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All about Koinpro

As crypto evolves and improves, services like KoinPro, that go beyond crypto and boasts of multiple futures contracts run up with its own unique features and benefits. Bitcoin Futures, Contracts for Difference are complex instruments. Trading these financial products carries a high level of risk since leverage can work both to your advantage and disadvantage as always. These assets are precious metals, oil etc.
Gold Spot
Spot gold trading, as offered by Koinpro, is just the online buying or selling gold at the live price with no market makers or brokers in spot gold trading. Spot gold traders can buy or sell fractional amounts of gold bars, ingots or coins. The spot price, as opposed to a futures contract, of a precious metal like Gold (XAU) or Silver (XAG) is the cash price of that metal in the market at the current point in time. Precious metal trading is the act of exchanging Gold or Silver spot prices for a major currency. An example of this is the pair XAGEUR (trades Silver against the Euro), or XAUGBP (Gold against the British Pound). Key benefits of trading precious metals Widely regarded as potential safe havens Good for diversifying your investment portfolio Popular trading choices during times of volatility
The Dow Jones Index
This is a stock market index that measures the stock performance of 30 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States. Although it is one of the most commonly followed equity indices, many consider the Dow to be an inadequate representation of the overall U.S. stock market compared to broader market indices such as the S&P 500 Index or Russell 3000 because it only includes 30 large cap companies, is not weighted by market capitalization, and does not use a weighted arithmetic mean.
The Euro Stoxx 50 Index
This index integrates 50 stocks from 11 Eurozone countries. The index is licensed to financial institutions to serve as an underlying for a wide range of investment products such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs), futures, options and structured products.
WTI Crude Oil
(WTI) West Texas Intermediate is a grade or a mix of crude oil, and/or the spot price, the futures price, or the assessed price for that oil; colloquially WTI usually refers to the price of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) WTI Crude Oil futures contract or the contract itself. The WTI oil grade is also known as Texas light sweet, although oil produced from any location can be considered WTI if the oil meets required qualifications.[1] Spot and futures prices of WTI are used as a benchmark in oil pricing. This grade is described as light crude oil because of its relatively low density, and sweet because of its low sulfur content.
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[Australia] Cryptocurrency & Blockchain YouTube influencer popularly known as “Crypto Granny” within the community has predicted a 2020 boom in crypto & altcoin markets as global economies are in terminal decline.
Whilst the world is distracted with the global pandemic, governments are fighting the far greater threat of Economic Collapse that is largely unreported but imminent.
As people around the world from suffer from this virus they will soon realize that the real threat to their future is far greater than Covid-19 as their FIAT investments, savings and pensions lose their value quicker than rising inflation. “So we now see a rapid rising in food prices globally, living costs escalating out of control whilst on the other hand we are all losing our earning capability with much higher unemployment and substantially lower Economic Growth Environments where Government policies will be useless” stated Crypto Granny.
We are currently experiencing a coordinated push towards digital economies and negative interest rates spearheaded by Central Banks globally which will lead to catastrophic currency devaluations going forward, thus effecting household wealth negatively, whilst seeing a move to precious metals such as Gold and Silver to offset this effect.
Crypto Granny believes this will lead to a catalyst for Global flight to the safety of cryptocurrencies and altcoins during the coming months and years and a move from Fiat Investments that are liked to rising Government Debt and poor Government Economic ( Monetary and Fiscal) Policies.
Crypto Granny Susan Crew has a Major in Finance from the University of Queensland 1993-1997, Australia and has worked in Fixed Interest, Equities, Foreign Exchange & Cryptocurrency Markets with companies including Rim Securities, Investec, Citi Group and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and she now provides cryptocurrency education at and through her popular YouTube & Patreon Channels.
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[META] PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!!!! Rules v3.0 & the Introduction of Your New Overlord!

Hey, /pmsforsale! It's time to update the rules again. The entire point is to make this community better and safer for everyone involved.
NEW RULES v3.0!!!
With the addition of a new shiny bot (SuperShinyBot), we figured it was time for some new rules.
First, "Trade completed!" is the new call to get points. Your flair will now look something like: "S: 129 | B: 0". Where "S" stands for trades as a seller, and "B" stands for sales as a buyer. There are three different colors (if you're on old reddit). Red, silver, and gold. These colors only apply to your seller points. If you have <10, you're labeled red, even if you've done hundreds of transactions as a buyer. This means to proceed with caution. 10-99 is silver, which means you're a regular, and gold is for 100+. Really, red is the important one.
Please note that it is "Trade completed!" We are changing that, because we only want you to initiate the bot after the buyer has received their goods, and is happy. If you’re caught abusing this, we will hand out a ban.
Here's an example of how it would work:
  1. Buyer comments in WTS post
  2. BuyeSeller reach agreement
  3. Buyer Pays
  4. Seller ships
  5. Buyer messages Seller when package arrives/is happy
  6. Seller comments on Buyer's comment with "Trade completed!"
  7. Buyer and Seller leave Feedback
The most common question that will more than likely be asked: But what about the last two years? Do I get points for that??? No. Why? Let's pretend like those two years never happened and that this is a new sub, okay? Thank you! Realistically, I'm paying out of my pocket for this bot, and on top of that, it could easily be manipulated anyway. Yes, it sucks. You, like me, would have many more points if he was working for the last two years.
Older user's points were automatically converted to seller points. I am aware that this is a flawed system, but if you've been here for the last two years and you haven't scammed someone yet, then chances are you aren't going to. But as always, proceed with caution.
Secondly, in three to six months (this hasn't been decided yet), there are going to be major rule changes. I'm not going to go into detail, but the changes are to prevent scammers. But one thing I can assure you? You're all going to hate them. Start forging your sharpest pitchforks.
Third, posts have to start with [WTS], [WTT], or [WTB]. All others will be automatically removed by your new overlord. This is because he is setup to award buyer and seller points based on this tag. Cancer-Cheater, what about [META] posts? Well, they'll be removed. Send a PM to the mod team, and we will respond and if we feel it is appropriate, we will approve it.
Why all these rule changes?? Because I'm fucking lazy, and want SuperShinyBot to do the heavy lifting.
Fourth. No more cross posts! At all! The reason being is that we have different rules and a different system from /coins4sale.
Additionally, once a year, Cancer-Cheater will be creating a post asking for donations to