Three options here, as well as a free-form "Other" option that… I'm not really sure why we included when we had a separate free-form section right after. Whoops. Anyway, around 20% of respondents are fine with the current anti-meme Rule 8, another 20% want all memes to be allowed, and the remaining 60% would prefer a discretion-based system where we only remove memes that are truly "low-effort". Herein lies the rub: even the people who answered that question the same have different views about what makes something low-effort. If we do end up going back to the discretion-based system, we either have to somehow nail down a solid definition for what makes something removable, or else deal with posts on a case-by-case basis.
The possible problems with a discretionary system encouraged us to include a separate option on the survey. We asked respondents whether they would be supportive of a system where memes were restricted to a single day of the week. This was independent of their answer to the previous question, so if someone voted "no", they could have meant "no, I want memes every day" or "no, I don't memes at all". At least one respondent said that this binary choice indicated a lack of integrity of the mod team, that it was emblematic of the fact that we had already decided to ban memes before even making the poll, and that we should repoll the question. Given that we already covered that distinction in the previous question, it wasn't really relevant for the purposes of this question. All this question asked was whether you would support a meme day, because frankly, we just wanted to know to what extent such an arrangement would piss people off, not why.
Slightly over two-thirds of respondents indicated that they would be okay with a meme day system.
This leaves the mod team with two viable options – either we return to a discretionary system where some memes live and some die, or we cut the knot and allow most memes, save for those that violate Rule 1, on a single day of the week. We have not yet decided which approach we prefer – admittedly, the team is split. We wanted to get these results to you as soon as possible, though, in advance of having actually made a decision. One thing is clear, though: with only 20% of respondents happy with the current state of Rule 8, we can't just leave things as they are.
A factor that is going to colour our decision is, again, how divided the sub is on this issue. A lot of the free-form responses (which, to be fair, make up a relatively small percentage of the sub) expressed that the curbing of low-effort content is a big reason some people enjoy the sub. Meanwhile, other responses indicated that banning memes has killed the sub. To an extent, we can't win. If we return to a discretionary system, some people are going to hate that some memes are still banned, and some people are going to be upset that memes are allowed again at all. If we go with a meme day instead, some people are going to be upset that we half-assed it, and others are going to find the sub unusable on that day of the week.
We can't please everyone. We have to go with whatever is more practical. We're currently hashing this out.
In summary:
Screenshots and merch posts will remain banned. Rule 8 will be loosened with regard to memes in a manner to be determined.

Free-form responses and general feedback

We included a question about how good the mod team is doing in general. Stop it, you guys, we're blushing.
Finally, we included free-form response sections on the following topics, with the following response rates:
  1. Any thoughts on Rule 8?
  2. Any thoughts on Rule 9?
  3. Any other rules that should be modified?
  4. Any general feedback?
These responses contained some really good thoughts. For transparency, here is a Google doc containing all of the responses, with each column alphabetized for anonymity, and I do mean all of the responses, including the handful that I would have preferred to remove because they contained personal call-outs. I did take the liberty of censoring the responses we got that were just the n-word. The main thing to take away from these responses is that y'all can't agree on anything. As you can see, depending on the question, these free-form questions got between 93 and 248 responses, so they make up a smaller subset of our already-small sample size, so while they do represent important viewpoints of our subscribers, take them with a tiny grain of salt.
Oh, right, which mod would win in a fight. That was also a question. Well, first of all, we're all winners because we get to serve this wonderful community. That said:
Mod Respondents
"I have no idea who any of these people are" 693
Bot-ta_The_Beast 209
[question left blank] 148
LaqOfInterest 147
ForsetiHype 59
Shephen 49
Lhyon 42
RotomGuy 40
Gwimpage 34
Cecilyn 31
PrinceofIris 29
LeminaAusa 20
V2Blast 18
stalwartness 16
DoseofDhillon 12
Okkefac 11
I'd like to thank the Academy for awarding me a single vote less than the people who cared so little about this that they didn't even bother to pick the "I don't care" answer. Benefits of stealing the "post every announcement thread" job.
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FE4: The Good, the Bad, and the Remake

