Binary Options Bully by Greg Davis Now Available for an

From Plaid Cymru leader @LSRPlaid after Number 10 meeting: “The PM is still refusing to accept reality. She remains astonishingly intransigent, and continues to try to bully MPs into a choice between her deal or no deal...her strategy of a false binary option will not work.”

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A trans person's measured take on the trans sports issue

So first of all this post was inspired by GGExMachina's brief statement on the issue:
For example, it is objectively the case that biological men have a physical advantage over women. Yet if someone points this out and suggests that transgender people shouldn’t be allowed to fight in women’s UFC, or women’s soccer or weightlifting competitions or whatever, suddenly you’re some kind of evil monster. Rather than saying that of course trans people shouldn’t be bullied and that we could perhaps have a trans olympics (like the Paralympics and Special Olympics), we are expected to lie.
I've found that this position is incredibly popular among liberals/left-leaning people, especially here on reddit. It seems like, once or twice a month, like clockwork, a thread stating more or less the same thing on /unpopularopinion or /offmychest will get thousands of upvotes. And while I completely understand the thought process that leads otherwise left-leaning people to come to such conclusions, I feel like the issue has been, broadly speaking, dishonestly presented to the general public by a mixture of bad-faith actors and people who have succumbed to the moral panic. And, as I've seen, there are plenty of people in this subreddit and elsewhere who are itching to be as supportive as they possibly can to the trans community but find themselves becoming very disillusioned by this particular issue. By making this post I hope to present a more nuanced take on the issue, not only in regards to my personal beliefs on what kinds of policies are best to preserve fairness in women's sports but also in regards to shining a light on how this issue is often times dishonestly presented in an attempt to impede the progression of pro-trans sentiments in the cultural zeitgeist.

Sex & Gender

The word "transgender" is an umbrella term that refers to people whose gender identities differ from those typically associated with the sex they were assigned at birth. According to the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey, the approximate composition of "the trans community" in the United States is 29% Transgender men (Female-to-Male), 33% Transgender women (Male-to-Female), and 35% non-binary. (The remaining 3% were survey respondents who self-identified as "crossdressers", who were still included in the survey on the grounds of being gender non-conforming)
While non-binary people, as a group, are probably deserving of their own separate post. the focus of this post will be on trans men and trans women. I will also be primarily focusing on transgender people who pursue medical transition with Hormone-Replacement-Therapy, as they are most relevant to the issue of sports. (Mind that while the majority of binary trans people fit into this camp, there is a sizable minority of trans people who do not feel the need to medically transition.)
What do trans people believe about Gender?
The views of transgender people in regards to Gender are actually pretty varied, although the most prominent positions that I've personally seen are best summed up into two different camps:
  1. The "Trans-Medical" camp
Transgender people who fall into this camp usually consider Gender Dysphoria to be the defining factor of what makes somebody trans. The best way I can describe this camp is that they sort of view being transgender akin to being intersex. Only whereas an intersex person would be born with a disorder that affects the body, a trans person is born with a disorder that affects the brain. Trans people in this camp often times put an emphasis on a clinical course for treatment. For example, a person goes to a psychologist, gets diagnosed with gender dysphoria, starts hormone replacement therapy, pursues surgery, then emerges from this process of either cured of the gender dysphoria or, at the very least, treated to the fullest extent of medical intervention. This position is more or less the original position held by trans activists, back in the day when the word "transsexual" was used instead of "transgender". Though many younger trans people, notably YouTuber Blaire White, also hold this position. Under this position, sex and gender are still quite intertwined, but a trans man can still be considered a man, and a trans woman a woman, under the belief that sex/gender doesn't just refer to chromosomal sex and reproductive organs, but also to neurobiology, genitalia, and secondary sex characteristics. So someone who is transgender, according to this view, is born with the physical characteristics of one sex/gender but the neurobiology of another, and will change their physical characteristics, to the fullest extent medically possible, to match the neurobiology and therefore cure the individual of gender dysphoria.
Critics of this position argue that this mentality is problematic due to being inherently exclusive to transgender people who do not pursue medical transition, whom are often times deemed as "transtrenders" by people within this camp. Many people find it additionally problematic because it is also inherently exclusive to poorer trans people, particularly those in developing nations, who may not have access to trans-related medical care. Note that there are plenty of trans people who *do* have access to medical transition, but nevertheless feel as if the trans community shouldn't gatekeep people who cannot afford or do not desire medical transition, thus believing in the latter camp.
  1. The "Gender Identity" camp
I feel like this camp is the one most popularly criticized by people on the right, but is also probably the most mainstream. It is the viewpoint held by many more left-wing trans people, (Note that in the aforementioned 2015 survey, only 1% of trans respondents voted Republican, so trans people are largely a pretty left-wing group, therefore it makes sense that this position would be the most mainstream) but also notably held by American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association, GLAAD, and other mainstream health organizations and activist groups.
While people in this camp still acknowledge that medical transition to treat gender dysphoria can still be a very important aspect of the transgender experience, it's believed that the *defining* experience is simply having a gender identity different from the one they were assigned at birth. "Gender identity" simply being the internal, personal sense of being a man, a woman, or outside the gender binary.
Many people in this camp, though, still often maintain that gender identity is (at least partially) neurobiological, but differ from the first camp in regards to acknowledging that the issue is less black & white than an individual simply having a "male brain" or a "female brain", but rather that the neurological characteristics associated with gender exist on more of a spectrum, thus leaving the door open to gender non-conforming people who do not identify as trans, as well as to non-binary people. This is where the "gender is a spectrum" phrase comes from.
"52 genders" is a popular right-wing meme that makes fun of this viewpoint, however it is important to note that many trans and non-binary people disagree with the idea of quantifying gender identity to such an absurd amount of individual genders, rather more simply maintaining that there are men, women, and a small portion of people in-between, with a few words such as "agender" or "genderqueer" being used to describe specific identities/presentations within this category.
It's also noteworthy that not all people in this camp believe that neurobiology is the be-all-end-all of gender identity, as many believe that the performativity of gender also plays an integral role in one's identity. (That gender identity is a mixture of neurobiology and performativity is a position held by YouTuber Contrapoints)
Trans people and biological sex
So while the aforementioned "Gender Identity" viewpoint has become quite popularized among liberals and leftists, I have noticed a certain rhetorical mentality/assumption become prevalent alongside it, especially among cisgender people who consider themselves trans-allies:
"Sex and Gender are different. A trans woman is a woman who is biologically male. A trans man is a man who is biologically female"
When "Sex" is defined by someone's chromosomes, or the sex organs they were born with, this is correct. However, there is a pretty good reason why the trans community tends to prefer terms like "Assigned Male at Birth" rather than "Biologically Male". This is done not only for the inclusion of people who are both intersex and transgender (For example, someone can be born intersex but assigned male based on the existence of a penis or micropenis), but also due to the aforementioned viewpoint on divergent neurobiology being the cause for gender dysphoria. Those reasons are why the word "Assigned" is used. But the reason why it's "Assigned Male/Female At Birth" instead of just "Assigned Male/Female" is because among the trans community there exists an understanding of the mutability of sexually dimorphic biology that the general population is often ignorant to. For example, often times people (especially older folks) don't even know of the existence of Hormone Replacement Therapy, and simply assume that trans people get a single "sex change operation" that, (for a trans woman) would just entail the removal of the penis and getting breast implants. Therefore they imagine the process to be "medically sculpting a male to look female" instead of a more natural biological process of switching the endocrine system form male to female or vice versa and letting the body change over the course of multiple years. It doesn't help that, for a lot of older trans people (namely Caitlyn Jenner, who is probably the most high profile trans person sadly), the body can be a lot more resistant to change even with hormones so they *do* need to rely on plastic surgery a lot more to get obvious results)
So what sexually dimorphic bodily characteristics can one expect to change from Hormone Replacement Therapy?
(Note that there is a surprising lack of studies done on some of the more intricate changes that HRT can, so I've put a "*" next to the changes that are anecdotal, but still commonly and universally observed enough among trans people [including myself for the MTF stuff] to consider factual. I've also put a "✝" next to the changes that only occur when people transition before or during puberty)
Male to Female:
Female to Male:
For the sake of visual representation, here are a couple of images from /transtimelines to demonstrate these changes in adult transitioners (I've specifically chosen athletic individuals to best demonstrate muscular changes)
Additionally, here's a picture of celebrity Kim Petras who transitioned before male puberty, in case you were wondering what "female pubescent skeletal development" looks like in a trans woman:

How does this relate to sports?

Often times, when the whole "transgender people in sports" discussion arises, a logical error is made when *all* transgender people are assumed to be "biologically" their birth sex. For example, when talking about trans women participating in female sports, these instances will be referred to as cases of "Biological males competing against females".
As mentioned before, calling a trans woman "biologically male" strictly in regards to chromosomes or sex organs at birth would be correct. However, not only can it be considered derogatory (the word "male" is colloquially a shorthand for "man", after all), but there are many instances where calling a post-HRT transgender person "biologically [sex assigned at birth]" is downright misleading.
For example, hospitals have, given transgender patients improper or erroneous medical care by assuming treatment based on birth sex where treatment based on their current endocrinological sex would have been more adequate.
Acute Clinical Care of Transgender Patients: A Review
Conclusions and relevance: Clinicians should learn how to engage with transgender patients, appreciate that unique anatomy or the use of gender-affirming hormones may affect the prevalence of certain disease (eg, cardiovascular disease, venous thromboembolism, and osteoporosis), and be prepared to manage specific issues, including those related to hormone therapy. Health care facilities should work toward providing inclusive systems of care that correctly identify and integrate information about transgender patients into the electronic health record, account for the unique needs of these patients within the facility, and through education and policy create a welcoming environment for their care.
Some hosptials have taken to labeling the biological sex of transgender patients as "MTF" (for post-HRT trans women) and "FTM" (for post-HRT trans men), which is a much more medically useful identifier compared to their sex assigned at birth.
In regards to the sports discussion, I've seen *multiple threads* where redditors have backed up their opinions on the subject of trans people in sports with studies demonstrating that cis men are, on average, more athletically capable than cis women. Which I personally find to be a pathetic misunderstanding of the entire issue.
Because we're not supposed to be comparing the athletic capabilities of natal males to natal females, here. We're supposed to comparing the athletic capabilities of *post-HRT male-to-females* to natal females. And, if we're going to really have a fact-based discussion on the matter, we need to have separate categories for pre-pubescent and post-pubescent transitioners. Since, as mentioned earlier, the former will likely have different skeletal characteristics compared to the latter.
The current International Olympic Committee (IOC) model for trans participation, and criticisms of said model
(I quoted the specific guidelines from the International Cycling Union, but similar guidelines exist for all Olympic sports)
Elite Competition
At elite competition levels, members may have the opportunity to represent the United States and participate in international competition. They may therefore be subject to the policies and regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI) and International Olympic Committee (IOC). USA Cycling therefore follows the IOC guidelines on transgender athletes at these elite competition levels. For purposes of this policy, international competition means competition sanctioned by the UCI or competition taking place outside the United States in which USA Cycling’s competition rules do not apply.
The IOC revised its guidelines on transgender athlete participation in 2015, to focus on hormone levels and medical monitoring. The main points of the guidelines are:
Those who transition from female to male are eligible to compete in the male category without restriction. It is the responsibility of athletes to be aware of current WADA/USADA policies and file for appropriate therapeutic use exemptions.
Those who transition from male to female are eligible to compete in the female category under the following conditions:
The athlete has declared that her gender identity is female. The declaration cannot be changed, for sporting purposes, for a minimum of four years.
The athlete must demonstrate that her total testosterone level in serum has been below 10 nmol/L for at least 12 months prior to her first competition (with the requirement for any longer period to be based on a confidential case-by-case evaluation, considering whether or not 12 months is a sufficient length of time to minimize any advantage in women’s competition).
The athlete's total testosterone level in serum must remain below 10 nmol/L throughout the period of desired eligibility to compete in the female category.
Compliance with these conditions may be monitored by random or for-cause testing. In the event of non-compliance, the athlete’s eligibility for female competition will be suspended for 12 months.
Valid criticisms of the IOC model are usually based on the fact that, even though hormone replacement therapy provokes changes to muscle mass, it does *not* shrink the size of someone's skeleton or cardiovascular system. Therefore an adult-transitioned trans woman could, even after losing all levels of male-typical muscle mass, still have an advantage in certain sports if she had an excessively large skeletal frame, and was participating in a sport where such a thing would be advantageous.
Additionally, the guidelines only require that athletes be able to demonstrate having had female hormone levels for 12-24 months, which isn't necessarily long enough to completely lose musculature gained from training on testosterone (anecdotally it can take 2-4 years to completely lose male-typical muscle mass) So the IOC guidelines don't have any safeguard against, for example, a trans woman training with testosterone as the dominant hormone in her body, and then taking hormones for the bare minimum time period and still having some of the advantage left.
Note that, while lower level sports have had (to the glee of right-wing publications sensationalizing the issue) instances of this exact thing happening, in the 16 years since these IOC guidelines were established, not a single transgender individual has won an Olympic medal
Also note that none of the above criticisms of the IOC policy would apply in regards to the participation of pre-pubescent-transitioned trans women. After all, male-pubescent bone structure and cardiovascular size, and male-typical muscle levels, can't possibly exist if you never went through male puberty to begin with.
What could better guidelines entail, to best preserve fairness in female sports while avoiding succumbing to anti-trans moral panic?
In my personal opinion, sports leagues should pick one of the three above options depending on what best fits the nature of the sport and the eliteness of the competition. For example, extremely competitive contact sports might be better off going with the first option, but an aerobic sport such as marathon running would probably be fine with the third option.

