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05-12 16:14 - 'If you allow yourself to be excited about bitcoin's exchange rate then you set yourself up to be disappointed about bitcoin's exchange rate. The zen hodler finds solace in the tautology that 1 BTC = 1 BTC.' (twitter.com) by /u/Bitcoin_to_da_Moon removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-8min

If you allow yourself to be excited about bitcoin's exchange rate then you set yourself up to be disappointed about bitcoin's exchange rate. The zen hodler finds solace in the tautology that 1 BTC = 1 BTC.
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The market for selling hash rate in exchange for Bitcoin has undergone staggering growth in the epoch since the last halving. There is almost 100 times the level of competition today as there was four years ago, up 125 exahashes from 1.4 exahashes

The market for selling hash rate in exchange for Bitcoin has undergone staggering growth in the epoch since the last halving. There is almost 100 times the level of competition today as there was four years ago, up 125 exahashes from 1.4 exahashes submitted by mlorenzana12 to CryptoCurrency [link] [comments]

Can't wait days for your deposit to be available for trading? Margin buy can help!

Let's say today I see bitcoin dropping, and I want to stack some sats!!!
But a bank transfer takes 3 to 5 days.
How do I gain exposure to the exchange rate right now?
Well, some exchanges, such as Gemini, will let me buy bitcoin without waiting for the bank transfer. I can't withdraw that bitcoin, but I at least I can get exposure to the BTC/USD exchange rate immediately.
Or I can buy immediately at some overpriced online store, or bitcoin ATM even, and get the coins today. But paying an 8% premium means even if the bitcoin exchange rate rebounds, rising by 6% by tomorrow, I am still underwater on that purchase.
Nope -- that's not ideal either.
Bu you cant, if you have the ability and willingness to expose yourself to a little risk, use margin trading to grab the BTC at the price where it is today, and then later when your fiat transaction clears, close or settle that margin long position and end up with BTC itself that you can then withdraw.
Here's an example. Today I have an account on Kraken and have margin trading enabled. I have a balance of $100 USD. I could then buy a 0.055 BTC position on margin (~$500 USD), which puts me in the position of 5:1 leverage. My $100 USD gave me $500 of buying power (5:1 can also be referred to as 5x leverage).
Then I begin my deposit of $500 to Kraken. When that's available later, I then "settle" the position. The $500 I deposited is used to settle, and I can then withdraw the 0.055 BTC (less some small fees). If if the BTC/USD price rose to $20,000 two days later, I could still settle to receive the 0.055 BTC with just the ~$500 that arrived.
The risk in doing this, of course, is that what if the exchange rate were to have a flash crash, ... e.g., down to $7,000? Well, then my margin position would have been insufficient for such an occasion, and my position would be liquidated and I would lose my $100 USD that was used as collateral.
So I'm sharing this in case it is useful to others -- especially those struggling with slow deposits using funds from their bank.
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Buy Bitcoin in Dubai

Buy Bitcoin in Dubai with Cash
Your Crypto Cashpoint In Dubai

How to buy Bitcoin in Dubai?

You can buy bitcoin in Dubai at Coinsfera with cash, credit card, and bank transfer. Coinsfera is the crypto currency cashpoint where you can Buy & Sell more than 500 cryptocurrencies with cash in seconds.
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One of the methods is cryptocurrency exchanges but it is not so easy for the unexperienced users. First, you will need to create an account on one of the major exchanges, confirm your identity, connect a credit card and transfer money, and only then you will be able to proceed with buying and selling bitcoin.
The whole process takes some time, unless, of course, the exchange is suffering from failures and you do not know how to do everything correctly.

First Bitcoin ATM in Bitcoin

In Dubai, there is also an ATM for buying BTC without identity verification. In Dubai, the first ATM was installed in 2019, allowing you to buy bitcoins without passing KYC. However, to withdraw fiat money, you will still need an identity card. Even though ATM is becoming more popular all over the world, security remains the main problem. This ATM was installed at the Rixos Premium Dubai JBR Wellness center in Dubai.
The device allows you to purchase bitcoins for cash. However, you do not need to present your identity card or pass KYC. Nevertheless, although the purchase of bitcoin is made anonymously, users are unlikely to be able to maintain confidentiality and a high commission than traditional exchanges. To use cryptocurrency in the future, you will have to turn to the services of exchanges and wallets, most of which currently require verification of identity before performing operations.
We offer one the easiest and the best way to purchase Bitcoin with cash. At Coinsfera, Transactions only take 10-15 minutes. Moreover, our friendly staff will provide you with full assistance in this case, if you have any difficulties or questions.

