Bitcoin spikes as Russian fraudster starts - MMM Pays

CNY - USD spread is completely due to MMM. The Russian Mavrodi is the only one who is evading capital controls via Bitcoin.

Chinese citizens have been duped into this MMM scheme. The Chinese buy Bitcoin on all the Chinese exchanges in order to participate in this 100% returns a month MMM ponzi. The operators of the ponzi are Russian. Him and his friends do not want CNY in a Chinese bank that is useless and stuck there. That is why the scammers move the Bitcoins to an exchange like Bitfinex and BTC-e who do not do proper KYC and sell into USD and withdraw it there.
That is why BTC is 10% more expensive in CNY trading at $420 than it is in USD at Bitfinex / BTC-e where it's trading at $380. There is no mass wave of Chinese looking to escape capital controls through Bitcoin at a loss of 10%. Nor is there a ton of Chinese who suddenly wanted to HODL BTC. The only person moving money out of China is this one guy / group who are taking the ponzi profits out and couldn't not care less about losing 10%.
The spread between CNY and USD has been increasing from 2% premium to 10% because the ponzi has been growing in China, while at the same time the guy cashing out has become more aggressive in selling on the USD exchanges known for soft KYC with his exit. You can't find these criminals on the Chinese exchanges. There, it's many people buying a little bit of bitcoin. But you can find these disgusting criminals by checking the wires out of the USD exchanges where he and his group are now cashing out.
The reason the price rallied was because Chinese people kept buying Bitcoin during the day in order to enter the MMM. The coins went to these operators who HODL'ed. And now the price is collapsing is because these operators are dumping quickly as this scheme hits the media globally.
So the whole Chinese people evading capital control thing? No there's nothing there. This is due to one guy who wants to avoid capital controls and because he's foreigner running a ponzi scheme in China and wants to get the money out in USD. The Chinese people probably quite enjoy living in China at 7% GDP growth, and are liking the country's rise in the world.
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So what is fueling this rally?

Let's put aside your hatred and stupid jokes and have a discussion on what is behind the current rally? Is it Gemini, MMM ponzi or the Chinese again?
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$30 spread between Huobi and US exchanges

Seems extensive no?
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J.P. Morgan Early Look at the Market – Mon 10.16.17 - **PLEASE DO NOT FORWARD THIS DOCUMENT**

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