How this issue has been misrepresented by The Right

I'll use Joe Rogan as an example of this last thing:
She calls herself a woman but... I tend to disagree. And, uh, she, um... she used to be a man but now she has had, she's a transgender which is (the) official term that means you've gone through it, right? And she wants to be able to fight women in MMA. I say no f***ing way.
I say if you had a dick at one point in time, you also have all the bone structure that comes with having a dick. You have bigger hands, you have bigger shoulder joints. You're a f***ing man. That's a man, OK? You can't have... that's... I don't care if you don't have a dick any more...
If you want to be a woman in the bedroom and you know you want to play house and all of that other s*** and you feel like you have, your body is really a woman's body trapped inside a man's frame and so you got a operation, that's all good in the hood. But you can't fight chicks. Get the f*** out of here. You're out of your mind. You need to fight men, you know? Period. You need to fight men your size because you're a man. You're a man without a dick.
I'm not trying to discriminate against women in any way, shape, or form and I'm a big supporter of women's fighting. I loved watching that Ronda Rousey/Liz Carmouche fight. But those are actual women. Those are actual women. And as strong as Ronda Rousey looks, she's still looks to me like a pretty girl. She's a beautiful girl who happens to be strong. She's a girl! [Fallon Fox] is not a girl, OK? This is a [transgender] woman. It's a totally different specification.
Calling a trans woman a "man", and equating transitioning to merely removal of the dick, and equating trans women's experiences as women as "playing house" and "being a woman in the bedroom". These things are obviously pretty transphobic, and if Rogan had said these things about just any random trans woman his statements would have likely been more widely seen in that light. But when it's someone having an unfair advantage in sports, and the audience is supposed to be angry with you, it's much more socially acceptable thing to say such things. But the problem is, when you say these kinds of things about one trans woman, you're essentially saying those derogatory things about all trans women by extension. It's the equivalent of using an article about a black home invader who murdered a family as an excuse to use a racial slur.
Now, I'm not saying that Rogan necessarily did this on purpose, in fact I'm more inclined to believe that it was done moreso due to ignorance rather than having an actual ideological agenda. But since then, many right wing ideologues who do have an ideological agenda have used this issue as an excuse to voice their opinions on trans people while appearing to be less bigoted. Ie. "I'm not trying to be a bigot or anything and I accept people's rights to live their lives as they see fit, but we NEED to keep men out of women's sports", as a sly way to call trans women "men".
Additionally, doing this allows them to slip in untrue statements about the biology of trans women. I mean, first of all in regards to the statement "You have bigger hands, you have bigger shoulder joints", obviously even in regards to post-pubescent transitioners, not every trans woman is going to have bigger hands and shoulder joints than every cis woman (My hands are actually smaller than my aunt's!). It's just that people who go through male puberty on average tend to have bigger hands and shoulder joints compared to people who go through female puberty. But over-exaggerating the breadth of sexual dimorphism, as if males and females are entirely different species to each-other, helps to paint the idea of transitioning in a more nonsensical light.
I hope this thread has presented this issue in a better light for anyone reading it. Let me know if you have any thoughts/criticisms of my stances or the ways I went about this issue.
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💎THE RESULTS: r/RomanceClub Community Survey!💎

💎THE RESULTS: RomanceClub Community Survey!💎
First of all, thank you very much to everyone who took part in the second ever Reddit Romance Club community survey! We mods were absolutely amazed by the high number of responses, so thank you for making this such a vibrant and engaged community! You all rock.
After grinding the (many) numbers, here are the results, which we hope you will find as interesting as we did.
Just a note: this survey was opened at the end of May and closed shortly after the June release, hence its questions only barely included Legend of the Willow and did not include Dracula: a Love Story. For this reason, we have not counted the (very few) replies that have been given in the "other" boxes mentioning characters that were not yet available as Lis/known as LIs in the May release (think Leo, Vlad, Kazu etc) as this would have not been fair to those who had answered the survey before the June update.
Having said that... buckle up for the ride! Lots of interesting info ahead.

💎Question 1: Which RC story is your favourite?
No one will be surprised to find out that Heaven's Secret is the top story in this community right now, chosen by over 45% of the respondents. Our nostalgic heart is very happy, however, to see some old favs still make the podium - albeit trailing significantly behind. Moonborn and Shadows of Saintfour score second and third place, only separated by a handful of votes at around 11%, but newer release Chasing You is already breathing on their neck at 10.7%.
A healthy mix of new and old stories follows: Sails in the fog is in fifth place with 7.8% of the preferences, while Legend of the willow, after only a few episodes, already scores a very good sixth place, in a tie with Seduced by the rhythm at 4.3% of the votes. Queen in 30 days is seventh with 3.5% and My Hollywood Story is eighth with 1.2%.
Last place goes to Wave Patrol at 0.4%, which sadly doesn't come as a shock given the general feeling that the romantic/reputation points system was too complicated.

💎Question 2: Who are your favourite LIs?
HS being the most popular story unsurprisingly propels some of its main LIs onto the podium with supersonic speed.
Bad boys rule, with Lucifer taking the crown with a whopping 65.7% of the votes and Alexander (CY) taking silver at 49.3%. The nice guys are not too far behind, though, with Dino in third place at 47.4% and Max (MB) only just about missing the podium in fourth place at 45.3%. We go back to bad boys with Brandon (SBR) in fifth, but soft spoken Sam (CY) is ready to balance things out again with his sixth place.
The most surprising result on top of the rankings is Jake (WP) who makes the top ten with a very healthy seventh place. He is really hard work, but obviously we all think he's totally worth it!
Old favourites Michael (SOS) and Victor (MB) still hold onto the hearts of their fans by scoring eight and ninth place respectively. First among the women - and the only female LI to make the top 10 - is the delightfully devilish Mimi (HS).
Waves' mate Sebastian misses the top ten only by a hair, placing himself in 11th place with a healthy 20.7%. Bodyguard Adam is the most favourite LI in Q30 in 12th place, followed by a row of SOS boys, with John, Derek and Aaron scoring very similar percentages in 13th, 14th and 15th place respectively. Sweetheart Ray is no longer the most favourite LI to come out of MHS, as in this round he ends up in a tie for 16th place with none other than his almost polar opposite, rough and ready Captain Jeff.
Leonard from Q30 (17th place) ties with Cherry from SOS but at least he beats his brother Richard (20th place) in the heart of the readers - and we all know that he'd be pretty pleased with that. Claire (SBR) is the second most favourite female LI in 18th place, while mysterious Luke (SOS) completes the top 20 in 19th place.
Here are the rest of the Lis who placed lower than the top 20:
(21) Carlos (SBR) 9.2%
(22) Justin (SBR) 8.6%
(23) Benny Bart (MB) 8.4%
(24) Tarino (MHS) 8.1%
(25) Gino (MHS) tied with Stephanie (SOS) at 7.8%
(26) Dante (MB) 6.9%
(27) Andy (HS) 6.3%
(28) Mike (MHS) 6.1 %
(29) Alek (WP) tied with Dante (CY) at 5.9%
(30) Kayla (WP) 5.3 %
(31) Alex (MHS) 3.9%
(32) Chris (SIF) 3.4%
(33) Frances (MB) 3.2%
(34) William (SIF) 3.1%
(35) Trisha (MB) 2.6%
(36) Charles (SBR) 2.1%
(37) Orlando (SBR) 1.8%
(38) Chris the bodyguard (MHS) tied with Adi (HS) at 1.6%
(39) Ellen (MHS) tied with Manta (SIF) at 1.2%
(40) Masked Man (SOS) 1.1%
(41) Ellia (CY) 0.8%
(42) Mermaid (SIF) 0.6%
(43) Simon (MB) 0.4%
(44) Charles (WP) tied with Emma (Q30) and Jackie (SIF) at 0.2%.
These lower rankings include some LIs that, based on the discussions we see on the subreddit, we were not expecting to get as many votes as they did - and vice versa. Dante from CY has more votes than Orlando from SBR? And Chris the bodyguard (MHS) beat the Masked Man (SOS)? Say what... Also: Jackie (SIF) definitely deserved a lot more votes! We might have to start a hashtag or something.

💎Question 3: Which non-LI character you’d romance in a heartbeat?
Here are the top 15 most desired LIs in this community:
To absolutely no one's surprise, Geralt (HS) takes the top spot with 39.1% of the readers eager to unbuckle his sexy neck belts at the first occasion. Dreamy Xander from MB takes a very respectable second place with 23.2%: we will forever long for his full lips and crisp linen suit. Another MB favourite, Prince Ethan Wood completes the podium with his Matrix-style coat and intense eyes, but sassy and sexy demon Austie (HS) is not very far behind in fourth place.
Vampires Dustin Chase in fifth place and - although at quite a distance - Sophia in sixth join the ranks of the many LIs who sadly never were in MB. Cute lifeguard Zoey from WP ranks seventh, and no worries if you don't remember who she is: her screen time was about 5 minutes total - but enough to end up in a tie with angelic mentor Misselina from HS. Frenemy Candy from SOS makes eighth place, while evil stunner Monica from MB clutches ninth. To complete the top 10 is no one else but grumpy Angel Fencio (HS) - we obviously all want him to show us his collection of talismans - tied with Bean from MHS, who sadly had the audacity to get married to someone else.
In 11th place is SOS great friend Bobby, whose bravery in the face of untold horrors gave him a special place in all our hearts, in a tie with another WP lifeguard, Ryan (yeah, we have little recollection of him as well). Party-loving and OSHA nemesis Anthony Wood (MHS) is in 12th place, while scheming yet gorgeous Julia (Q30) takes 13th.
In 14th place is no one else but our dear Sailor Bobby - an option that was added as humorous but instead raked up a fairly respectable 14% of votes. As they say, if you are not handsome you should be handy, and no one is a better dress maker than Bobby! Plus, how can we forget when he disguised himself as a tribesman to save Adelaide from becoming soup? He ends up in a tie with a fan favourite, sweet angel Sammy (HS). Completing the top-15 is another HS angel, the ethereal Leeloo.
This question also had an "other" box, where people could add names that were not included in the list. For all those (quite a few!) people who wrote Dino (HS), Sam (CY) and Orlando (SBR)... we choose to believe you misread the question, but if you didn't... oh boy, have we got good news for you!
A few people also wished for Rachel (CY) and Hiro (SBR) to be LIs, so that's another happy ending there as per the latest release.
Some also wished for Diego, Baron Samedi and Jackie from SIF, and Joseph, Christian and Gustavo from SBR to be LIs, and we are happy to say that, although their routes might be a bit hidden and not all of them can be endgame LIs, you can most definitely already hookup with/romance all of them. Check the wiki for details!
A few people asked for the coffee shop owner in CY... we have the feeling that we know who at least one of them is, and truth be told, that beard is dreamy so we can see their point! More bearded LIs please!
Those who asked for Fyr... far from us to kink shame here, but let's just hope he turns out to be human at some point! We also have some Seraph Crowley (HS) and Angel Mora (MB) fans amongst us, as clear proof that no one is ever too old for love, plus WP Agent Phillips' manbun has also scored him some eager fans.
But that one person who asked for Sean from MB... we hope for your sake you are also about 12 years old because otherwise you need an old priest, a young priest and also a police officer.

