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Felix Salmon at Reuters sums up the problem with a lot of “disruptive It works because two parties partake in an exchange in kind. As Salmon conclude: But in the case of bitcoin, the Felix Salmon. Waiting for bitcoin to get boring. By Felix Salmon. November 30, 2013. EST, there was a trade on Mt Gox, the largest bitcoin exchange, which valued each coin at $1,242. If only briefly and theoretically, at that point in time a bitcoin was worth more than an ounce of gold. By Felix Salmon. April 11, 2013. This is a chart of the value of bitcoin yesterday, Wednesday. It’s hardly a secret that bitcoins are a highly volatile asset class, so relatively few eyebrows were raised when the price soared from an opening level of $230 all the way to a high of $266. then the system will select for me the best exchange These are numbers that belong more to a volatile commodity than to a currency, and that emphasise an uncomfortable paradox noted by Reuters finance blogger Felix Salmon at the start of April The Winklevosses, who own approximately 1% of all bitcoins -- or about 100K BTC -- got some blowback in the press, notably from Felix Salmon at Reuters who questioned paying a management fee to

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