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Microcash - General Discussion

Microcash is a new form of cryptographic currency, currently under development. Bitcoin has been a genius proof-of-concept and proof-of-adoption digital commodity. The Microcash project hopes to vastly improve upon the distributed cryptographic currency idea with numerous innovations that current crypto-currencies cannot implement due to the nature of the bitcoin protocol.

Bitcoin JSON RPC API (bitcoin-cli) in your web browser! [new launch for core 0.18.0]

Very excited to announce the all-new
Entirely up to date with Bitcoin Core 0.18.0 and sporting sexy new navigation, advanced search, category filtering, and a great new UI.
ChainQuery includes full documentation on all 140 Bitcoin RPCs along with the unique ability to run commands in your browser for 27 commands and growing.
Bitcoin core 0.18.0 included a significant RPC update outlined below:
New RPCs added in 0.18.0:
Updated RPC's in 0.18.0:
Deprecated RPCs in 0.18.0:
All depecated RPC's from 0.18.0 onward can be found here:
Check it out and let me know what you think!
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Write your own Bitcoin RPC API in Javascript (Node.js and React)

If you are running a full node, it's easy to setup an app that interfaces with it using a backend API such as Node, Python, etc. There's a good tutorial here about it if you want to build Node/React Javascript apps on top of Bitcoin Core! You can make a block explorer, testnet wallet, node dashboard, and more.
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PSA: SegWit changes the format of data returned by JSON-RPC API, thus making it backward-incompatible • /r/Bitcoin (North Korea)

PSA: SegWit changes the format of data returned by JSON-RPC API, thus making it backward-incompatible • /Bitcoin (North Korea) submitted by blockologist to btc [link] [comments]

RPC API - How can I check from which addresses bitcoins spent

I'm trying to implement some methods from rpc api.
In my app user's wallet is bitcoin address, and user can recieve and send bitcoins. For sending I use 'sendtoaddress' method, I can't use raw transactions right now, because my app also works with cryptocurrencies that doesn't have raw transactions. The problem is figure out from which bitcoin address (i.e. user's wallet) 'sendtoaddress' method took bitcoins in order to keep balances of my users correct, ideally using only RPC API.
I tried decoding raw transaction from txid and searching for 'vin's, but to success. I also thought about using bitcoin account instead of addresses, and create bitcoin account linked to bitcoin address, but how much account can wallet.dat hold? Can anyone have the solution?
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RPC API - How can I check from which addresses bitcoins spent /r/Bitcoin

RPC API - How can I check from which addresses bitcoins spent /Bitcoin submitted by ABitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Did remove their public rpc api? I can't seem to connect anymore? /r/Bitcoin

Did remove their public rpc api? I can't seem to connect anymore? /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Chain Query [Alpha] - A web based interface to the Bitcoin API JSON-RPC

Originally planned on holding off on releasing this until all the API commands were integrated, but with the recent large increase in transaction volume, an Alpha release with what is ready seemed appropriate.
In particular estimatefee and getmempoolinfo are now publicly available through your browser, along with 25 other API commands.
Built for the average Joe to explore Bitcoin's core API and to serve as the foundation for PHP web applications to easily communicate with bitcoin core.
When all the Bitcoin Core 0.10.2 commands are complete the whole thing will be released on GitHub as open source.
So without further ado,
A couple quick explanations:
To see the size and # of unconfirmed transactions in the node's bitcoin mempool:
To estimate the fee required to have a transaction confirm within the next "X" blocks enter the number of blocks here:
To see if your transaction is in the nodes current memory pool enter the transaction ID here (for a readable result select "decoded"):
Currently supported commands (27):
I hope you like it so far, any questions or feedback are welcome and appreciated.
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PSA: SegWit changes the format of data returned by JSON-RPC API, thus making it backward-incompatible /r/Bitcoin

PSA: SegWit changes the format of data returned by JSON-RPC API, thus making it backward-incompatible /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

RPC over internet via REST API via HTTPS? /r/Bitcoin

RPC over internet via REST API via HTTPS? /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

libbitcoinrpc - Initial release of a C library for Bitcoin JSON-RPC API.