How to store bitcoin?

Bitcoins can be stored in two types of digital wallets: a hot wallet or a cold wallet. With a burning wallet, transactions are faster, while a cold wallet often includes additional security measures that help keep your assets safe, but also take longer.

Hot wallet

With the help of a hot wallet, bitcoin is stored on an exchange and is accessible via an app or a computer browser on the Internet. Even though the blockchain technology underlying bitcoin is even more secure than traditional electronic money transfers, bitcoin hot wallets are an attractive target for hackers.

Cold wallet

The cold wallet is a small encrypted portable device that allows you to download and transfer Bitcoins. Cold wallets can cost up to $100 but are considered much more secure than hot wallets. As a result, the choice remains for you which wallet to buy hot or cold. But you can think about this option in advance with the help of our qualified team, which will proconsul everything and help you create a wallet.

How to invest bitcoin correctly?

There are two ways to invest bitcoin. If you like the idea of day trading, one option is to buy bitcoin now and then sell it when its value rises. This method is popular since most users try to make a profit immediately. Sometimes this type of trade brings a good income, and sometimes insignificant. The second way is if you have analyzed the cryptocurrency market, especially the bitcoin market, and see it as the future of the digital currency, then you are investing in bitcoin. In other words, by purchasing it and investing your money. But this method is long compared to the first, which is a disadvantage.

Why should you buy bitcoin in Dubai?

Buy Bitcoin in Dubai
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Why should bitcoin cost $18,000 today and why can it fall down to $6,900 towards autumn?

Why should bitcoin cost $18,000 today and why can it fall down to $6,900 towards autumn?


Bitcoin should cost $18,000 today

Analyst PlanB writes. According to his estimates, the correlation between the S&P 500 index and bitcoin is 95% and the cryptocurrency is underestimated today.
With the current index, BTC should cost $18,000, the analyst points out.
PlanB also notes that the charts of both equities fit into the S2F model — according to the forecast, the next peak of bitcoin will occur at the level of $288,000 and S&P 500 will rise up to $4,300 in this case.

The BTC price will continue to fall

Popular trader CryptoCapo posted a series of tweets where he compared the current bitcoin chart with historical data.
The detected "fractals" presuppose that the bitcoin exchange rate will continue to go down. According to the analyst, the price is ready to break through the support trend line. If the rate goes below $9,200, the next goal will be the level of $8,550, the breakthrough of which will definitely confirm the bear trend.
CryptoCapo earlier posted the Wyckoff method estimate according to which the current accumulation would trigger the price movement to the point of $1,600.

Bitcoin will go down to $6,900 towards autumn

Crypto analyst Dave the Wave points out. According to his conclusions, the bitcoin exchange rate should drop down to the lower side of the global triangle where there is also the Fibonacci correction level of 0.382.
The analyst points out that indicators confirm the bearish attitude and "the last but one chance" to buy at a low price will be near the level of $6,900.
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My money is lost on Jaxx's wallet.

On 11.05.2020, I exchanged 2 TCB for the same Jaxx Liberty wallet for USDCOIN, the price of which does not change. The reason for this decision was the fact that I was afraid of a drop in the BITCOIN exchange rate and for a moment I decided to exchange it for a USD Coin, which exchange rate is directly related to 1 USD. As I decided, I carried out the order to convert currency into currency. And from that moment neither Bitcoin nor USD Coins are in my wallet. The wallet is empty. At the moment, my loss is about USD 20,000. I do not know what's going on.
I wrote to Jaxx support and they just answered me this:
"Hi Mariusz,
Please go through our proper channels and visit our support page and if you can't find an answer to your issue then you'll need to submit a ticket for support for further assistance. https://support.decentral.ca/
FYI: Currently we are experiencing a problem with exchanging certain tokens and coins including ENJ, TUSD, USDC and a few others.
Your funds are safe if you made a transfer and we have a new release rolling out in the next few days to fix the issue.

