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Masari (MSR) is a scalability-focused, untraceable, secure, and fungible cryptocurrency using the RingCT protocol. Masari is the first CryptoNote coin to develop uncle mining and a fully client side web wallet.

Anyone heard of Exchange, excol.in? Looks like it was hacked too.

Announcement February 6th and 10th, the user 'Ambiorx' was able to gain access to all the Bitcoins on the Exco.in exchange. As a result we no longer have the means necessary to continue operation and are deeply saddened to announce we will be shutting down operations this month. The trading engine has been disabled and Exco.in user accounts will remain active, with the exception of Ambiorx's account and those who may be affiliated.
Users are now able to withdraw their remaining funds from Exco.in with new deposits having been disabled. If you have any issues withdrawing, please contact support we will assist you as soon as possible.
Exco.in will be liquidating its assets and holdings and converting it to BTC to make it available to our members.
We are sincerely sorry that things have come to this. Our goal was to provide a service for a community we sincerely cared about and wished to support.
We will do everything we can to make sure every member is reimbursed properly.
We would greatly appreciate any assistance in locating 'Ambiorx' and we will be available for support until operations cease.
Technical explanation:
Upon initial investigation it appears that during the DDOS two separate trades spiraled out of control either due to a bug or an exploit and transferred a very large number of small Bitcoin transactions to Ambiorx's account.
Ambiorx did not notify us and we had not realized due to their account not reporting any suspicious activity. The transfers in question were missing the trade ids, so they did not raise alerts in our system and were unable to correctly associate with the trade. Which resulted in the trade attempting to re-initiate the transfers endlessly. We had investigated the trades during this period and noticed two trades with issues caching trade data but it appeared minor at the time and they had the correct number of associated transfers. We fixed the caching issues with the trades and moved forward.
Ambiorx used the fraudulently obtained Bitcoins to purchase as much of the NBT and NSR on the site that they could buy and transferred it to off site addresses (included at the end of this message). The bugged/exploit trade continued to fill his account with new Bitcoins as he continued to spend them. From February 6th to the 11th, the remainder of the NBT, BTC and much of the NSR was drained from the site to the addresses listed below.
We noticed the hot wallets dwindling but assuming it was members moving their funds off site during the DDOS, we loaded all the cold balances onto the site so that users would not have withdrawals interrupted during our periods of up time.This fatal mistake allowed Ambiorx to continue to drain the site.
We are still investigating the exact cause of the bug or exploit and if anything else happened on the servers we have yet to notice. Excoin is still under DDOS attack which makes it very difficult to investigate the causes of these issues. We will provide more information about the attack as we learn more.
Samantha Chen (YT) Exco.in Lead Developer