💎Question 4: Which LI do you think is overrated, and why?
Here are the top 10 most overrated LIs in the game according to our community.
You know how they say never rest on your laurels? In a surprising (or maybe not?) twist of fate, some of the most liked LIs also topped the most overrated rankings, which goes to show that the beauty of our community is that we all have different (and sometimes opposite) opinions! So please let's not fight in the comments, haha.
The most overrated LI crown goes to Lucifer with the 21.9% of the votes, (which is almost as him winning an Oscar and a Razzie on the same evening) mostly due to his behaviour, which many identify as "toxic", "abusive" and "triggering". Many readers are "not comfortable with his choking/manhandling of MC", and his "lack of respect for personal space". "Being treated poorly in the hope to finally reach a hidden soft side does not seem worth it". Some think "he needs therapy", and wonder "why he's still behaving like a teen while he's possibly thousands of years old". A reason why many dislike him however, is also "the daily flood of fanart that features him": we might all be a little Lucifered-out here on the subreddit!
Tied in second place (pun fully intended!) are Alexander (CY) and Victor (MB) at 11.5%: the reasons given for both of them are surprisingly similar. Both boys are into BDSM but neither seem to "truly know the rules of consent" and people think that they "overstep boundaries a little too often". Both have been described as "creepy", "controlling" and "plain weird". Victor is also guilty of being "boring" ("I asked for a tea not for your life story in India!" - someone wrote). Both have been invited to "drop the Christian Grey act" and some people think "they would be arrested in real life if they acted this way". Oh boy.
Justin (SBR) completes this unflattering podium at 9.1% because of his "obnoxious outbursts" and the way he treats MC. He is "rude" and "mean" and people seem to be willing to "pay diamonds to put him in his place". Hopefully that won't be necessary!
Jake from WP is fourth at 7.8%, the main reason being that he is "too difficult to romance", "too expensive and still rude", and that "we have to solve the Da Vinci code to get him" - as someone hilariously wrote.
Bad boy Brandon (SBR) scores 6.1% of the votes landing fifth place, with the word "jerk" being the most recurrently used to describe him. He is "arrogant", a "vanishing act", and "he is never nice to MC for long". Come on, Brandon! You can do better!
Unclaimed Andy (HS) takes sixth place with 4.5% for being "jealous" and "annoying" - although we would maybe argue that he's not really that overrated, as far as we can see from the sub...
In seventh place is Max (MB) at 4.1% but we are confused by the person who mentioned "his abs being too perfect" as a reason for disliking him. Of course, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, so... fair enough? Other words used are "too boring", otherwise many people voted for him but did not really give a reason why. Max needs to work on his PR clearly!
Another tie in eight place sees Adam (Q30) and Dino (HS) score 3.7% of the votes. The Royal bodyguard is described as "a barbarian" and his behaviour as "possessive" and "controlling", while the main complaints against Dino seem for the vast majority to be directed to his looks: comments range from "his eyes look disproportionally big compared to his head" to "his hair seems separated from his face" to some people calling him a "Fabio lookalike". Beauty is in the eye of the beholder indeed!
Gruff Captain Jeff (MHS) makes ninth with 3.3%, mostly because of "the dodgy power dynamic between him and MC" and his "bullying": "I like puppies is not a free get out of jail card!" someone wrote. The fact that SOS Luke "drugged MC" bags him unanimously the tenth spot with 2.8% of the votes.
Not in the top ten but voted often enough to deserve a special mention are John (SOS) because of his "murderous tendencies", Derek (SOS) because "people only likes him for his glow-up", and Leonard (Q30) as "he took Emma's spot as the third main LI in the story" and "that was a cop out!" Plus "he seems so good only because the other two are the worst", someone quipped.

💎Question 5: Which LI do you think is underrated, and why?
Let's all cheer ourselves up with the opposite end of the spectrum! Here are the top 10 Lis that the community think deserve more love! The answers in this question were a lot more fragmented, with a lot of random characters getting very few votes, so the ranking percentages are significantly lower than in other questions.
A few people chose to write "every female LI" as this question's answer, and this is reflected in the rankings below, where way more female characters are mentioned compared to other questions. So RC, we need more screen time for badass, gorgeous, interesting female LIs!
HS still carries its weight as the most popular story, with three of its main LIs topping the rankings, all lamenting the fact that they are "unfairly overshadowed by bad boy Lucifer". Andy tops the list with 8.5% of the votes: players think he is "a really good guy", "sweet", "cute", "caring", "thoughtful". They admit "he has flaws" but he "will help if you need him" and "will stand up for those he cares about". It's nice to see him getting some love!
Devil cutie Mimi ends up as a close second with only a few votes of difference, at 8.1%. She is "cute", "badass", and "so cool". Many people wrote they don't usually romance female Lis but they chose her nonetheless because she is "a great LI in every way". Someone wishes RC would "flesh her out a little more" and "give her more screen time". Third spot is for Dino: a "sweetheart" and "the cutest man in the game".
Jake from WP nabs fourth place with the 4.9% of votes. Players thinks the focus is too much on how hard he is to pursue, while "he is totally worth it", because after the initial coldness he becomes "sweet", "kind" and "caring". His "love for his family is another big plus", and he is always "supportive", "mature", "loyal" and "intense". Someone also wrote that "his sex scenes are amazing".
Gorgeous dancer Carlos from SBR is in fifth place: he is described as "cute", "great personality", "respectful" and "the sweetest". One to watch for sure! Prince Leonard (Q30) ties with Claire (SBR) in sixth place. Leonard is "complicated", "interesting" and "clever", while Claire is "sweet", "mature" and "loyal". Seventh position is for Michael (SOS) - "cute", "affectionate", "funny" - and Kayla (WP) who's "really nice" and "one of the first female LIs that didn't seem like a complete afterthought".
Eight place goes to Sam (CY) - "wholesome", "the right amount of naughty and nice", "a sweet and likeable guy" - in a tie with Chris (SIF) - "funny", "strong", "loyal", "always has your back". Ninth place is another tie between Sebastian (SIF) - "sweet" and "supportive" - and Alex (MHS) - "amazing personality", "really helpful".
Last but not least the tenth place is a foursome: William (SIF) gets some love for being "good", "solid", "loyal" and "fun", in a tie with Charles (SBR) - described as "perfect", "romantic" and "caring", as well as "hot", "sexy" and "gentle" - Jackie (SIF) - "an under-appreciated king", "handsome" and "fun", and Frances (MB) - a "real badass" and "one of the best LIs in MB".
So, time to replay your favourite book and try out one of these Lis instead than your usual one!

💎Question 6: If you could eat or drink one thing from the RC universe, what would you choose?
Max (MB) might no longer hold the crown of most loved LI in the game, but his cooking skills still hold strong. A whopping 37.2% of the people in this community would eat anything he prepares. Getting drunk on Glyft at the HS Academy takes second spot with 23.1% of the preferences, while a sugar rush after a light BDSM session in CY is all what the 13.2% of us want, completing this delicious podium.
In fourth place is pizza with a bunch of MHS friends, fifth is potential death - as long as ice cream and Jake from WP are involved - and sixth is Anthony Wood's juice at one of his epic MHS parties.
Dinner at the SOS circus is seventh, chosen by a fearless 3% of the community, while canapés at a jewellery fashion show in Q30 score the eighth and last place.

💎Question 7: If you could spend a weekend in any RC story, would you:
An entire weekend in the RC universe! What mischief is our community planning to get up to?
It looks like HS is once again top of the list, with over 38% of players willing to test their wings and get some strange and possibly corrosive blue liquid down their unclaimed throats. But LOW's gorgeous backgrounds and atmospheric setting have convinced the 16% of us to go explore a Japanese village, and possibly meet some mysterious cutie. Adelaide and her SIF crew navigate steadily in third place: 10.7% of us would follow them over the edge of the world and beyond.
In fourth place is a spot of murder mystery fun in CY, as 10.3% of us would happily explore a British family mansion - bloodshed possible but not guaranteed. A diplomatic trip with the Q30 Sagar Royal Court appeals to the 6.1% of us, especially if a romantic sunset is on the bill. The quaint and frankly unsettling SOS woods do not scare the 5.7% of us, but as long as no one picks up a nice bouquet of flowers, we should all be ok. In seventh place is our favourite vampire popstar Benny Bart (MB) performing at the Taste of the Night, while eighth is a dance marathon in SBR, inclusive of a trip to romantic Paris. Tarino's somewhat unusual directorial skills in MHS score ninth place, while hot surfers in WP's Miami end up last.

💎Question 8: If you could get more episodes of a series that has now ended, which one would you choose?
It's time to go down memory lane! We loved all the stories that RC has now completed, but which one we miss the most?
Side note: SIF and WP were still ongoing when this survey was first opened hence they are not featured in this list.
Horror story SOS takes a clear lead, with over 47% of our community wishing we could get more adventures with MC and her friends. MB is second, with a healthy 34% of readers wishing to spend more time in the company of vampires and werewolves. Q30 is third, with 13.3% of readers missing its Royal Palace and all the intrigue coming with it, and last but not least is comedy MHS, which is missed by 5.4% of this community.
And now, some questions about this community's gaming habits:

💎Question 9: How do you usually approach LI relationships?
This question had a fairly split response between those who date a few LIs but ultimately choose only one (48.9%) and those who are fiercely monogamous from the start (42.4%). A healthy 8.7% of the readers prefer instead to play the field and date as many LIs as the gameplay will allow. And with so many great characters to choose from, that's hardly a surprise!

💎Question 10: Would you play a book that has a male MC?
We all know that at the moment all RC stories are gender-locked with a female MC. But what does the community think? Would we play a book with a male MC? The majority is in favour, with 61.9% of the responders answering with a resounding YES.

💎Question 11: Do you use the RC wiki on Fandom?
Our amazing fan-written Romance Club wiki recently celebrated 100 pages!
It sounds like a whopping 78.8% of this community uses the wiki, while about 14.1% did not know it existed (so we hope you are using it now!) and 7.1% are true daredevils who play without any wiki help.

💎Question 12: What genre of story do you enjoy the most?
With new stories always coming up, we were curious to know which genres this community enjoys the most.
Despite the game being called Romance Club, the top of the genre ranking goes to Fantasy, with a striking 74.1% of preferences. But no worries: Romance is a steady second with a great 70.8% of the votes. Third place goes to Mystery with 65.7%.
Adventure comes fourth with 55.2%, followed by Horror (42.5%), Historical (35.1%), Science Fiction (29.1%) and finally Comedy (26.4%).
A very small number of people (too little to make percentage) also asked for drama, thriller, detective/crime, heist/spy, high school/teens, superheroes, zombies and time travel. All great ideas!
The community has spoken though: RC, give us elves and gnomes and medieval tales of debauchery and magic!

💎Question 13: How long have you been playing Romance Club for?
We were curious to know for how long we all have been playing this game we love. The survey showed a good mix of old and new readers, with a clear tendency towards long-term reading, which makes us so very happy to know we are all just equally addicted.
36% stated that they have been playing for over a year, 23.6% for more than six months, 17.8% for more than three months, 16.1% for more than one month and 6.4% for less than a month. Welcome one and all, we hope you are all going to be here for the long haul!

💎Question 14: How did you find out about the game Romance Club?
The main way in which our community has found out about RC is through the app store/google play store (70.9%). Another subreddit is a source for 13.5% of us (we probably have to say thank you to our friends at Lovestruck and Choices!) while a friend recommended the game to 8.7% of us.
Instagram (3%) and Facebook (1.5%) are also popular sources, but 2.4% of us arrived to the game through adverts, which is to us the most interesting data since in the mod team we haven't personally seen any adverts for this game - ever - so if anyone has screenshots, please post them in the comments, we are super curious!
Some users (too few to make percentage) also mentioned videos and memes on TikTok or Youtube, Google Search, Tumblr, Twitter, Vkontakte or even their own sister(s) as a source.

💎Question 15: Which operating system do you play the game on?
The majority of this community plays on Android (57.7%) while 42.3% play on iOS.

💎Question 16: Which other story games do you play?
Here are the top-10 story app games we play in this community, aside from RC.
Unsurprisingly, market leader Choices comes first with 53.3% of the votes. Another giant in the field, Episodes, comes second - although with quite a substantially smaller percentage of votes, clocking at 28.1%. The top-three is completed by UK TV show-inspired Love Island with the 24.6%.
Chapters is the fourth most played game at 24.2%, followed by Lovestruck and Love Sick - tied at 16.1%. Moments is sixth at 13.1%, new entry on the market Stories: Love and choices follows in seventh with 5.3%, Journeys is eighth with 4.7% and The Arcana is ninth with 2.6%. The top-ten is completed by Tabou Stories: Love Episodes in a tie with Originals - both at 1.2%.
Some also reminisced about Storyscapes (gone too soon but not forgotten!) and many other game apps were mentioned but by too few people to make up for an accountable percentage. We surely discovered some games we had never heard of before, though, including: Fictif, Heart's Choice, Everlasting Summer, Fancy Love, Romance: Stories and choices, Secrets: Game of choices, Fictions: Choose your emotions, Mystic Messenger, City of Love and many, many more... so thanks everyone for all these new suggestions!
And to that one person who selected half a dozen games and then commented with "it is a problem!" ... trust us, you are in very, very good company here!!
And lastly, some demographics:

💎Question 17: Where in the world are you from?
We are a very international bunch, that's for sure! Here are the numbers:
45.5% of this community lives in Europe, 24.3% in North America, 16.9% is in Asia, 5.7% is in Central/South America, 5.3% is in Africa and 2.3% is in Australia/New Zealand. Welcome one and all! We are so happy you are here.