Jazzy "

And I wrote them the application:
On Tue, May 12, 2020 at 3:34 AM Mariusz Szałański <[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])> wrote:
Yesterday around 8 pm I decided to exchange my crypto ETH and BITCOIN for USD Coin. I have a Jaxx wallet. The first ETH exchange in the amount of about 700 USD I made and everything was done in a few minutes in the portfolio portfolio, it is visible that I have USD 700 USDC. The problem started with the second conversion of BITCoin to USDC, where I had 1.99 BITCoin in the portfolio for a total amount of USD 17,300.
By 5 am the transaction was marked in yellow as waiting for approval. Now from 5 am they see that it is carried out, i.e. marked in red, that the exchange has taken place, but I do not see any recognition with the amount of USD 17300 on the USD COIN account.
Is the situation normal?
Can it last so long?
What can I do with this? "

Maybe some of you know what is going on there?
It's been 5 days and I don't have my money?
Was it a scam?
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The market for selling hash rate in exchange for Bitcoin has undergone staggering growth in the epoch since the last halving. There is almost 100 times the level of competition today as there was four years ago, up 125 exahashes from 1.4 exahashes

The market for selling hash rate in exchange for Bitcoin has undergone staggering growth in the epoch since the last halving. There is almost 100 times the level of competition today as there was four years ago, up 125 exahashes from 1.4 exahashes submitted by scgco to GGCrypto [link] [comments]

How The Current Epidemic Impacts Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

How The Current Epidemic Impacts Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

No matter where you are on Earth, you can feel the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus has a negative impact on the industry, tourism, trade, stock markets, and of course, cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will consider how this epidemic has striked the blockchain industry and how it will affect the development of the cryptocurrency industry. When the World Health Organization (WHO) officially announced a coronavirus pandemic, almost all investment vehicles in the world responded with a decline. The stock market has had its worst days in the past decade, with commodities, corporate debt, real estate, and even seemingly “independent” cryptocurrencies being hit.
Following traditional assets (mainly oil), the Bitcoin exchange rate plummeted immediately, driving altcoins. Although the cryptocurrency market has partially recovered from the crash on Friday 13th, small projects are not ready to take such a huge blow.

Cryptocurrency Conferences Cancelled

As soon as the epidemic hit other world powers, the first few blockchain conferences were cancelled immediately. After the Ethereum conference “infected” several prominent representatives of the cryptocurrency community, they even tabooed the entire planet in the incident. By early March, almost all blockchain conferences were cancelled/postponed until late summefall 2020. Since the cryptocurrency industry has indeed been overwhelmed (important and not serious) by events over the past few years, a short break may not be useless to the community, but it is a heavy financial blow for the organizers.
Fortunately, in the modern world, there are still opportunities for virtual events. This is exactly the method chosen by the industry-leading consensus conference after the COVID-19 pandemic, rather than organizing a large crowd at a New York hotel (the epicentre of the US coronavirus).

Remote Work Becomes Commonplace

The cryptocurrency industry may be one of the significant areas for effective communication in different time zones, maintaining productivity and remote command management. Despite employees in other industries can hardly adapt to new conditions, most cryptocurrency startups can already work remotely. A good example of this are blogs in countries such as Italy, which was highly affected by the COVID-19 spread. Blogs such as the Italian news blog cripto-valuta keep publishing daily news on bitcoin and crypto-related subjects.

Raising Funds Becomes Difficult

As the ICO market has actually crashed, blockchain startups are now mainly seeking to attract venture capital. Yet, given the spread of the coronavirus and the uncertainty surrounding the global economic space, this method of attracting investment has also caused much controversy in the past few weeks. Private meetings have become beyond impossible, and investors have looked more closely at their investments than ever before.
It is unclear what influence the digital asset industry will have on the medium and long term. Currently, the cryptocurrency and stock markets need to assess the current situation and return to normal. How much time it will take is still unknown, but let’s be hopeful.
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Traders lost $ 1.22 billion in cryptocurrency per day

Exchanges liquidated customer contracts due to the fact that Bitcoin fell 15% in less than two hours
On May 10, exchanges liquidated $ 1.22 billion in traders' contracts, according to CryptoDiffer, an analytical portal published on Twitter. This happened on May 10, during the fall of the Bitcoin exchange rate from $ 9,700 to $ 8,100, when the coin fell 15% in two hours.
Huobi traders lost the most. On that day, the trading platform liquidated customers' contracts for $ 368 million. The amount of forcibly closed positions on BitMEX, OKEx and Binance amounted to just over $ 280 million each.
On March 13, the Bitcoin exchange rate dropped to $ 3,800, during the day it fell by more than 50%. Because of this, exchanges liquidated the positions of traders in the amount of $ 5.8 billion. One of BitMEX users lost about $ 71 million per deal.
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Just remember that Bitcoin will survive as long as the Bitcoin Community wants it to survive.