The only game I've really been able to play over the past month is FE4 Binary on my phone while I'm on the bus, so FE4 (and what a remake of it might look like) has ended up on my mind a lot. I hear the Verdane enemy phase theme when I wake up, in my sleep I hear that melancholic SNES sound chip, and I see Sigurd's oddly shaped head in my dreams. So I just need to get it all out of my system. This is mainly focused on gameplay issues.
Story stuff first: there should be more talk convos. Why does Finn and Lewyn have convos with some of their daughters but never their sons (Ced not counting)? Why doesn't Beowolf react to his buddy Eldigan getting ganked? I'm expecting most of this to be competently addressed in a remake, but I am concerned about what IS will do when it comes to romance. It's clear that Kaga only had like 1-2 husbands in mind for each woman, and wanting to give more options is fine, but I hope IS doesn't turn FE4 into an Awakefates monstrosity where we have a bunch of low quality convos to make crank pairings like Arden/Tailtiu work. I also hope they get rid of the creepier pairings like Shanan/Larcei but considering what FEH's been doing...not likely. I'm also concerned subs might get cut and they'll do the whole "mothers run away when they die" trick since that's like 15 extra characters they have to expand on that most people will never see
The skill system is disliked due to doubling and criticals being tied to skills. I actually like that critical is a skill because I always felt crits make things way too swingy, but doubling as a skill...? Eh, Gen 1 is mostly balanced around it but Gen 2 pairings are somewhat centralized around spreading out pursuit for the pursuit-less moms so I can get behind fine-tuning it. I think I would like it better if it was like FEH and BWS where there's several skills that grant doubling depending on the condition (but not too conditional where you get this) instead of just 1 consistent doubling skill.
The inventory system is FE4's other infamous element. On one hand its somewhat tedious and it does contribute to FE4's balance issues as strong units can easily get the money they need to get all the good items, but at the same time it's pretty built into the game's design (see: Thieves and the ring system) and it makes inheritance feel more meaningful than if things were communist emblem. I don't think they should make it like all the other FEs but I do feel like there should be some changes here and there. Maybe make it like Gaiden/SoV's system where trading exists but inventories are so small and restrictive that units end up having their own de facto signature item? :V
A lot of people seem to like the arena system, but I feel it's pretty tedious and a little backwards. It's basically grinding that's outright encouraged by the game considering its one of the few ways of getting money + you're based on how much EXP you give your units. And the units who need the extra EXP/gold the most won't likely be strong enough to clear the arena anyway without good RNG or Sleep abuse. But like skills its a little baked into the game due to how important individual money management is, so I'm not sure how to address it.
I think weaker units being more difficult to EXP/gold feed was intentional since you're ranked based on how successfully you can do that, but in practice it just makes them more annoying to use than weak units in other FEs.
And then there's the obvious mount dominance issues which I feel is going to be an inherent issue in a game with such huge maps, but it can be mitigated by adding in rescuing and making terrain bonuses more favorable to footies (don't penalize foot units in forests/deserts, let them shine just this once!). That FE4 Binary hack has some issues but infantry being able to scale cliffs and use siege tomes is so cool
ps: Can we press F for Briggid's pushed husband being Midayle? Girl has to feel insecure over being compared to her twin sister...
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Recruiting for r/fireemblem plays FE4: Binary