💎Question 18: How old are you?
How old are we? The survey has spoken: 44.7% is between the ages of 18 and 24; 28.1% is between 25 and 35; 21.1% is 17 or younger; 6.1 % is 36 or older.
We must admit that we did not expect so many people to be on the younger end of the spectrum! But we hope everyone - of all ages - will always find this subreddit to be a safe, welcoming and friendly place where to discuss this game we all love. We mods work hard every day to keep this the most relaxed and fun RC space on the net and we feel so lucky that you are all as awesome as you are!

💎Question 19: What is your gender identity?
The overwhelming majority of this community (93.5%) identifies as female, while 4.6% identifies as male, 1.3% is non-binary, 0,4% identifies as genderqueer and 0.2% marked themselves as confused.
The fact that MC is gender-locked female and that LGBTQ routes are limited in the game is certainly one of the reasons why our community is not more diverse. Hopefully RC will expand their stories to include more diverse gender choices in terms of MCs and LIs, so to allow more people to enjoy their great storytelling skills.

💎Question 20: What is your sexual orientation?
Here's the sexual orientation of our community:
70.1% identifies as Straight/Heterosexual
22.5% identifies as Bisexual
1.9% identifies as Lesbian/WLW
1.7% identifies as Pansexual
1.5% identifies as Gay/MLM
0.4% identifies as Aromantic
0.3% identifies as Aromantic/Bisexual
0.3% identifies as Asexual
0.3% identifies as Demisexual
0.2% identifies as Asexual/Biromantic
0.2% identifies as Asexual/Heterosexual
Once again, we hope that future plots featuring more diverse MC/LIs will attract more diverse players to our community.
That's all folks! We hope you found these results interesting and we look forward to a new survey once we hit 5000 users! Until then... happy gaming and thanks for making this awesome community as great as it is! :)
💎 RomanceClub mods 💎
💎u/LauraVi 💎u/swankytutu 💎u/directormmn
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TA Players - Favorite play styles? Styles you wish existed? (novices encouraged!)

Update: nerfing autos to about 55% was too extreme, and I think makes heavies too strong. Next I'm going to experiment with reducing the auto hitbox with a more slight damage nerf. I didn't realize that in GOTY it's 5x the hitbox size of spin, and OOTB they are more comparable.
In terms of inheritance... it feels weird with everything at 100%. Even if that's the most physically accurate and arguably most intuitive for new players, it's a lot to ask a player base that has spent hundreds/thousands of hours perfecting aim at 50%. I think I'll just try to add more impact weapons with 50% and 100% inheritance variants and leave belt/chain alone.
I'm also thinking about custom classes - my first idea is to try a new type of light chaser where they get a light fusion mortar as a primary (less damage and a little less radius than the heavy, but still enough to one shot a capper if done perfectly)
Any other class ideas?

Hi everyone! I'm looking at doing a GOTY (game of the year - when the game had all 9 classes) mod, with the work Griffon has done for the servers and Mcoot has done for TAMods! (Thanks both!)

This is a long post about my opinionated attempt to bring my platonic form of the game back! Please hit me with the constructive feedback, and any nostalgia about moments or things you like about TA (recent or old, both are helpful). Or even things you wish were viable in TA! I can use this feedback in the tweaks I make for the future. I want to emphasize brining players back to the game. I get that balance is really hard and that this won't make everyone happy, but it's an experiment.
Overall Changes:
This game is modded from GOTY. I plan to keep some changes from OOTB.
These are essentially the following. (not finished yet)
Keeping the third weapon slot for utility - ELF Projector, Repair tool, or shock lance (with light, medium, heavy variants?). Hopefully this doesn't change class balance too much, but does allow for a little more variety.
Some rework of perk system - it feels like there should be 1, more significant perk, than picking out of 2, when some classes should have things by default (like heavies being able to kill players that run into them too fast, as in OOTB)

Tweaks to auto
Personally, I feel the game is at its best with higher speed chases and impact weapons, but I still like _some_ autos and sniper rifles. As such, I currently have substantially nerfed autos - they do a little more than 50% regular damage (more extreme than necessary for now, but good for play testing to see how the meta changes), and made everything (including belt items) 100% inheritance. This means that all of your shots use all of your momentum. In the past, Inheritance was different for different weapons. Ideally, this reduces confusion and increases consistency, but I need to test more and see how people feel after getting used to it. I'm tossing around the idea of having bullet drop - meaning autos have a trajectory kind of like the bolt launcher (mentioned in a recent post by Gierling). I would like more opinions about this! If people are interested in play testing, we can schedule some times.

Tweaks to hit scan
Hitscan pistols are removed from the game. I don't feel that they improve gameplay experience.
Shotguns are nerfed, but not as much as auto, because I didn't feel they were good enough to be used very much.
(see sentry section for changes to rifles)

Tweaks to impact and belt items
none so far, besides 100% inheritance. I'm thinking of changing the number of belt items in some situations.

Class Changes:
Pathfinder: I want it to have rage and egocentric by default. I also like how fragile it is, that it can be 1-shot midair-ed by mediums and heavies.
Sentinel: I don't want to feel guilty for playing this class. As such, I've repositioned it as harder to use, and substantially worse for skirmishing and beginners (although hopefully still vital for CTF). This one is tricky, because this class is so strong with a good player. I've removed BXT1 and BXT1A and decreased some damage on SAP20 and phase. I want SEN to usually lose battles with players that come to harass, not be able to wreck full health cappers with a couple shots, and reposition the role for stopping enemy regen, and finishing blows. That being said, I want headshots to do a lot more damage, so that crazy skilled players and still do powerful things (not sure how to do this yet). Maybe offer a light fusion mortar as an alternative primary weapon?

Infiltrator: No substantial changes yet besides the auto nerf. Should have close combat by default. Not sure if I can allow this class to have a shock lance that doesn't take the secondary weapon slot. Maybe a fun option for repair tool that does decent damage to enemy base assets?

Soldier: No substantial changes yet. Plan to make spare spinfusor stronger

Technician: Currently needs a better secondary weapon and some things to make it unique. Maybe always pilot perk, and it can have a longer range repair tool and better ELF projector?

Raider: No big changes, but I have to think more about NJ5-B and Plasma

Heavies: I haven't played them as much, so I would like help with these! I think it would be cool if doom bringer titan launch was a bit longer range and could be "click to explode". If there's a way to bring back saber launcher, we should do it for the n00bs.

Bringing Players Back:
Now all of the things I've talked about above, are relatively easy changes. The hard part is getting players. I think this section (from my perspective) is devoted to the game, rather than this mod. If people hate every change I've proposed, let's look at this section as separate. TA is a great game, and it would be great to have a little bit more of a dedicated community to it.
That being said, there are a few tricky and confusing things to navigate around. Some of the community at its current state, is horrifyingly toxic. I've had some games with hate speech and bullying, old players returning who have been targeted by insta-ELF projectoring bots, and even doxxing, because hackers seem to have compromised Hirez login servers. This is why Griffon's server setup is so, so important. It's very likely that you are at risk when you login to Hirez TA servers.

So the way I see it, we have a few big problems to solve.
  1. get players en masse to the community servers. I think they will grow if the overall expectation is "there's probably at least a half full game" than "I bet no one is on"
  2. The game is probably totally inaccessible to new players at this point. Play styles might be gone in OOTB, and the current players now are really good in comparison to the typical beginner. This can be disheartening.
  3. Setting up and joining community servers is harder than it could be.
    1. Getting your account verified through taserverbot works for some people, never does for others, sometimes fails the first time, etc. While I don't have a good technical solution at the moment, I think this can be improved and would appreciate work on this.
    2. Fast, gif tutorial to set up TAMods and community should be a thing. (I will probably do this myself unless someone else gets to it first).
    3. TAMods sometimes crashes on older machines, or fails to work at all for some people. I don't know if this is because they aren't installing the right C++ binaries, or a programming error. I do know that one person had it work for a while, but then stop working permanently, even with fresh installs of Tribes and TAMods. (I love TAMods - just saying if there are ways to make it slightly more consistent, that would be huge)

My proposed solutions:
  1. Advertise to reddit and discords about scheduled play times for the new mod I'm working on (or we can pick regular GOTY, OOTB, or something else - it feels like something new and exciting to announce is important though). I don't plan on having the server up 24/7, I plan on having it up at times when people will know that people will be in it, and going from there. This seems to be a model that works well for the mixer crew.
  2. Adding in a n00b mode that players can be put into on a server - for each class, they can just get a little more health, energy, hitbox size on weapons, etc. Not sure how hard this would be to implement, or if this would benefit the game at all.
  3. Adding the GIF tutorial as discussed, and asking for help from the community! :D
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Life is Strange was a welcome surprise

So this morning was the time I finally got through Life is Strange. Feeling a need for something more laidback and story based and given the ratings it felt like the perfect game to just kick back and chill a bit without thinking too much of complicated action inputs and stat builds.
And honestly my first impression... was that I did found the game interesting. Following that I then felt a huge bore, stemming from piss-easy puzzles and fetch stuff (find 5 empty bottles on a junkyard, what an amazing way to spend nearly an half-hour). And then boom: I accidentally pulled an all-nighter playing this.
The soundtrack was pretty chill, I could observe pretty much what I needed to check and the game began with this mechanic (which is the basis of the entire game). The graphics will probably fall to subjectivity, although I did appreciate the aesthetic quite a lot.
However for someone who has already played titles that pull off a good balance of gameplay and narrative, it did prove a little too slow and limited for my own taste, as the story kind of took a while to take off and the initial lack of several choices in key moments didn't quite impress me. I'd say those are the biggest flaws of the game. True, it's mostly an interactive teen drama (fortunately with no extra-cringe moments that'd make me shut down my screen or close my eyes and ears until it passed), but the puzzles could have been a bit more challenging and the gameplay a bit more varied. Fortunately I've grown fond of talking my way out of trouble thanks to games like Vampire the Masquerade and Deus Ex, but man this game features a LOT of talking. With that aside, the game feels quite binary in its choices but I've got to give credit to the writers: they managed to write the story into a believable corner where only 2 options are possible and both will have their own consequences and benefits. Some may find the final decision a bit lacking, since the game basically asks you to choose between two endings without no previous repercussions. Given how the game's story plays out it actually works very well, although it might irk some people.
With that aside, I kept on trucking on, playing on and off and usually not more than an hour... until I got to the end of Episode 2. From then on I just couldn't stop myself. Why was this? Because by then the game stopped being just another teenage drama and dwelved into more mature and thought provoking themes, to which the protagonist actually responds pretty well by developing herself according to the circumstances presented. Probably many twists will be familiar to those who have watched more dramas than I, but for a videogame I'd say this is one of the best narratives I've seen. Not a masterpiece by any means because we're talking videogames and unfortunately Life is Strange feels very limited in that regard as I stated above. It's definitely a game I understand being in some folks' top lists.
To finish it off: characters! I understand why some may have found the game off-putting and sometimes as "woke". I do not blame them. At first sight this game feels very similar to the experience I've had in college: 18 year old artsy fartsy students straight out of their teenage hood and into early adulthood, reminiscing about "old times" and doing these "smart" observations about the current state of things... I gotta admit I felt I was having a tad bit of dejá vu and not of the good kind. But there's a reward for those who stick through it to the end, which is good character development and a few character archetypes getting broken. No more "typical preachy religious girl": in this game she's actually a sweetheart who doesn't preach, although she feels strongly about her beliefs, but is also very sensitive. No more "I'm a bad bully, deal with it": the bullies are still straight up morons who can't be excused and eventually get their due, but there's more to it than that.
FINAL VERDICT: a very good game that you should at least try to play through once, even if only for a change of gear. Is it a masterpiece or the best game of all time? Absolutely not. Is it so good it warrants a place in many gamers' top lists? Absolutely yes. Will it leave a mark on you in some regard? Depends on how much you've been exposed to mature, thought provoking themes in fiction. I have no doubt most will find the characters very relatable (which might explain the post-LiS depression you might have heard about), especially the youngest adults and older teens. As someone outside that age period, you'll find a nice quirky game with a solid story here with minimalistic gameplay.
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"Culture eats policy for breakfast."

