Reddit: I predicted U2's BONO would comment on Bitcoin a

Reddit: I predicted U2's BONO would comment on Bitcoin a few months one understood

He's all of a sudden at davos this week which is full of CFBankeBilderberg types
but if you study the guy there is nothing all of a sudden about it..he's a banker buddy for a decade or more now. Recently he became a billionaire off the Facebook IPO imo.
His buddy Bob Geldoff bashed the other day
Will Bono bash or pump as the good cop?
My prediction is that they would test waters with guys like this as a mouthpiece to brainwash a bigger audience. He would likely mention bitcoin as a way to "Enrich" poorer countries or a newer angle...that a competing currency fits into Bono's so called new found "love" of capitalism. As evidence I witnessed a deliberate CNBC airing of speeches he has done months after the fact. Was brought up as evidence socialists can turn capitalistic after months of being on youtube. There's a chance he joins Geldoff and as a mouthpiece for the current system as well. After all he has hung with bankers and popes. Be aware these guys are ALL wolves in sheeps clothing.
good cop/bad cop routines /hegelian dialectic is how they work ..pump and dump, dump and pump..just like Bumnanke and Greedspaz did.
Any btc tips if I'm right? I think he will definitely speak on bitcoin...and it will signal a shift.
Henry Blodgett confirming he is there
EDIT update: Here is the Forbes "pump piece" about the so called sudden reversal of bono, which of course is a staged presentation of him. He would have never started a band and made a cent on tour or believed in music copyrights and minimizing taxes if he was agains the free market altogether
the story they are crafting is "hey, even a liberal socialist embraces capitalism, so you should to everyone"...meanwhile america hasn't been a REAL capitalistic and just SYSTEM in so long, its pathetic. they hold guys up like this as examples for you to stfu and work towards. Wouldn't be surprised to see him pump btc if the bankers asked him too so they could either short or sell into...or to bash so they can have time to buy more. You will then see 100 articles talking about what "he said" with Forbes leading the way
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Henry Blodget: Bitcoin could go to $1 million THE BOTTOM LINE: A market warning, the big bitcoin debate and a deep dive on tech heavyweights Henry Blodget: This Could Be Exactly What The Start Of A Major Correction Looks Like RAY DALIO: Bitcoin is a speculative bubble Wake up People Henry Blodget: Bitcoin could go to $1 million

Bitcoin tento problém nemá. Lidé se mohou rozhodnout, že jedna mince bude mít hodnotu gazilionu dolarů a nikdo je v tom nemůže zastavit.” Ale taky to může celé velice rychle spadnout – až na nulu. Henry Blodget nás nechá nakouknout i do myslí spekulantů, která prý funguje nějak takto: Bitcoin, CNBC, CNBC, COIN, digital currency, Henry Blodget Bitcoin Is A Textbook Example Of A Bubble, Business Insider CEO Says Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 1:37pm | 332 Henry Blodget. 2013-11-08T15:20:00Z The letter F. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. Bitcoin's adherents refer to it as a "store of value," but Bitcoin is only a "store of Henry Blodget: Bitcoin je perfektním majetkem pro spekulativní bublinu. Může vyrůst na milion i spadnout na nulu. Červen 19 by Gerard Sassen Off. Co kdyby vám někdo nabídl vlastnictví virtuální mince, jejíž hodnota by mohla klidně vyrůst až na 1 milion dolarů (23,5 milionu korun). Háček by spočíval v tom, že tento coin by BITCOIN CANNABIS CRYPTOCURRENCY ETFS EARNINGS FIXED INCOME. FUNDS. FUTURES OPTIONS. RATINGS. REITS. STOCKS. Report Card: Henry Blodget. Author: Henry Blodget saw the potential early on. In a

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Henry Blodget: Bitcoin could go to $1 million

Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget sat down with Ray Dalio, the chairman and co-CIO of Bridgewater Associates and author of the newly released book "Principles: Life and Work." Blodget asks Dalio ... Henry Blodget discusses this week's bitcoin rally, and how the virtual currency could just as easily go to $1 million as it could fall to $0. Blodget has been covering bitcoin for several years ... The next video is starting stop. Loading... Watch Queue Henry Blodget calls bitcoin "the perfect asset bubble." Business Insider's Henry Blodget and Sara Silverstein talk bitcoin, which has dipped below 16,000 after almost reaching 20,000. Silverstein says that could be because the cryptocurrency's ...

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