Guess we're starting already
In the poll that was posted with the final update of FE3, we're moving on to FE4. And thanks to a smaller poll we're going to be playing the romhack known as FE4: Binary.
So anyway, welcome to season 5 of fireemblem's community playthroughs. This will differ slightly from previous seasons as due to FE4's chapter size we will be passing off saves after each castle seize instead of in between chapters.
FE4: Binary's claim to fame from what I can tell is more options and diversity. Split promotions, new classes and weapons, as well as the slightly altered mechanics should make this run pretty interesting.
Of course, if you'd like to play but don't want to have to be around all the time, feel free to sign up as a sub or even an NPC if you'd just like to spectate.
Edit: I suppose it should be noted that the english patch for FE4 Binary only translates the menus and not the story. Its just FE4's story though so its not a big deal. Players (18 total):
1) me
2) Tazerface
3) MasterSomething
4) superunsubscriber
5) Ablast6
6) ImNotASadist
7) Shrimperor
8) pokedude14
9) hbthebattle
10) celerity910
11) crunk_juce34
12) BlueHairedBaby
13) FireLeafRuby
14) Whisper_on_the_Wind
15) shiinamachi
16) XC_Runner27
17) SirVouchfarce
18) Cecilyn
Subs (??? total)
1) Rotom479
2) NuthingDude
3) Cu-Chulaind
4) jolanz5
5) Boarbaque
6) BorsTheStylish
7) ditogalaxy
8) UncagedBeast
9) Topdeckin
NPCs (Infinite)
1) MarthsPants
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FE4 Remake Wish List

I've been feeling a lot of 'Jugdral when IS' in FEH right now, so I'm doing this as a way to prolong my false hope that there's going to be an FE4 Remake anytime I'm alive.
Aside from the usuals of
-Cavs don't need road bonuses
-Doubling is normal
-Fix weight issues
-Crits work normally and the skill just makes you crit more (×1.5)
One thing I want FE4 Echoes to try is adding indoor maps to every castle you sieze.
Hear me out.
FE4 is already long, but it feels like a painful slog when maps are the size of Sanaki's damn forehead and you never get a proper break from it. Horse emblem also runs rampant, to the point where I'm recommended by some pals of mine to use Alec and Noish (level 11) instead of my swordies (level 24/26) because muh movement speed.
Indoor maps not only let your foot soldiers shine, but they could pack in a lot of conversations and whatnot there. They don't have to be terribly long maps, but something to let foot units be more useful and get a break from huge maps would be nice.
Also, how cool would it be to fatally wound Julius, have him limp back into Belhalla, and then confront Loptyr himself?
Pretty damn cool.
Another thing I'd like would be to keep the holy weapons exactly as broken as they are.
FE4's problem is that if you have a holy weapon, you can steamroll generics until it breaks, no sweat. Only thing that troubles you are minibosses/bosses, because generics lack the skills and equipment to really stop you.
FE4 Binary- a balance patch for FE4 that's pretty good- did it right in this case. The addition of crits, killer weapons, and generally improving/mixing up enemy stats and equipment makes it a bit more of a challenge, to the point where Sigurd cannot solo gen 1.
FE4 also has a thing for giving you your best weapons right off the bat. The Silver Sword, Brave Axe, and Arthur being shining examples of this. Again, Binary did it right by making Holy Weapons uninheritable (save for the Gae Bolg) but still allowing you to get them as boss drops later into gen 2. This is a smart thing, I think, as it prevents you from spamming Arthur at things until they die and fits in with the rest of the series by giving you your OP shit at the end of the game.
So, keep holy weapons broken, just make your foes tougher and get them later on.
There are actually a lot of things I'd love to see in FE4 Echoes that binary did:
-Johan and worse Johan have Major Dain.
-Minor holy bloods can use holy weapons with halved bonuses.
-Valflame, Mjolnir, and Helswath all drop in chapter 10/Epilogue.
-More classes get axes, so Lex can actually pass things.
-Multiple promotion options and re-promotions for characters like Quan and Hannibal.
-Semi-legendary weapons like binary's Tomahawk and Dragon Lance.
Anyways, that's my wall of text. What would you want for a new and (hopefully) improved FE4?
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FE4 Binary Pick My Promotions