I heard that on the radio this morning while I was out and went, "Huh."
There are various forms of this saying, but the general meaning is that, no matter how beneficial the policies or structures you put into place, the organizational culture will determine whether they will be successful or not.
And culture is why SGI will never change. Within just the last 24 hours, we've seen several situations that illustrate this:
Members with Special Needs needing assistance to attend 50K
There was a handful of youth division who wanted to go to 50K who had special needs and requested that their parent/family member accompany them to 50K. Special needs included anything from anxiety disorders, to members with schizophrenia, to members with varying levels of autism.
Their parents/guardians were always over 39 years old and every time a special needs member wanted their 39+ parent/guardian/caretaker to attend, we had to send a letter to our Zone office requesting to do so.
Wouldn't you know, every time we submitted such an application, they were all REJECTED! I actually don't recall a single application for one of my region's special needs requests being approved.
The Zone office would say something along the lines of, "The parent over 39 can drive/transport the member to the venue, but they CANNOT go into the actual 50K venue." If that was the case, why not just say that in the memo you sent out? Source
In my region (we all took the same bus) we had a girl in a wheelchair who usually is fine on her own but really needed extra assistance due to the crowds. She ended up pushing herself because we all got separated. We were all so hussled by the door people (Soka Group maybe) to get in and it was a huge problem for them that she had to go around to a different accessible door. Then we were in trouble with the Byakuren for not being all together. Then in trouble for not all sitting together because we had one fewer people than expected since she could not fit with her chair where they led us. The whole thing was a mess and there was apparently no planning for accommodating people with disabilities. Source
My experience of the day was one of long line outside, rushed activity to get us in and seated (single file line please, full groups only please, follow this geisha in a pink t-shirt, yes she's very charming, why was your group let through if you are missing one? oh dear you have a member in a wheel chair? you've messed up our seating count). Source
I'm so glad you brought this up, although I'm so sadly not surprised that this sort of thing is STILL a huge deal-breaker problem.
WAY BACK IN 1987, I'd only been a member of SGI (then known as NSA) less than 5 months when I was chosen to go on the big bus trip to march in the New Freedom Bell parade over July 4 or thereabouts. There was this young woman I knew; her boyfriend was in the group just like mine was, and she and I had gotten to know each other somewhat through practices and meetings.
She had some anxiety issues. When we got there, she realized that they were assigning people randomly to rooms and started to panic. She begged me to room with her instead! I said I'd see what I could do. When we got to the desk where we got our room assignments, I explained (using small words) that my friend had an anxiety disorder and could they please put us in the same room? They refused.
How hard could it have been? If I was assigned to room with Stranger Beth and she was assigned to room with Stranger Karen, why not just move either Beth into her place (or Karen into mine) so she could be in my room with me?? It's not rocket surgery! They were both strangers to us, after all.
But no. Rulez is rulez and that was the end of it. It turned out okay, but c'mon. It could have been MUCH better and MUCH more compassionate toward someone who clearly needed it, with no effort on their part - I offered to escort my roommate (if she was already in the room) to her new room (my friend's former room) if need be so no one else needed to do anything. All the performers were staying in the same building, after all; it was just more of SGI's rigid stupidity (the best kind!). Source
The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990. 30 years ago. That prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in several spheres (employment, transportation, public accommodations, communications and access to state and local government’ programs and services) and requires that buildings, facilites, and transit vehicles are accessible to people with disabilities. But guess what? Churches are exempt! Yet one more shitty strike against religion.
What can we conclude from the perennial, unchanging nature of the SGI's lack of sensible accommodation of people with disabilities? Why such a rigid fixation on the "rulez is rulez" mentality?
It's because SGI doesn't really give a shit about disabled people. SGI only cares about who will be most useful to SGI, and if a given person is perceived as less useful, then SGI doesn't give a shit about that person. And this is absolutely endemic, BAKED INTO SGI's organizational culture.

They just don't wanna.

It is so fundamental to SGI's organizational culture that the SGI leaders organizing the crowd control for these activities still don't seem aware that disabled people even exist! Thus, the requests of the disabled for inclusion on their own terms are routinely rejected by SGI, which believes that everybody needs to fit SGI and not the other way around.
People who are different are icky and annoying. They always want something that isn't on the menu; they always expect everyone to bend over backwards for them; they think they're so special. THEY expect everybody to change everything for THEM. Well, in the Ikeda cult, everybody's the same Shin'ichi Yamamoto clone, so they need to fit the hell in and stop expecting special treatment all the time!
SGI is a deeply selfish organization. The members exist to serve SGI and that should satisfy them! Moreover, they should all feel deeply GRATEFUL for any and every opportunity to give more to SGI, do more for SGI, and promote SGI in whatever way they can. THAT should be their mission in life and they should be happy with that!
SGI doesn't care about LGBTQIANB people, either. Oh, it will accept their money, count them as members, use them however appears expedient, but THEY need to accommodate themselves to SGI-USA, NOT the other way around!
Take a look:
Non-Binary Support
As SGI-USA strives to be the model of worldwide kosen-rufu, we will be introducing a non-binary category for members and guests that don't identify as male or female. The Gohonzon application and MIS database will be updated with a new non-binary category. For non-binary members that don't feel comfortable being supported by a specific division, they will be encouraged to participate in 4-divisional activities. For non-binary members that are comfortable being supported by a specific division, they will be invited to participate in those divisional activities. SGI-USA official policy
How suckadelic is THAT?? SGI-USA is adamant about its "IRONCLAD four divisional system"! Those people who don't want to conform and fit in, well, we'll just expect them to do their best, given the way things are. They'll fit in, one way or another. The way things are is not going to change! Certainly not for THEM!
Many SGI members tout the apparent acceptance of gays and lesbians — and the active recruitment of new members at Gay Pride celebrations — as a jaw-dropping miracle of positive change in SGI. For decades, gay SGI members remonstrated with SGI leaders about organizational hostility toward gays. Did these sincere efforts finally bring about a major change in SGI?
I think not. After all, this “change” benefits the organization by opening up a new constituency of eager recruits, many of whom are idealistic and have felt alienated from traditional religion and are seeking a spiritual “home.” Many have significant disposable income and often fewer family obligations. Plus, gays are a demographic group renowned for loyalty to organizations and advertisers who reach out to them (as many marketers have learned so lucratively over the past decade.)
In my opinion, informed by the fact that I'm a lesbian: “Acceptance” of gays is not a fundamental change in the SGI. Rather, it’s a sign that SGI recognizes a cult-recruitment jackpot when they see one. So don’t hold your breath waiting for the SGI to take a stand against the Federal Marriage Amendment. (SGI claims to be apolitical, despite their history of hiring lobbyists in the U.S.) Besides, discrimination against gays has always been and always will be indefensible in light of Nichiren Buddhist teachings. So with social attitudes toward gays becoming more accepting, SGI had no doctrinal leg to stand on, and was quickly losing it's social excuse for discrimination. Welcome to SGI, homos!
When I worked for SGI-USA in 1998, I requested that they expand their health insurance policy to cover the same-sex domestic partners of their gay and lesbian employees. The proposal was rejected by the SGI- USA Board of Directors. Gays and lesbians can get "married" in SGI, sure. But the SGI doesn't put its money where its mouth is and actually recognize these relationships as equal to heterosexual marriage.
So. Read newspaper reports about Soka Gakkai going back more than forty years. You'll see that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Source
While the American Soka Gakkan admits same-sex marriage, the Japanese Komeito can not yet say yes. [I am] [Komeito is] following the LDP against the same sex marriage. — Tomohiro Machyama (@TomoMachi) July 6, 2019 Source
That guy can't scratch his balls without the Soka Gakkai's permission.
SGI LGBT is now Courageous Freedom, this new name is more inclusive and includes all the new sexual designations. Source
First of all, "Courageous Freedom" is meaningless word salad gibberish. No person who sees "Courageous Freedom" is going to think, "Aha! That means LGBTQ friendly!"
Secondly, the whole problem with SGI is the categorizing of people, the way SGI assigns everyone to a box and there you are - that's your box. MD/WD, YMD/YWD. And the males are always more influential/powerful... Source
WHY is SGI this way? WHY is it so hidebound, backwards, parochial, and provincial in its attitudes?
Because that's how all those old men in Japan insist it be, and how it's going to remain. The ideal timeframe is 1930s-1950s Japan, and that zeitgeist is the defining element of SGI culture. SGI will never change. NEVER.
This is a serious problem in Japanese culture, which means that all the SGI colonies inherit it as their own problem, too.
Bullying of LGBT students at ‘epidemic’ levels in Japan: Human Rights Watch
Titled “The Nail That Sticks Out Gets Hammered Down: LGBT Bullying and Exclusion in Japanese Schools,” the 84-page report said LGBT students routinely suffer harassment, threats and violence in a nation where prejudices against sexual minorities remain alive in the school yard.
HRW said the government is largely to blame for this, turning a blind eye to the root cause of bullying and blandly pushing instead for an ill-defined “climate of harmony” in schools in which everyone lives by the rules. Source
How very SGI... At that link, you can see SIX instances of "harmonious/harmoniously" that I found in a SINGLE SGI article!
When you are a general member, the “inside baseball” of the organization is kept from your view. Discrimination of all kinds is practiced behind closed doors, or in Japanese, or by inference among older members who are very much rooted in the conservative social norms of Japan. This is a Japanese organization, based in Japan, run exclusively by Japanese people in the senior leadership positions.
If you are LGTBQ, it’s clear why you would be a prime target for recruitment (marginalized member of society), but it’s also very likely that you would never be offered leadership opportunities. And in the SGI, there’s a huge difference between members and leaders - and that’s where the hurt/pain of exclusion really comes into play. If you’re not a leader, you’ll never be invited to the best/most interesting/most important meetings. You won’t be chosen for the plum assignments. You won’t get face time with the national leaders. There will be a thousand and one distinctions drawn between your status (low) and leadership status (high).
So...despite what ND [Nichiren Daishonin] says about all people being potential Buddhas, your role in the organization would be severely limited. And if you ever expressed frustration over this, you would be told you aren’t practicing correctly, and that it’s your karma that has caused this suffering. This is gaslighting and it’s incredibly destructive. Source
No matter what policies are suggested or even adopted, the SGI will never change, because its fundamental culture is inimical to the changes people want. People can want change all they want, but the Japanese religion for Japanese people that is the Society for Glorifying Ikeda will not. All that focus on studying those execrable "The New Human Revolution" novels with all their made up shit and lies is to drive home how everything in the SGI organization is supposed to be. THAT is the lesson! "The New Human Revolution" has become the new Gosho-equivalent for SGI, a holy scripture that all are required to adore and obey.
The lessons of the Internal Reassessment Group (IRG), that grassroots group of SGI members and leaders who suggested changes that would improve SGI-USA, remain as relevant and valid today as they did over 20 years ago:

If by that you mean efforts to bring about the kind of reforms that the IRG attempted, then yes, I do think that's a futile effort. The organization is what it is. Accept that and work within it, or if you can't stand it, leave. Changing it is not, in my opinion, an option.

You will never be permitted to "be the change" because no change is permitted.
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After three years of being part of a really chill form, I received news of the class I will endure my GCSEs with for the next two years. To say I am disappointed is an understatement....