I am happy to say that after several weeks of writing tests and documentation, as well as hunting for memory leaks and bugs, my little home project has been released: libbitcoinrpc-0.1.0 is a standard C library for making RPCs to a Bitcoin node (Core and alike).
The library aims at providing a simple and robust API: to make a call to a listening Bitcoin server, you have to initialise four components: a client (handing the connection), a method (together with some parameters), a response holder, and an error handle; then pack them all into one bitcoinrpc_call() function that does everything for you. Next, check for errors and unpack JSON data from the server.
The rationale behind making yet another RPC library for Bitcoin is twofold:
  1. I couldn't find a well documented library only for this purpose that would be written in standard C.
  2. I believe that using RPC API is a proper way of developing your own Bitcoin software, if like me you are not an expert: instead of writing crypto code that is almost certain to contain many bugs and consensus discrepancies, you rely on the the standard Bitcoin implementation (possibly patched to suit your needs) and let it do the hard work, while all you have to have is just a stable and relatively fast interface for controlling a full node.
Anyway, I invite you to download the code, test it and send bug reports:
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Segregated Witness JSON-RPC API changes /r/Bitcoin

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SSL Security of's RPC API broken? /r/Bitcoin

SSL Security of's RPC API broken? /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

libbitcoinrpc - Initial release of a C library for Bitcoin JSON-RPC API. /r/Bitcoin

libbitcoinrpc - Initial release of a C library for Bitcoin JSON-RPC API. /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Bitcoin API reference (JSON-RPC)

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BCHN Now 40% Faster at Mining than ABC

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Announcing Bitcoin Cash Node v0.21.2

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Announcing Bitcoin Cash Node v0.21.2

May 20, 2020
Release announcement: Bitcoin Cash Node v0.21.2
The Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) project is pleased to announce its release version 0.21.2.
This release, which is optional to install, contains a significant new mining API feature (getblocktemplatelight), improved documentation accessible both in Markdown (.md) and HTML, and number of bugfixes and performance improvements.
For the full release notes, please visit:
Executables and source code for supported platforms are available at the above link, or via the download page on our project website at
We hope you enjoy our latest release and invite you to join us to improve Bitcoin Cash Node.
The Bitcoin Cash Node team.
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How to add https in btc-rpc-explorer?

Hi everyone, I installed btc-rpc-explorer on my Linux, it's working and whoever had the idea of ​​carrying out and maintaining this project is to be congratulated!
However, when accessing the address (localhost: 3002) there is no https that allows an encrypted and secure connection. Is there any way to do that? Remembering that I am totally about internet protocols, but if someone explains it right I will surely learn.
The other question I have is about browsing bitcoin addresses on btc-rpc-explorer, it is not possible to search for addresses, only TXs, when I click on an address it shows only basic information and QR code, but it does not show the transactions that happened on that Address
When I click on the address it says that I must configure an address API like an Electrum Server ... Does anyone who has managed to do this know to inform me if it is easy?
submitted by John_erick01 to Bitcoin [link] [comments] is Going Live! Fee-free Access to Full Blockchain Nodes

At GetBlock we provide connection for the most popular cryptocurrencies nodes via an open API (JSON-RPC). There is no need to deploy a node yourself, our service allows you to connect to the blockchain via a full node without having to pay a fee.
We are constantly developing and adding new nodes, on the contrary, the connection always stays put — fast and secure 24/7. At the moment, GetBlock offers nodes of more than 20 cryptos, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), and Litecoin (LTC).
The platform is quite suitable for young entrepreneurs and beginners, as well as for crypto developers and blockchain users, for all those who have neither time nor resources to run their own full node.
To start using the node, please get your personal and free API key. Tell us about your project or why you need access to blockchain data, and we will grant you a free API key.
If you do have any further questions or partnership offers, feel free to contact us via email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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New Ethereum Developer Course

Hey All! We've been working heads down on a new developer curriculum for the last year. We're excited to announce it's finally here.
This curriculum is composed primarily of in-browser coding tutorials and challenges (no need to install any dependencies!). It also includes videos and guides which will help you apply what you learned in your local development environment when you're done with the course.
The full course includes:
Learning JavaScript: A collection of JavaScript coding tutorials and challenges which thoroughly teach JS from scratch with the latest ECMAScript features. Networking: Writing Asynchronous Code and communicating with servers through APIs Data Structures: Building and understanding data structures that are important to blockchain programming (especially trees and linked lists) Blockchain: Understanding Bitcoin, Proof-Of-Work, Digital Signatures and building core blockchain data structures. As well as learning about Ethereum, the EVM, ethers.js, and the Ethereum Node JSON-RPC API. Smart Contracts: Our largest section! This includes 21 coding tutorials and challenges thoroughly teaching the latest Solidity version 0.6.x from the very basics. Decentralized Applications: Deploy Smart Contracts and interact with them through ethers.js. You'll have three new working decentralized applications at the end of this section which you'll be able to extend upon to build bigger projects!
You can find the full listing here:
The course is available through a monthly subscription. We'll also be starting live coding classes next month for all subscribers!
We hope you'll choose to learn with us. Let us know if you have any questions/concerns. All feedback is welcome. :)
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Adding Monero support to a P2P game, need some advice