Email me at [email protected] for any clarification or questions
I will make myself available on IRC on freenode for questions.
I will be resigning from Blackwave Labs and looking for regular full time employment to help pay back the lost funds. I will also ask drunkonsound to help cover my loses with Blackwave Labs holdings as well.
Information We Have Collected On 'ambiorx' Suspected Thief: Username: ambiorx
Email Address: [email protected]
IP Addresses:
IRC Records: ambiorx ([email protected]/web/freenode/ip.
Suspected IRC Aliases: arrakian [[email protected]/tor-sasl/arrakian] scytale [~scytale/tor-sasl/scytale] facedancer [[email protected]/tor-sasl/facedancer]
BTC Addresses: 1AaKKtfWVVwwUEzwXwQxasvSqmrnTQX6zQ 1NdbyjbAK4kBna2TQV8wNje5TfRR2tWxfJ 1BtxvnnACtYRbWnmgaNu6HN8UfBQW5QtQR 1AaKKtfWVVwwUEzwXwQxasvSqmrnTQX6zQ 1BnNn2LsVbn8DDWx5ABrDF1Vkc2epchf7Z 1PANRuwAet9F6WSVZLC2fkuxTeMFxvdzFZ 12RFmHYjNSpAwLJjMHzAU91zLe9Wd7T2Fc 1MCw31vCtyvtpyeNsmsuVpTFuKEXfmDb7m 1FYgqo8waWDYyjmGqifDtgbSfG7Pp1QA7M 1MY7qYCTsKfkvoXMq6XWYVUGKwsVsY5JjW 1B7k9aTwxAspzrGiQ3shBjB6DLmPPM3jSG 1PwXMcNZVAeDddQ6p9S12vFSAfuHMU1q3W 1MY7qYCTsKfkvoXMq6XWYVUGKwsVsY5JjW 1B7k9aTwxAspzrGiQ3shBjB6DLmPPM3jSG 1PwXMcNZVAeDddQ6p9S12vFSAfuHMU1q3W 13KUvkpxqbS5DiMwQscBar1pBtVvsQHhwM 1BtxvnnACtYRbWnmgaNu6HN8UfBQW5QtQR 19cRmsjcyUfiVPdy7DFu3FUfPhDKbkCruG 17JiGNa1xprKrkvEFNvGtVYf7UekoSTqzE 19cRmsjcyUfiVPdy7DFu3FUfPhDKbkCruG
NBT Addresses: BHrY63eUcNMXeY4wx5cUUyGTNxjxPrteKp B7dRpykKPViao7VzUL3pWYK7vRoXPQygJ4 BHBCqXWe9K85x2J3gr5X11h3QNrSJkQE9V BHrY63eUcNMXeY4wx5cUUyGTNxjxPrteKp B9x1KgYaWEz4mkuLwQ2DMm4eBs6kUpbrKU BEZx8xGZfuiaJL2PVoBJx3je51kDv57TQ9 BSyrARuTDwKChftRUiVjAXwTHr2pwZpV94 BRCKA2rZkje7hp6zsh18vrv7aLdWXK3GRS BKt7G4oMrPmkBLKbCZq8eTK7riT26YKxqS B4eHmVLCKD1PuiKRcoNokYPPdJ1QCRXWms BNPrcPHF1GhcrH5SVqRha4Mzef7gkYoact BH8Bz1tYR5mm2hEfYZgiJeVfnDxpMvAA9a BDWqf6PRRVN4hxHyYqeWaP1y4DUiD1t1ms BPD9zQZMR7LhNc7hDtye5iV6UGRvPjQKdc BK9KqjVNgW2Mhm9CnzLnK8qaUCcx4jcdhk BHgqCEe3LjYkyG1xiM66Esp3MWmqNnT92s
NSR Addresses: SMVTMUmhCa8AGbvR4B8AmsWExHUgkaEhsE SgFzG93yKJqbTw1TM1nwvtesGBF7jFG4dY
Information We Collected From the DDOS DDOSer Name DD4BC Team
DDOSer Email [email protected]
Identified DDOS IP Addresses:
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Within the email are the group’s demands – anywhere from 25 bitcoin ($6,150) to 100 bitcoin ($25,000) – along with a deadline. A sample email sent by DD4BC. Source: Akamai DD4BC has been responsible for launching hundreds of DDoS attacks since last year. They have renewed their demand for ransom stating more attacks in future. Among the list of Bitcoin sites targeted by DD4BC includes CEX.io and Bitcoin sports book Nitrogen Sports. Recently an Australian company was hacked into by unidentified perpetrators. They There are some companies willing to fight it out as well, such as the Bitcoin wallet and exchange Bitalo. This company was contacted last year to pay up a certain sum, but it instead placed a reward of 100 Bitcoin (around $25,000) on DD4BC’s digital head. In short, the fight for a safe digital environment is raging on! DD4BC, the malicious group responsible for several Bitcoin extortion campaigns last year, continues to expand attacks against Akamai customers. Researchers from Akamai's PLXsert and CSIRT teams continue to investigate attack activity related to the group. In recent weeks, the...

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