In case you couldn't tell from the title of the post, I am from the UK, but dont worry I will try to explain my situation as American-friendly as I can.
I finished year 9 (8th grade/aged 14) on Friday and I am anxiously awaiting two years of stress and angst that are GCSEs: sh*ttingly-difficult courses in 11+ subjects that end in national exams which will either make you or mess up your future in less than two hours.
Recently we were asked to submit three names of students we would like to carry on with next year over MS Teams. Now, I found this difficult. Not because I have loads of friends, not because I have no friends. I am one of those people who talks with lots of groups - has friends but no close ones - and flits on the outskirts of many friendship circles.
I am aware this is sort of my own doing - nobody wants to seriously engage with a consistently A* student, not even at a grammar school (selective based on academic ability). I describe myself as an ambivert. Neither socially outgoing nor socially awkward/phobic. I am just a "tryhard". A nerd.
Eventually I just texted my teacher with the names of two people who I talked with more than most and thought nothing of it for a few weeks. Then I attended a socially-distanced Physical Education session, despite not being athletic.
I was grouped with some friends who were happy to have a laugh with me whilst also excluding me from plans to meet up soon. The last rotation we had was with my form tutor (who was leaving the school) and he asked who I had put down for the form preference.
Embarrassed, I said I couldnt remember like most of the others. He then asked me which tutor I wanted most, which he didnt do for anybody else. I guess this is because of the endless hours I wasted worrying my balls off about homework which the teachers took seconds to mark? I knew straight away what my answer was: the cheery, kind DT (design and technology/STEM) teacher who really liked me and who really understood me. I knew this wouldnt be guaranteed, but the way my now ex-form tutor responded made me somewhat hopeful.
Fast-forward to today, and we finally received the news of which form we would be stuck in for the next few years, a week after we were promised. I know for a fact that my Head of Year tried her hardest to wrangle between subject choices, friendship groups etc. to settle on classes that would suit the majority. As a usually anxious person, this calmed me.
It turns out my new form tutor is going to be my biology and PSHE (physical, social and health education/ citizeship/ how to function in society/fun lesson) teacher from Year 8 (7th grade/aged 13). He is one of the most boring teachers ever. Not necessarily strict or horrible and I even think he likes me as I hand in my assignments on time, he is just horrendously dull. Like, he could send 1000 insomniacs to sleep in less than a minute. Boring fact in a nasal voice after boring fact in a nasal voice. Copy out this. Do yet another worksheet that you will all forget to stick in to your books.
The thing is, we weren't shown which other students will be our fellow classmates. Annoying af. So I popped over to our form group chat for probably one of the last conversations I will have on there, and asked who else would be in my form. It seems like the "cool" clique are in 10:5. I am in 10:3. The weebish memesters are in 10:1 and the gamers-who-come-to-school-on-the-same-train are in 10:2.
But nobody is with me... that is until two people pipe up and reveal they will continue to be my classmates. And great, it is the depressed dudes. The non-binary guy who self-harms and is out of school more than in, as well as the kid who hates his mum, who also hates him. Don't get me wrong, these two aren't terrible. They aren't bullies and both can be quite funny. I just don't socialise with them that much. I've already had to sit next to one of them having panic attacks for a year. (Every time I tried to help, he would just tell me piss off, that I would never understand his pain, that I was ever so lucky to live a perfect life, so eventually I decided you can't help somebody who doesnt want to be helped).
I infiltrated the other year 9 forms' group chats and try to find out who else is with me. Some A-team rugby muscle-mountains too busy flexing their guns; some troublemakers busy vaping in lessons and some weebs reciting whole episodes of random anime series I have never even heard of. I didnt even know some of their names, and our year is only 160!
This is not the end of the world, but I still can't be exactly happy. Lots of children can't even go to school for various reasons and I recognise I am one of the luckiest people alive. I also got all my GCSE options, better than some, yet landed in a group of people who don't give a flip about me or share anything in common with me. Form period only accounts for 30 mins of the school day, but its limits reach much further than that. Especially as during this global pandemic our school is adopting the policy that we can only interact with our forms/subject groups.
Tbh, I just feel like my years of effort have not paid off. I should probs quit moaning now? I mean it is not like I am going to have to endure my GCSEs by myself or anything...
Just some words of encouragement? Idk, maybe you guys won't care.
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strong trigger warning. are my feeling here valid?

this has stong wording and sexual assult and all types off abuse. please consider your mental health before reading thank you. all names in hear have been changed for the safety off all involved. i am about to go no contact with my mother for the abuse i have suffer at her hand but first i want to tell everyone what happened and how i feel. can you please tell me if i am being to harsh?

This has been one of the hardest posts I have ever had to make. I ask that you read everything before you reply. Please hear me out then you can say what you want but I want it known I have people who will be watching, all private messages will be screenshot, posted publicly and it is there that I will reply. So, you might as well just post your comment below and do not even try private messaging me if it is not supportive for what I have to say. Also, even supportive messages will be posted, no one here is special or discriminated against. This is about exposing my abuser and nothing more.
Ok let us get started. You once asked me what I had to be depressed about when I told you I was struggling. I hope this answers your question, but I do not think it will. You have stated that I was faking disabilities that I had not even heard of before I was even diagnosed with, you have made fun of a small child for being scared of a hallucination. I now know this is common for children with complex PTSD, imagine that.Overall, the point is you have disregarded my mental illness and believed my main abuser over me but let us move on.
I know this will not change your mind, that would take you recognising your narcissistic, toxic behaviour and that, honestly it is more likely that the gods would walk on this earth again than you admitting your behaviour. You have out rightly told me you have a diagnosis of bipolar type one. Funny thing about that, bipolar is enough to get you disability if you seek treatment but you wont and then you go off at me for seeking treatment for the disorders that i can place at your door. You go off at me for being on disability because i went and got help, but your mentile health is worse then mine and you still wont seek help. Seeking help would fix everything but you just wont and then you put that frustration on me.
You will read this, and you will not even know it is about you if I had not made it so very obvious by now, I know you know who this is about. I know you will not see why this is wrong. I am ok with that. You do not confront a bully because you think it will change their mind. You do it because they deserve to be called out, and you my dear deserve this more than most. I am not doing this for an apology. I am doing this for me to release you and to tell you I deserved better then what you did to me.
Underneath are a list of charges I lay at your feet. I want it known I did not want to do this; I have tried getting along with you, but I am over your smear campaign I am over the emotional blackmail, I’m over the abuse.
Point 1. how a loving mother acts when their child's life is indangour.
I would like to start this with one day about six months after I was born, you and the man you would proceed to have one more child with got into a fight and he threw me, A SIX MONTHS OLD INFANT onto the bed. You seem to think that because you were not the one to do the act you were not in the wrong here, but here is the thing. If you care for your kid and your partner puts that child in danger ONCE you leave.
NO, there is no excuse for staying, I do not care if you “loved” him, he threw your 6-month baby on a bed, at that point your child’s life is in danger, you leave.
Let us continue on shall we to the fact that even though YOU had escaped him, and you knew what he was capable of you continued to let him have unsupervised visits with me. I am sorry but if I have seen that my partner is in any way capable of aggression towards my kids, I am not leaving him alone with them. But you did. You insisted to not take away HIS rights, well what about mine? The minute I said I did not want to go with him, that should have been it. you should not have let him pressure me into going with him.
But let us be honest here shall we, we are placing way too much blame on Adam because you could be just as bad. I can only speak for me of course but I don’t remember you sober except when you were doing your HSC and even then I don’t think you were as “sober” as you wanted us all to believe.
Point 2. theft
You stole a 1000 dollars from me when i got compensation for the sexual abuse i suffered. I told you i did not want to go for compensation.I told you It made me feel like I was being paid for my assault, what did you do? You pushed me AGAINST MY WILL to go for compo even though i told you I DID NOT WANT IT! You did not think about how going over something so traumatic would make the whole thing worse, you just thought of the money, money i did not want. When i got it you asked to borrow a 1000 dollars and you would pay it back. i told you point black i needed it before my birthday because i was going to use it to give myself the best 21 ever. That never happened, in fact you said grandmother told you to keep the money and if you did pay it back she would disown you. Well now both your children want nothing to do with you, how does that feel? Also if what you said is true and grandmother did say this (which i don't think she did.) she can go get fucked too. You do not steal from your mentailly ill 20 year old child- you did.
Also dont try the, “i spent 1000s on you”, im your FUCKING CHILD. I did not ask to be born, i did not want to be born, I hate life. The only reason i'm not dead is the guilt you put in me for thinking i don't deserve to feel the way i do and killing myself would be “selfish”. So no you don't get to say that. You were selfish enough to want me, you spread your legs and you decided to keep me when you found out. That was your choice, take some fucking responsablity and stop trying to blame your kids for your shitty life choices. Giving us life in this climat and the climat back then wasnt a gift as you like to say, it was a fucking curse.
Point 3. what a loving mother does not do.
A loving mother does not say
“I don’t hate you, I hate your personality”
Glad you cleared that up mum when you said, “I hate you”.
“I love you, I just don’t like you right now.” I mean it’s not like
I wasn’t already being bullied at school on a daily basis, being told at school by the student body how much they hated me and when I moved schools because off my awkward and antisocial ways I was completely ostracised and I didn’t need love and support from you. (sarcasm)
On that note loving mothers do not deny their child physical affection when they are the only ones, they can get it from. No, I do not care what your excuse is. I do not care that is how your mum treated you, you always prided yourself on being the better parent well you were not you were an abusive bitch deal with it.
You do not hit or choke a bullied child because they do not want to go to the place where they have no friends and nothing to do on the best days and on the worst their life was in danger, I’m not even blowing this up they threw pieces of paper that were on fire at me.
I begged you to home-school me, but you wouldn’t and why? Because you didn’t know it was an option- if you cared you would have found out, you just didn’t want to be responsible for your disabled daughter’s education because you were disappointed in me for being dyslexic because heaven forbid your child not be good at English.
Point 4 how to get children to like each other.
You made me believe I was responsible for my sister protection. Every bit of resentment we held and still hold for each other would not be there if it had not been for the toxic behaviour you encouraged on both our sides. You should have separated us; you should have admitted you could not handle me. You should have let me go, but heaven forbid your ego take a hit.
Part 5. Child rasing
A good mother does not dump a 1 year old on an 11-year-old and a 9-year-old, you did. To the point that said child called me and the 9 year old mum. I had people at the shops thinking this child was mine. You were the adult, you should off been the one washing, feeding, taking care off him and yet you werent, we were.
Part 6. fertility
A loving mother doesn’t turn around to their clearly hurting and grieving child who is reaching out about pain they feel about their sister being able to do something they can’t and I quote- “it’s a good thing you can’t have children, because you wouldn’t make a good mother anyway”.
I am sorry, what? Who are you to say that to me? Maybe I should call aunty k give her a nice long list off how you have handled my miscarriages. “Oh but i understand i lost a child once” you had one miscarrgie that you only ever mentioned to down play my hurt at leaning i cant have kids. The only person in this family who has any right to say anything about my fertility problems is the only person in the family who could possibly understand at all and that person isnt you. Its aunty k.
I wanted children, i wanted a family. A big one. I want 10 kids and 8 dogs and a white picket fance. Im not going to get that naturally- witch cool i have no problem with adoption and if me and my partner ever decided we wanted a child that is probably the way we would go- BUT you want to tell me that my adopted child wouldnt be as LOVED that my FAMILY wouldnt be as real because i adopted. If you really believe that, why did you give up scott? I mean if you cared and loved your child - witch you have said you did, thats why you gave him up your words- why would you give him to someone if you believed they were incapable off loving that child as their own? You are a horrible human being who has fostered jealousy on more then one occasion between me and my sisters because they are physically healthy and abiled body and i am not.
If you honestly think i dont love my younger siblings nephews neices or any child of the people i love have with all i my heart or you think that i could love a child more because it come from my twat then you have no idea who the fuck i am. I dont even feel like i have the right to reach out and interact with my sibling children because im almost positive they hate me and honestly that can be placed with you too, and i dont blame them. Because you wouldn't be a parent i had to be the bitch. The one saying no. the one stopping shit that could hurt them. i was the only one trying to protect them. I saw where they were headed and tried to stop it. you were drunk.that should have been you. I love my siblings and could not be prouder off any off them but do not try to take responsibility for how we turned out, that wasn't you. That was us.
Also do not try to pin this on aunty d, she is a sweet kind woman who is shy and doesn't know how to assert herself. She gave up the wine, she showed unconditional love and support. The worst thing that woman has ever done to me is when i came out she told me she thought my sexuality was just a “phase” and I'd grow out of it. I didn't but that's ok, she also told me that day that she would love me no matter what and has never not done that.
If you want someone you can drag into your snake pitt take p his treatment off me compared to his own fucking kids was messed up. How was i the fucking favourt when i wasnt his god dam kid- and dont say i wasnt we all know i was.
Part 7. Traumatic situations.
Moving on to ten when my favourite uncle held us hostage. Did you know I saw that knife held to your neck while looking over the banister? I did. I saw my favourite uncle hold a knife to your neck and new me and my sister needed to get out which is why when you came up, I was trying to get my sister to leave. That is why I said the tree. You made the whole thing about you, it was all you. Me and my sister, we weren't traumatized, i didn't just lose the one person i felt like i had a connection to. No, the only person who mattered was you. To the point that when i broke down i was told i had to “stop crying” because YOU need me, a ten year old child, to be strong enough to handle YOUR truma. Thats not how that works.
Part 8. How to handle your child be sexually assaulted
How about 12? How about when the ongoing sexual harassment and inappropriate comments [grooming let us be honest} by my MOTHERS partner at the time was doing {that both me and my siblings had warned her about it and that we were uncomfortable. I am not protecting you anymore, you knew how we felt.} ended with him sexually assaulting me and another girl. {for her privacy I will not name her, but she knows who she is. If she wants to confront you that is on her.} while he was babysitting and why was he babysitting? Because you wanted to go out partying and do not say “oh well you said it was fine” I was 12 what else would I say?
Also after that you proceed to tell me about your sexual assault and that you had it so much worse. You said this while drunk and did not remember. You were in your 20s when you were assaulted, I WAS A CHILD! I was even a child the first time I was raped. You are not special, you want help see a doctor stop putting it on me and my siblings- also get some help your not ok, you have never been ok, the fact you put this on a CHILD proves your not ok. You have told me so much shit when drunk to discredited my assaults i don't even know if what you said was true anymore but ill give you the benefit and say it is. In witch case you are not coping you are an abusive alcoholic who doesn't even see the damage they're doing around them. Get help.
I have a massive problem with understanding what is and isn't appropriate to say now, i don't understand social situations. That was your fault. Your the one who didnt teach me what is and isnt appropriate in sexual situations. Im reteaching myself this, i use to think this is because off how open everyone was, aunty j aunty k ec, but its not. That should off tought me body confidence and kindness not an inability to decipher when im making someone uncomfortable with sexual comments. You made the talk off sex so common that now the idea off people being uncomfortable with it is confusing to me. That should off been part of the conversation, why wasnt it?
Part 9 how to deal with bullying
Under all of this is the ongoing systematic bullying that went from kindy till year 10, why did it go on for so long? Because when you were given the option to move me to another district in year 6 you kept us in the same town because you did not want to separate my sister from her friends. If you had put me first for once I would never have hurt. I am going to leave this hear but you know you did more, and I have no problem airing all your dirty laundry mother.
So, what is the result of what is clearly intense abuse you may ask?
  1. I have DID
under this post or maybe above will be another post naming off my alters and explain what DID is and how it affects me, but for those wondering I have 8 main personalities 1 who has not made themselves none and two “sleeping”.
  1. Anorexia and bulimia and honestly, I do not blame anyone I went to school with but how did me vomiting after lunch every day not tip anyone off? How did me starving myself never get caught? Honest question. I mean i know you all didnt like me in school, but did no one see how much i was hurting? I needed help. Why did no one offer?
  2. PTSD, what do I say here? If you think you could get through what I went through, good luck.
  3. Bipolar schizoaffective disorder- it is a chemical imbalance in the brain, so I do not know what you want from me.
You have bullied and belittled me for my weight. You have put your own traumatic past on me when I was a minor and asking for help. It is not my job to get you through your trauma, I am your child, not your sister. YOU should be fixing mine. You should have been taking care of me loving me, instead you treated me like your own personal shrink and then got angry when I was hurt at you cutting me out after aunty k died. I never should have thought my job was to comfort you, your job was to comfort me.
Considering you cannot seem to understand the concept that you might be in the wrong. You even decided to out my sexuality to the family and were actively betting on my sexuality-that is not normal, that is not ok, that is not accepting. - you did this even though you knew we have a cousin who is like me and who was kicked from the family.
You even raised me knowing that no one, not even me, can connect with this family member because you all kicked him so fair from the family no one has heard from him since before i was born. YOU STILL THOUGHT YOU HAD THE RIGHT TO OUT ME! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU. even if none off this was true it was my choice when, if or how i came out to my family, you took that away from me. That alone is enough for me to disown you. I had been fucking careful once i had grandma on my page. Yes i am big in lgbtq rights but i didnt start saying online that i was queer till you took that right away.
So, as we no longer have the right to come out how we want this is our coming out. we have DID as such I am not a girl or a boy, we have both male and female alters in our system. Our system's name is starlight. We are not one person. We as a whole identify as non-binary. Our sexuality is pansexual-demiromantic.
My name is not Madison, I only went by that because I didn’t want to try to get people to call me by my preferred name, I tried that I asked you to call me star, you couldn’t respect that because I chose it myself and nicknames can’t be “chosen” so you have called me by a completely different name to what mine actually is.
So just that we are clear
My name is (Insert name here)
My pronouns are he/him
I have 7 other active alters with their own gender and sexuality. You do not need to remember them all; we are happy with they/them as there is
more than one of us.
Also, you have meet my alters you just do not know me well enough
to tell the differences.
So what can we gather from all this?
You were an abusive person, i didnt blame you for my childhood before but i do now. You are completely responsible for my shitty childhood.if you had been a responsable sobor adult none of this would of happen. You took away my freedom and left me with the only choice of “do what YOU want” with me having no right to my own life or die. That's not a choice, that's the illusion of choice and you even took that away from me when uncle todd died, you told me what he did was selfish, you said killing myself was selfish. You took away my only way out and still dont see how you were wrong. After that you TRIED to take your life too, like shit your the biggest hypocrite i know.
You will never be left along with my CHILD, hell you will be lucky if you even know if i give birth. This is me saing im going no contact if you couldnt tell by now. Stay the fuck out off my life and anyone who wants to justifie or support her abuse ass can see them self out.
If you want my forgiveness you can start by returning the money you stole and issuing a public apology admitting to the shit i didnt say to prove you understand you are in the wrong. Keep in mind i have no issue handing the phone i have into the police and leaving you to deal with it if you in anyway attack me for this post. If you apologise i might for give you, if you chose to leave me the fuck alone the money will be in once a month. if you attack me, call me consistently or call me a lier and refuse to take responsibility for your actions i will just stop paying the bill and hand it too the police, i dont need it, i will survive with out it. you will not be able to pay the bill. Chose what you want to do.