The USD-Bitcoin exchange rate really doesn't matter. Bitcoin is about creating a new financial system outside of the current government/central bank system.
If people want to use Bitcoin as day to day money, then they should have that right.
The Bitcoin Community needs to be fighting for legal tender status. Once we achieve legal tender status (without forced conversion back to USD to pay for capital gains), then the USD-Bitcoin exchange rate will become way less important.
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DON’T PANIC. The Guide To The Current Situation In The Cryptogalaxy

DON’T PANIC. The Guide To The Current Situation In The Cryptogalaxy
In the last month, the world markets are experiencing dramatic events. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, an economic crisis is unfolding in the world. Because of quarantine actions across the world, many manufactures and non-food stores are being closed, the level of product turnover is falling. Small and medium-sized businesses suffer huge losses due to downtime, the unemployment rate increases and the purchasing power, in the opposite, decreases.
The value of the CBOE VIX index, reflecting the level of market volatility, increased the value to 82 points, for comparison, during the 2008 crisis, this index did not exceed 80 points, and in recent years it has been held at the level of 15-25 with peaks up to 45. Against the background of total panic among investors, on March 30, Brent crude updated the minimum of November 2002, falling to the level of $22.6 per barrel. The S&P, Dow Jones and Nikkei indexes are critically losing their positions. Experts note that the downward trend began even before the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the spread of the disease played a crucial role in the crisis increase.
by StealthEX
At the same time, digital assets also found themselves in a zone of turbulence: in the middle of the month, the price of bitcoin fell to $3800, followed by the price of altcoins. Panic sale leads to a chain reaction, many investors are getting rid of the cryptocurrency which is considered a risky investment, and the price of coins continues to decline.
The cryptocurrency market highly depends on what is happening in the world, so it will strengthen and continue to grow only when the situation with the pandemic becomes clear and less unpredictable. Therefore, the main task at this stage is to maintain composure and don’t give in to emotions when making decisions.
Despite the extremely uncertain situation, most analysts now give fairly favorable forecasts. Judging by the latest fluctuations in the exchange rate, the cryptocurrency market has come out of an uncontrolled fall. In their opinion, we expect a long flat with a slow trend of price growth against the background of halving. Despite bearish trends and skidding at $6,500, at the close of the quarter, bitcoin was able to hold above the important support level of $6,400. Michaël van de Poppe, a cryptanalyst of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, believes that now bitcoin is in the stage of consolidation and will gradually pay off in the next 4-6 years. Tuur Demeester, analyst and founder of Adamant Capital, suggests that holding the $6,300 level could be a key resistance level before the bull market can resume.
Similar dynamics are predicted for altcoins, which maintain a high correlation with the first cryptocurrency.
Here’s what the quarterly charts for BTC, ETH and XRP look like:

Bitcoin chart for 3 months. Source: CoinGecko

Ethereum chart for 3 months. Source: CoinGecko

XRP chart for 3 months. Source: CoinGecko
Also, experts in cryptocurrency research believe that the current situation in the oil and stock markets can have a positive impact on digital currencies. WTI oil, like Brent, fell to the level of 2002, trading around $20 mark. Black gold continues to look very vulnerable as well as the prospects for the oil market in general.
At the end of the first quarter of 2020, the bitcoin exchange rate decreased by 13%, but in comparison with traditional stock markets, the first cryptocurrency showed more successful results. The S&P 500 index, which includes shares of the 500 largest companies by capitalization, fell 19% to 2,584 points. This is the worst figure since 1938. President Trump’s proposal to allocate $2.2 trillion to support the American economy is criticized by many economists as leading to more problems than offering a real solution. They consider hyperinflation as the most likely scenario for the next year.
Since cryptocurrencies are not subject to inflation and are not in control of governments and banks, many predict that digital assets will be popular as a tool for hedging risks.
Earlier co-founder and CEO of Gemini exchange Tyler Winklevoss stated in his twitter:
The founder, head and CEO of the Galaxy Digital, Michael Novogratz, also believes that cryptocurrencies with mathematically limited emission could be a safe haven in the face of inflation.