Alright so because I apparently hate myself I decided to get something for my backlog to play and allow you guys to pick promotions for an FE4 Binary run. One pick per person initially, I'll edit if have to.
The things I am locking in are: Picking Johan and the promotions of Seliph/Leif/Aideen/Lana as well as no subs. Because I already played with subs and footlocked staffer is the actual definition of insanity.
List of units' promotion options: (not gonna list those with a single promotion cause can't help it)
Gen 1
-Alec: Paladin / Duke Knight (discord)
-Noish: Paladin / Duke Knight (picked on discord)
-Azel: Mage Knight / Mage Fighter / Iron Mage
-Lex: Great Knight / Iron Knight
-Ethlyn: Paladin / Mage Knight
-Quanology of the Quan War: Master Knight / Baron
-Finn: Paladin / Duke Knight
-Midir: Bow Knight / Sniper
-Ayra: Swordmaster / Hero / Blade Lord
-Jamke: Warrior / Sniper lol as if he's promoting in the first place
-Holyn: Hero / Forrest Knight
-Beowulf: Forrest Knight / Hero
-Lewyn: Sage / Mage Fighter
-Erin: Falcoknight / Dracomaster
-Tilted: Mage Fighter / Mage Knight
Gen 2
-Larcei: Swordmaster / Hero / Blade Lord (Picked on discord)
-EDIT - Ulster lol: Hero / Forrest Knight
-Oifey: Paladin / Duke Knight / Iron Knight
-Delmund: Forrest Knight / Hero / Paladin
-Lester: Bow Knight / Sniper
-Fee: Falcoknight / Dracomaster
-Arthur: Mage Knight / Mage Fighter Edit - fucking hell / Iron Mage
-Johan: Great Knight / Iron Knight / Berserker
-Nanna: Paladin / Mage Knight
-Ares: Paladin / Forrest Knight
-Tinny: Mage Fighter / Mage Knight
-Faval: Sniper / Bow Knight
-Hannibal: Iron Knight / Baron
-Corple: High Priest / Iron Mage
-Altenna: Dracomaster / Falcoknight
I will edit the list as I get suggestions.
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FE4 In A Nutshell - Genealogy of the Holy Coffin FE4 Binary FE4 Binary Hard Mode - YouTube FE4 Binary - Epilogue Arena FE4 Binary - Sylviassassin

1) Last updated on OCTOBER 03, 2019. 97 patch is better known as simply the "FE4 Binary patch" by most English fans. a binary is corrupt…") which showed the resolution, per this SrtTrail. Application Security Made Easy! Find all about binary patching: insights, techs and hacks at the Checkmarx blog - home of hacker-free world revolutionaries. FE4 Binary Promotions List Promotion Guide So the other day after finding out that the English Binary translation doesn't translate promotion menus, and after not being able to find any sort of promotion guide at all, I decided to compile the promotion information from the lparchive playthrough. Thermal behavior of binary complex сompounds сontaining the hexacyanoferrate anion. Russian Journal of General Chemistry 2017, 87 (9) , 2212-2223. DOI: 10.1134/S1070363217090481. Ida E. Åkerblom, Dickson O. Ojwang, Jekabs Grins, Gunnar Svensson. I even reused the same data model when reading these options for FE9, so the options do exactly as they do above. The only difference is that, like FE4, there is an option to ensure that the growth rate for STR is higher than the growth rate for MAG for physical units and vice versa for magical units. Snes9x is a portable, freeware Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator. It basically allows you to play most games designed for the SNES and Super Famicom Nintendo game systems on your PC or Workstation; which includes some real gems that were only ever released in Japan.

[index] [20507] [3351] [729] [21807] [30947] [26382] [2510] [2869] [23386] [18133]

FE4 In A Nutshell - Genealogy of the Holy Coffin

FE4 Binary is a ROM hack of Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War. It adds new classes, branching promotions, new skills, and a whole slew of mechanical changes to the game. It is my favorite way ... YT Blocked the original vid because of copyrighted music, so I had to use a remix (linked below). This video is an accurate summary of the major plot points of FE4 for those who have not played it ... Explanimation of yesterday's battle!!! Fire Emblem 4 Any% Speedrun 5:52 - Genealogy of the Holy War【聖戦の系譜】- Edited Version - Duration: 4:20:55. CasualSpeedRunner 4,873 views FE4 Binary - Sylviassassin - Duration: 0:58. Miacisjaune 6,250 views. 0:58. 656 videos Play all Zero Punctuation Complete Series The Escapist; FE4 ... Well, that happened. ... I'm afraid I cannot offer any reasonable explanation for that one. This video was recorded for the FE4 Binary screenshot Let's Play ...

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