thank you for reading this any advice would be grate.
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Through 2019, I've played over 70 games, and have beaten 39 of them. Here's a short review for all of them.

I made it a goal this year to play as many games as I possibly could and try to deplete my backlog. Through doing that, I've played games this year that have made me laugh, cry, complain, hate, and love. I enjoy seeing others post game reviews like this, so hopefully there are others out there like me who just enjoy reading about games.
All games that I've completed are listed in chronological order from when I beat them, and contain a #/10 for final review score (for the ones that I completed). As a bonus, there will be three segments: Completed, Currently playing/hope to get back to, and Retired. At the end, I will include a TLDR; for my completed games in three sections; Good, Average, and Bad. Like others, I used howlongtobeat which proved to be a great tool for my backlog and clearing it out. Here we go:
January 2019
Condemned: Criminal Origins
I had tried this game a couple years back and it didn't really click. When I tried it this year something changed and I felt the need to keep playing it. The premise of the game is very unique, and although there seem to be a few games like this on Steam, there really isn't an experience like this on console. The gameplay is VERY dated, but the story, location, and overall feel behind the game drew me into it. I finished the entire game on New Years Day, and had a great time doing it. For anyone looking for a fun, old school CSI/Survival Horror esque game, even though it has its problems, check this one out. 7.5/10.
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
What a game. Like Condemned, this was another game that I initially tried years ago and didn't get hooked on, mainly because the driving is so bad especially when you first start out, but I'm so glad I gave this one another chance. Easily in my top 5 games played this year. Enjoyed every single second of it. Aside from the driving, I have no complaints. This is one of those games where you'll actually want to go do everything else even after you complete the story. It's that good. 9/10
Crysis 2
Extra short review because I kinda just blew through this one. Didn't really enjoy it at all, and while this series may have been ahead of its time, its not too impressive playing it in 2019. No story and forgettable gameplay, two things that a campaign of a multiplayer focused game relies on. You're much better off playing through one of the call of duty's if you want an FPS campaign. 4/10
Bioshock: Remastered
Forewarning for this one and another review coming up: I'm not a fan of this series. This is another one I tried years ago on the 360, gave up on (see a trend?), but decided to give it another go after hearing all the praise for this series. Let me just say, Bioshock is not a bad game at all, obviously, but for some reason it just didn't click with me like it has other people. I enjoyed my time with the game, but wasn't left speechless after it. The setting got old, the story never really interested me, and the gameplay was quite similar to that of other games (Fallout in particular). It looks and performs quite well as a remaster, and I'd say that's probably the best thing I have to say about the game. Not bad, but not deserving of the critical acclaim it has gotten IMO. 7/10
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Stepped out of my comfort zone with this one. I've never seen a batman movie before, nor did I/do I have a desire to before/after beating the game, but I still somehow enjoyed it. It's a nice little change of pace from many games, as the combat is melee focused and is set to one main location with other branching locations instead of the overly used open-world. The backtracking did get tiresome, but overall as a non-batman fan I enjoyed it. Definitely recommend it to somehow looking for a change of pace type of game. 7.5/10
D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die
After beating Deadly Premonition and it subsequently moving into my Top 5 favorite games of all time, I decided to give D4 a try after realizing I had downloaded for free years and years ago. All I have to say is this: Swery is a genius. Not a game I would have EVER expected to like, but one that I couldn't put down. Wacky characters, plot, setting, and gameplay all make D4 just a fun, enjoyable experience. It was meant to be an episodic game, but was unfortunately cancelled after the first episode, and it did leave on a little bit of a cliffhanger. Although the talk around the street is that this game won't be finished, we do have hope considering Swery shocked the world announcing Deadly Premonition 2 for next year, a game which I won't be patient for. If you just want wacky experience, definitely check this one out. 8.5/10
Bioshock 2
You're probably wondering why this one is on the list if you read through my Bioshock 1 summary. Well, I am too. I had burning desire for whatever reason to return to Bioshock, and experience Bioshock 2, and honestly, my experience was basically the exact same as Bioshock 1 but a little worse. While I found Bioshock 1 to have a forgettable story, I found Bioshock 2 to have a REALLY forgettable story. I also wasn't a fan of the increased combat that was put into this game, as I feel like this is the type of game where exploration should be focus and not fighting a enemies every time you enter a new location or room. Again, not a terrible experience, just not one that left a lasting impression on me whatsoever. 6/10
February 2019
Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3
Here's where the tears come in. Wow. Just wow. Before playing this series I never thought anything in any type of entertainment could be this good. I was wrong. Mass Effect 1-3 is the greatest achievement in entertainment history. Am I saying this after doing/watching/playing everything that has ever been put out? No. But I am saying it as I'm confident I, like many others, will NEVER have the pleasure of experiencing anything like the first run through the Mass Effect Trilogy ever again. This is a must play for people not even interested in gaming. The plot that carries over across all three games while taking everything you did from the previous game into account is something that I haven't seen replicated in gaming since, and that was over 12 years ago. The story, world, characters, and gameplay is truly something remarkable in all of entertainment. 2 was my favorite, only because of all the amazing characters you got to meet, otherwise 1 was very close behind. 3 was great, and despite what all the critics had to say, I felt the ending was justified. 10/10
Shadow Of The Tomb Raider
A much better entry into the Tomb Raider franchise than Rise, one of the two games which I credit that turned me into a patient gamer. The gameplay was more enjoyable than Rise, and the somewhat open-world sections that the devs added was a nice little change to the series. I still don't think this was nearly as good as Tomb Raider (2013), but this one is definitely still worth checking out. 7/10
The Technomancer
My first truly bad experience of 2019. This game was just bad. It had potential and you can see it when you play it, but unfortunately it's just bad. So bad. The plot is bad, the characters are bad, and the gameplay is just downright garbage. The one thing that had true potential which was the world was just shamelessly butchered as well. No one should touch this game. 1/10
March 2019
The Wolf Among Us
Another masterpiece. This was my first telltale game and I'm scared to play another one because I know it will probably not come close to comparing to TWAU. This game has twists and turns that you wouldn't have ever expected, and draws you into the world VERY quickly. This was another one that was hard to put down. The voice acting and story are top notch, and HOLY COW, WOLF AMONG US 2 COMING?? Other than Deadly Premonition 2, it's currently my most hyped upcoming game. 10/10
DmC: Devil May Cry (2013)
My first and possibly my last entry in the DMC series. I know its considered to be the worst or at least one of the worst games in the series, but the main draws of the game just bored me to death. The weird enemies types with the spam attack hack-n-slashing combat just really didn't provide me with joy. The story was interesting IMO and the boss fights were cool, but just running around hack n slashing everything as well as backtracking to certain locations just wasn't fun at all to me. Another forgettable experience. 6/10
Watch Dogs 2
This one really surprised me. I was in the minority where I actually really enjoyed Watch Dogs 1, but held off this one due to vocal people saying that this game was political nonsense. My experience with the game was the complete opposite, as I played it from pure game perspective and didn't think much in the overall deep meaning of the plot. The setting was great, and as someone who lives near SF but absolutely hates the city IRL, it was still quite cool to experience something so similar in a game. The graphics were great, the gameplay was smooth, and the characters were interesting, which in total made Watch Dogs 2 a great experience. There were a few characters who were over the top or just not needed in the game, but all I had to do was skip the scenes they were in. 8.5/10
Thimbleweed Park
My first true point and click game since the early 2000's. Im a big fan of detective/mystery games, so this one was on my list for a while. Since I lack the mental capacity to solve most puzzles in games, I did have to use a walkthrough for a large part of this game. Even so, I still very much enjoyed this game. If you're looking for a fun point and click adventure game with tons of mystery included, this is a great game to choose. 7.5/10
Bound By Flame
As an RPG fan, I had to give this one at least a try. After the horror that I experienced in The Technomancer, I didn't know what to expect with this one. This was just average all the way through. Literally take the definition of an RPG and put it into this game. Much better than The Technomancer, but still not that good of an RPG. I'd probably suggest only to play this If you run out of other RPGs or simply just want a mediocre experience. Also, what's up with Spiders making the ability to climb up objects impossible if you're in combat? You have to clear out every single enemy in an area if you want to continue on, and this includes the backtracking and minor areas. One of the most annoying things I can remember experiencing in a video game. 5/10
Wasn't patient for this one but I wish I was. Like Bound By Flame, this is just an insanely bland RPG, and in this case, is considered a "Hardcore RPG". It's hardcore in the fact that you REALLY have to want to play this game otherwise you're going to be bored within an hour. Its not worth having to make the 10 minute walk across the map 10-20 times to get supplies and to complete quests. Just a totally bland game that I would've quit right away if I hadn't bought it on release. Another great example on why to be a patient gamer. I also found out later on this year that this game was already made in 2009, and was much better then. I'll save that for a later review. 4/10
April 2019
Dead Rising 2 Remastered
A classic. This was my first replay of 2019, but this time it was the remastered version. I played through Dead Rising 2 5-6 times on my 360 solo and with different coop partners. The remastered version is just a better version of this great game. Absolutely flawless performance even on my OG Xbox One. This game is the ultimate sit back and chill game. 8.5/10
L.A. Noire
My second replay of 2019, and, up until I played the Mass Effect series earlier in the year, was my favorite game of all time. Crime/noir is my favorite genre of games, and it's too bad we really don't see many of them anymore. L.A. Noire blows every other crime game out of the water, and not only that, but throws in the detective element and makes you feel like you are truly investigating the cases in the game. The noir element is also just totally flawless in the game. While the performance of the remastered version was again, flawless, I really didn't like how they removed the Truth/Lie dialogue options with "Good Cop/Bad Cop". I honestly preferred the last gen version. Still, I consider this game a masterpiece. 10/10
South Park: The Fractured But Whole