Peter Brandt called the current crisis a “perfect storm” and noted that it could be a crucial period for Bitcoin. It is at this point that the coin can reveal itself as a protective asset and grow in price. In his tweet of March 23, he also advises treating cryptocurrencies as insurance policies rather than investments.
Trading volume on 22 popular crypto exchanges increased by 61% in the first quarter compared to the previous one — to $154 billion.
In March, major cryptocurrency exchanges recorded a sharp increase in the number of new users. Pierre Richard strategist of the Kraken exchange believes that people who are concerned about the futile efforts of the authorities to contain the crisis against the background of the pandemic feel the need to leave the centralized financial system.
With other positive aspects, we should not forget that cryptocurrencies remain extremely susceptible to manipulation by major players. That collapse, which we experienced in the middle of the month, allowed corporations to buy coins at an extremely low price and, in fact, nothing can prevent them from attacking the market in the future.
Whatever happens on the market, you can always exchange coins at StealthEX as we always have unlimited exchanges without requesting personal data. A large number of currencies available for exchange will allow you to create your investment portfolio in the most suitable way for you.
Original article was posted on https://stealthex.io/blog/2020/04/09/dont-panic-the-guide-to-the-current-situation-in-the-cryptogalaxy/
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Trading server with really good rates, 1:1 and 1.1:1 for bigger exchanges
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z7n2nNb is server code, join fast. only 5 spots!
Trading server with really good rates, 1:1 and 1.1:1 for bigger exchanges
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Small miners shutting off will help the price of bitcoin

Blockware CEO Matt D’Souza said. He analyzed the periods of decline of the network’s hash rate and noted that they were followed by a prolonged increase of cryptocurrency price. In his opinion, now the situation may be repeated.
At the moment, the computing power of the BTC blockchain has dropped to 93 EH/s. In mid-March, when the bitcoin exchange rate sank below $4,000, small miners were forced to turn off the equipment, which led to a sharp drop in the hash rate and the difficulty of mining cryptocurrency.
Matt D’Souza notes that this will benefit the price of bitcoin, as private miners quickly sold their coins to not work at a loss.
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Bitcoin exchange, can somebody help me?

Hello everybody, I would like to know how much % it costs if the Bitcoin exchange rate is currently around 6.250€ and the exchange rate for my Bitcoin machine is 8.200€. I would like to buy Bitcoin worth 50€. And I want to know how much the machine charges. Can anyone help me how to calculate this?
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Analysts predict the Bitcoin exchange rate in the range of $ 4,800 - $ 6,000, but the CEO of Three Arrows Capital Su Zhu allows rapid growth to $ 50,000.... #ICO #ICOLIST #ICOREVIEW #BLOCKCHAIN #BITCOIN #CRYPTOCURRENCY
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Bitcoin as salvation

At the moment, the Bitcoin exchange rate is $ 7400. However, in Venezuela, the price of bitcoin approached $ 9,800. This situation with cryptocurrencies clearly reflects the current economic situation in the country, where there is an acute shortage of cash. Watching how money turns into dust, the population wisely transferred their funds to cryptocurrency. Despite warnings that Bitcoin could turn out to be a bubble, locals are prepared to take risks. In the eyes of consumers, cryptocurrencies look like a salvation from fear of loss of funds and protection from financial collapse. The black market of US dollars is running all over the streets of the capital. The country is facing problems of hyperinflation, similar to that which occurred in the early 20th century in Germany. “I transferred all my savings to bitcoins, because this is the only way to save them,” says Enrique Lopez, who works for an IT company in the capital of Venezuela. Many investors do not trust Bitcoin, not indicating its high volatility and frequent speculation. For residents of Venezuela, where the severe economic crisis lasts for a year, cryptocurrency, despite all its disadvantages, has become more important than ordinary money. Today, Venezuelans use bitcoins to make purchases in foreign stores and transfer funds abroad. They can also buy ordinary goods, such as clothing and products.https://www.coindesk.com/Bitcoin-rescue-in-Venezuela
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IQ stock broker is a Forex & bitcoin Company in USA Founded in 2012 by a team of highly motivated professionals who are very passionate about trading on the world’s financial market, and are keen on empowering

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Bitcoin options saw record volume