Was hoping to play this after I saw the new season to get into the mood, but decided to dive right in instead. To this day, the South Park games are the only turn-based games that I've managed to play through. While I preferred the premise of The Stick Of Truth better, I still absolutely loved my time with this game. It truly is remarkable that not only are Trey and Matt able to continually make arguably the greatest show in entertainment history, but also put out really great games. 8/10
June 2019
Assassins Creed: Odyssey
I spent all of May playing this one, so that should tell most of what you need to know. I'm a sucker for Ubisoft games and the mindless enjoyment I get out of them. While nothing Odyssey does is groundbreaking, it still provided me with more than 65 hours of content and that's without the DLC, which I hope to get back to someday. Due to the story and characters, I think this is better than Origins, although both are great games worthy of your time. I'm glad the series has turned into an basically open world RPG, because I was not a fan at all of any of the older AC games. 9/10
Brutal Legend
Didn't even know this game existed until I picked it up over the summer. It was a fun little experience. Extremely unique, but I wasn't a fan of the main RTS element and the very empty open world. Music was fantastic though, and I really enjoyed the plot. Wish we had more games that went really outside the box like this. 7/10
Alpha Protocol
My second bad experience this year. I heard so many positives about this game, but I just hated absolutely every second of this one. The so-called story and "decision making" that I heard so much about was, IMO, a total lie, as none of the decisions you make truly matter, and not to mention they're insanely quickly timed so half the time you don't even know what you're picking. Im going to say it, this is just a very, very, very bad prequel to Hitman: Absolution (yes, I liked that game). This one should be buried and forgotten. 2/10
Wanted: Weapons Of Fate
Another one of my 360 pickups during the summer. Not much to summarize as it's apparently a video game version of a movie I had never seen or heard of. It's a nice little straightforward action game that's playable for its duration, which is only about 6 hours. Easily beaten in a day. 6/10
Heavy Rain
Finally got to this one after wanting to play it for so long. I heard it had everything that I wanted: Crime, Mystery, Noir elements....... and it absolutely delivered on all fronts. I actually accidentally spoiled the plot for myself a few years ago which put me off of the game for so long, but since I only knew the major twist, everything else was new to me making it extremely enjoyable to start to finish. People talk about the mainstream PS exclusives like God Of War, Bloodborne, etc., but not enough talk goes into Heavy Rain and it's later counterpart, Until Dawn. 9/10
July 2019
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
Now I'm totally in the minority on this one, but I really enjoyed this game. Disclosure: I've never played any other XCOM game due to them being turn-based, which is why I gave this one a try. This game is solid all around, but where it shines is the setting. Some of the locations that this game puts you in, including places in New Mexico and CA, along with your base of operations, are very unique. Unless all the hate for this game was from XCOM fanboys who wanted more turn-based, than I truly don't understand what the deal was. This was a great game. 8/10
Again, not much to really review here. A walking sim in space with its own little touch on interaction and dialogue. It's very colorful and different from most walking space sims. If you're a fan of these types of games, I think this one might be worth checking out. 7/10
Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition
As the 3rd person cover shooter genre is growing quickly on me, I decided to check out the series that a number of people have credited with starting it. I also started out with the goal of playing through the entire series for the first time before Gears 5 came out. Ultimately, it fell short after this one, but I'll save that for later. GoW: UE is a great remaster. The graphics are phenomenal, and gameplay is smooth, and seemingly is the way that someone starting out on Gears Of War should start their entry into the series. The grass is not so greener after this one, but this game by itself is definitely worth your time. 7.5/10
August 2019
Red Faction: Guerrilla Remarstered
Didn't know how I expected this one going. I love Sci-Fi and space, and had never played a labeled destruction game before, but as soon as I stepped foot on Mars, I knew this was going to be a good one. You truly don't know how enjoyable breaking everything is until you do it, and that's all you need to focus on while playing this game. Yea other elements are there, but the destruction is just so damn satisfying that it makes this game just worth it for that. 8/10
Gears Of War 2
Man did I have to absolutely slog through this one. I've seen people credit this game as the best in the series, but all I credit it as is the game which completely killed any interest I had in Gears of War. You can only run through caves for so long before it gets mind numbingly boring. Not to mention the completely random story bits that this game throws in. This was not a fun game at all to play. 3/10
September 2019
Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan
After playing until dawn 3 years ago and immediately saying right afterwards "If only supermassive did an anthology series. I'd buy every game on release", here we are 3 years later and they actually are doing exactly that. While I wouldn't say that this one is as good as Until Dawn, it's still a fantastic game and one that all fans of Until Dawn should experience. Not to mention it has Shawn Ashmore in it, one of the greater lesser known actors. 8/10
October 2019
Risen 1
Remember how I said a far superior version of Outward had come out in 2009? Yea, this it it. This was the ideal hardcore RPG experience I was looking for. It had everything: Fantastic story, great characters, janky combat, among all the other things that I look for in an RPG. Perhaps the most surprising part of this game was the Dialogue, and dare I say may be the best dialogue of any game that I have ever played. They have some lines in this one that are absolutely hilarious, and the best part is you would have never expected a game like this to have such strong writing, which makes it even better. This game was so close to being a legitimate masterpiece if it wasn't for the last chapter in the game which almost killed my enjoyment in the game. Other than that, this is a must play RPG. 9/10
Far Cry 3
Another one on the long list of games that I tried years ago and decided on trying again this year. Far Cry 3 ended up being just an average experience. Cheesy story, tedious objectives (crawl up a tower, liberate an outpost, rinse and repeat). I did like the main missions though, and the setting was pretty cool. A better game than Far Cry 4. 6/10
Binary Domain
Boy did I enjoy my time with this one. This one is easily the hidden gem of all my 2019 games if I don't count the arguably more popular Risen 1. This game had it all, but more importantly, found a way to skillfully mix in an engaging and emotional story with a good amount of comedy. Not to mention, it probably has the best shooter physics of any game I've ever played it. It's truly a shame this one is not talked about more. 9.5/10
Far Cry 5
Decided to pick this one up after not minding Far Cry 3. Let me start by saying this: Far Cry 5 is BY FAR the best in the series in almost every facet of the series' core. I can't tell you how nice it was not having to climb up 20 towers in the game. Graphics were superb, setting was by far the best in the series, and so was the story. I also didn't realize how much of a powerhouse cast they had for this game until I finished it. Impressive. 8/10
November 2019
The Outer Worlds
Easily my 2019 GOTY. I haven't had that much fun playing a game since Mass Effect in February. I know I've said it a lot in these reviews, but again, this game had it all. I didn't have a single complaint about this game. Not one. Story, graphics, characters, world, all absolutely phenomenal. I was so glad to see this game get universal acclaim. It deserved it. 10/10
Rage 2
And now my worst game of 2019. This game was garbage. That is all I can say about this one. Don't ever waste your time on this POS. I can't believe I did till the end. 1/10
December 2019
The Darkness
This one was another slog to get through. The reviews of this game from 2007 are not representative of the game today. I can't really say one thing that this game did positive, at least by today's standards, other than offer a unique system of combat. Everything else was just not good. 4.5/10
The Good: Mass Effect series, Outer Worlds, Binary Domain, Risen 1, L.A. Noire, The Wolf Among Us, Sleeping Dogs, Watch Dogs 2, Dead Rising 2, Far Cry 5, Assassins Creed Odyssey, Red Faction Guerrilla Remarstered, The Bureau XCOM Declassified, Heavy Rain, South Park Fractured But Whole, D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die
The Average: Condemned Criminal Origins, Bioshock 1 & 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, DmC: Devil May Cry, Thimbleweed Park, Brutal Legend, Wanted Weapons Of Fate, Tacoma, Gears Of War Ultimate Edition, Far Cry 3, Bound By Flame
The Bad: Crysis 2, The Technomancer, Outward, Alpha Protocol, Gears Of War 2, Rage 2, The Darkness
Now onto games that I'm currently playing/hope to get back to....
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Playing)
Black Friday pickup. Really enjoying my time with this game, and after absolutely hating Dark Souls, this one has surprised me.
Kingdom Hearts 3 (Playing)
The games locations are so cool, especially after growing up around all these things... but the game is just so boring to play.
Little Nightmares
Not a big fan of sidescrollers but got this one for a good price. About half way through the game, just need to find motivation to finish it.
Fallout: New Vegas
Decided to give NV one more go and actually got into it. Unfortunately it's been paused due to me buying so many games on Black Friday, but it will soon be resumed.
Divinity: Original Sin 2
Enjoyed my time with it but the turn-based combat really just makes it a slow hassle to play. Honestly don't know if I'll return to it.
Metro Exodus
Wasn't a fan of what I had played, but will likely give it another try in the future before I put it down for good.
And now for games that have been retired, for the better good....
Resident Evil 2
This was my last attempt at trying to get into the Resident Evil franchise. After trying 0, 4, 5 and now 2, this series just isn't for me. I dreaded my time with Resident Evil 2, as I can only take backtracking through the same boring hallways with no ammo so many times. (Black Friday buy - returned)
Didn't have high hopes for this game so I wasn't disappointed, but this game was just really, really bad. Easily the worse lighting/color palette of any game I've ever played, not to mention there's nothing interesting at all about the game and the combat sucks hard. I also had a table stuck around my character 3 times in the first 2 hours. (Black Friday buy - returned)
Just a bad game.
Enjoyed the game up until the point where I had to deal with BS and wasn't willing to deal with the BS. Didn't leave any lasting expressions on me.
Alien Isolation
I can't stand insta-kill games. I've tried to pick this one up on three different occasions, but the last one was my last straw. Just not a game for me.
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Bad game with the worst voice acting in a video game. What else is there to say?
Red Faction: Armageddon
Bad game that could've been good but instead is bad.
Another game that could've been okay but just fell completely flat on its face.
Man, I really did enjoy my time with this game, but once they wanted me to through an entire castle with loads of enemies on each floor and no respawn points, that was it for me sadly.
Bully: Scholarship Edition
Just a boring game. I can see how it might've been fun for its time, but at least for me it doesn't hold up in the slightest.
If you made it this far, thank you for reading my 2019 in gaming review! Hopefully it helped out on some games on your list.
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