On March 9, BTC options set a new trading record of $198 million.
According to the analytical service Skew, interest in options has grown amid an increase in bitcoin exchange rate volatility up to 65%.
The Deribit derivatives platform registered 86% of transactions worth about $170 million. The second most popular was the OKEx exchange with a trading volume of $23 million, followed by LedgerX and Bakkt. CME, which launched cryptocurrency instruments in January this year, registered only about 1% of the trade turnover.
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Best Dollars Bitcoin Exchange rate

Best Dollars Bitcoin Exchange rate

Best Dollars Bitcoin Exchange rate you can see btc to used exchange and convert from bitcoin to dollar with crytocurrency btc to used paypal deposite cash out btc to paypal where are you bitcoin direst bank deposite money with atm.
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How the Bitcoin price was changing

Nowadays, the Bitcoin currency rate perhaps is the most unpredictable thing. All predictions about how BTC price will increase or drop are in some way similar to the weather forecasts. No one can tell what will happen to the coin tomorrow. One of the most important factors that experts rely on is the history of the currency rate over the whole period of BTC existence with its dynamics. It is essential to know what was happening to the coin as this allows you to understand what can happen to it in the future.


The first digital currency – Bitcoin – came to the world on January 9, 2009. In the same month, the creator of Bitcoin mined the first block and he also made the first financial operation in the BTC system.

At the beginning of its history, the Bitcoin price was ridiculously low. The first exchange of BTC to US dollars was made in the summer of 2009 when Martti Malmi received 5.02 USD for his 5050 Bitcoins.

The first official Bitcoin exchange rate to the fiat dollar was established on October 9, 2009. At that time, for 1 dollar you could buy 1 309.03 BTC. Many people now regret that they missed the opportunity to buy Bitcoin for pennies.


In 2010, events in the cryptocurrency market began to develop more intensively. The Bitcoin Market exchange was opened in February 2010, where it was possible to sell the digital coin. In May of this year, the most well-known deal with Bitcoin had happened. The programmer Laszlo Hanyecz bought 2 pizzas for 10,000 BTC. It was the first purchase using cryptocurrency in the real world. He posted a request on the crypto forum saying that he wanted to buy two pizzas. In exchange for that, he offered 10K Bitcoins that back then cost about 40 dollars. And there was a person who agreed to have this deal – it was the 19 years old Jeremy Sturdivant. Jeremy didn’t become a millionaire since then as he spent his coins to travel across the USA.

As for Laszlo, he doesn’t regret about the lost millions. He was mining coins for his pleasure at that time and spent them to different non-significant things.

In July of 2010, BTC price raised to 0.08 dollars. Then in November, the price went up for 50 percent. In general, 2010 was an excellent period for strengthening the position of Bitcoin. The digital currency was almost able to reach the point of one dollar.


BTC overcame the point of 1 dollar only in February of 2011. By early June, the price had grown to 10 dollars. This was a small victory for Bitcoin. Another maximum was set at the point of $31.91. In the middle of June 2011, there was a sharp drop in price: from 31.91 again to 10 dollars.

The year 2011 was full of negative events. One of them happened on June 13, when a user’s electronic wallet was first hacked and 25 thousand coins were stolen from there. In a few days, some geeks hacked MtFox exchange where they got data of sixty thousand users. These events negatively affected the Bitcoin rate. It became clear that in the future the price of digital currency will be determined taking into consideration any events that occur in the market.


In 2012, the exchange rate was ranging from 8 to 12 dollars per 1 BTC. This period was also rich in significant events. One of them is that Bitcoin Central bank began its work. This bank received a license and was even recognised by European regulators.


February 22, 2013, was the day when Bitcoin began to grow again. The price reached the mark of $30. Another increase occurred at the end of January – $31.9. The upward trend continued. March 22 rate was 74.9 dollars per BTC.

On the first day of April, the price went up to $100 and within another nine days, the BTC price grew to 266 dollars. But the growth did not last long. By October it was $109. The possible reason for that is the arrest of an anonymous trading platform Silk Road.

Since November 2013, the price of Bitcoin began to grow anew. By the end of the month, the price exceeded all expectations and raised up to $1,200 per coin. The reason for overcoming the $1,000 point was the BTC support by Zynga game creator. Experts also noted another event that could affect the growth: one of the higher education institutions in Cyprus started accepting the Bitcoin as payment for tuition.

But by the end of the first week of December, the price was 1,000 dollars. In the middle of December 2013, the BTC price dropped to 600 dollars because the China Central Bank prohibited the country’s financial institutions to maintain operations with cryptocurrency.


During the year 2014, there happened rather a significant amount of events that had an impact on the Bitcoin volatility. In the first days of January, 1 BTC was equal to 770 dollars. In February it was 700 dollars. Summer 2014 slightly strengthened the reputation of the cryptocurrency.

Many experts think that it was 2014 when BTC strengthened its position in the market, in spite of the fact that Bitcoin price was low – by the end of the year it settled in at around 310 dollars. In 2014 investors began to consider Bitcoin as a potential investment as Bitcoin price predictions seemed quite attractive.


At the beginning of 2015, the BTC price started rising: with 177 dollars in January to 281 dollars to March. The number of people who were trading Bitcoin increased – there were about 160,000 people was buying and selling BTC on exchanges by August 2015. In one period of 2015 the Bitcoin price grew up to 500 dollars, but to the end of 2015, it dropped to about 350 USD.


In 2016, Japan declared Bitcoin as a currency and allowed to use it to pay for goods and services. South Africa was the next who did the same. In April 2016, BTC rate went up and reached $454 per coin. By the end of May, 1 BTC was already worth $600. The reason for the price increase might be the growth of the number of transactions in the Chinese market. The highest price in 2016 was in December – $950 for one Bitcoin.


The year of 2017 was an incredible period in respect of BTC price. It started with $1,000 for 1 coin. Already in June, it was $2,600. By the beginning of September, the price jumped to $5,000 per 1 BTC. On December 17, the Bitcoin price achieved a record and was over 20,000 US dollars.

How did this happen? Here are some reasons that experts point due to the growth of Bitcoin price:

However, later in December, the price plummeted from 20 000 dollars to 12 000 dollars. Experts had different reasons including that one of the first cryptocurrency creators sold out all his digital savings and called such investments too risky.


During the first 4 months of 2018, the price of BTC dropped below 7,000 USD. These negative dynamics were quite logical because the rise is always followed by the fall. For the first time since October 2017, the Bitcoin price fell below 6,000 dollars. On November 25, the price of Bitcoin fell even lower – $3,676 per 1 BTC. By mid-December, the bitcoin rate fell by almost 80% to its yearly rate, the price was $3,200.


What can we expect in 2019? What Bitcoin price predictions do crypto experts have? People hope that 2019 will bring new opportunities for Bitcoin and also other cryptocurrencies. Some investors and crypto enthusiasts predict that the BTC price will grow to 40 – 50,000 USD by the end of 2019. One of them, John McAfee, is assured that the price will rise to 1 million dollars by the end of 2020. He even had a bet that he posted in his Twitter saying that he would eat his “love muscle” if his BTC price prediction will not come true.

There may be a number of factors that can influence the BTC price in 2019. They are:

As it was said before, Bitcoin price predictions are almost like the weather forecast – you never know what price it will have tomorrow. If you think about investing in BTC or any other cryptocurrency you should follow its rate at present time but never forget to compare it to the past. But please, don’t bet to eat any of your body parts 🙂

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Bitcoin Exchange Rate USD - Bitcoin Investment Trust Price

Bitcoin exchange rate USD volatility has been a concern of potential investors and traders. The huge fluctuations have mainly been due to a lack of confidence in the bitcoin system, its fragile reputation, and its extreme reaction to bad news, which often leads to a steep price drop before a price rise. While volatile movements detract from the appeal of any asset, a certain amount of swing in price creates trading opportunities. This is something that many traders and speculators have been taking advantage of by buying the digital currency and then selling it at a profit through an exchange. The whole process makes bitcoin exchanges an important part of the ecosystem since it facilitates the buying and selling of bitcoins as well as futures trading.A bitcoin exchange operates somewhat similarly to online stock trading brokers where customers deposit their fiat currency (or bitcoins) to carry out trades. However, not all bitcoins exchanger offer such services. Some exchanges are more like wallets and thus provide limited trading options or storage of currency (both digital and fiat) for trading. The bigger and more elaborate exchanges offer trades between different cryptocurrencies and between digital and fiat currencies for bitcoin investment trust price. The number of currencies supported by an exchange varies from one exchange to another.
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