Hello everyone,
I'm currently in the process of adding Monero support to a peer-to-peer game I've been working on and would like to ask this community for some advice.
The application has a few hard requirements that must be met:
  1. The Monero integration must be done using JavaScript (primarily for Node but browser's okay too).
  2. The application must be able to create addresses and accompanying private keys internally (no CLI or external API). Preferably, these should be derived addresses using a master or main one (like HD wallets in Bitcoin).
  3. The application must be able to generate raw transactions internally -- no CLI or or external API. For this part let's assume that the input UTXOs are going to be available somehow (from a database, for example).
  4. The application must be able to sign raw transactions internally -- no CLI or or external API.
When I say "no CLI", I mean no RPC wallet or daemon; no external API calls either.
Essentially, I should be able to do the above offline, using JavaScript only, and then just post the signed transactions later (this part can be done via CLI or API). These are core requirements for the project otherwise I'd just use RPC or a service and save myself a lot of work.
So my question is: is there a documented JavaScript library that supports all of the above functionality?
I found a project called mymonero-core-js which appears to do what I'd need, but there doesn't seem to be any accompanying documentation (the included unit tests don't offer much information). Does this documentation exist?
There's also an offline wallet generator but it's also undocumented and kinda unwieldy (one huge file).
The game (my project), already supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash using these constraints, and I've done fairly extensive work with Ethereum, smart contracts, and crypto in general (not just cryptocurrencies, I mean), so I shouldn't need much hand-holding.
Thanks muchly in advance!
P.S. It's not my intention to advertise my project so I haven't posted a link but I'll be happy to share if anyone asks.
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Tesi di laurea - come decodificare le transazioni in Bitcoin e creare un database

Buonasera a tutti, sto per terminare un Master in IT Project Management e sto lavorando alla tesi. Il mio progetto consiste nel creare un database a grafi (con Neo4j) contente le transazioni tra indirizzi Bitcoin; ogni nodo del grafo rappresenta un indirizzo ed i lati (edges) rappresentano le transazioni, in modo da creare una mappatura delle transazioni economiche tra gli utenti.
Ora, per fare ciò necessito di collezionare i dati sulle transazioni in un formato su cui possa lavorare in seguito (Neo4j accetta il CSV ed io penso che andrò per quello se è possibile). L'unico modo per ottenere i dati in un formato leggibile e su cui possa costruire una query è fare una RPC) su Bitcoin Core ed ottenere i dati in questo modo.
Il problema è che il mio corso è improntato più sull'IT Management e le mie conoscenze di informatica non mi permettono di capire bene come implementare la RPC.
C'è qualcuno di voi che ha già fatto qualcosa di simile in passato o se ne intende e saprebbe consigliarmi?
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Bitcoin JSON-RPC Tutorial 5 - Your First Calls Bitcoin JSON-RPC Tutorial 6 - JSON Parameters and Errors Bitcoin JSON-RPC Tutorial 7 - Wallet Notify Bitcoin JSON-RPC Tutorial 1 Bitcoin JSON-RPC Tutorial 1

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Find all you need to know and get started with Bitcoin on is a community funded project, donations are appreciated and used to improve the website. Make a donation $ ./bitcoind -daemon bitcoin server starting $ ./bitcoin-cli -rpcwait help # shows the help text A list of RPC calls will be shown. $ ./bitcoin-cli getbalance 2000.00000 If you are learning the API, it is a very good idea to use the test network (run bitcoind -testnet and bitcoin-cli -testnet). JSON-RPC Api Reference (json-rpc) Running Bitcoin with the -server argument (or running bitcoind) tells it to function as a HTTP JSON-RPC server, but Basic access authentication must be used when communicating with it, and, for security, by default, the server only accepts connections from other processes on the same machine. If your HTTP or JSON How to Do RPC Calls with C++ Bitcoind . bitcoin deamon = core value of the software (bitcoind -printtoconsole -debug=1) Bitcoind provide the RPC "interface" in which user can query with bitcoin-cli (or a library in c++). You must run bitcoind before using bitcoin-cli. Welcome! RPC API Blockchains Documentation help you, at least we hope so. To start, select the blockchain in the menu on the left. If the documentation comes in handy, don’t forget about the donation. Happy coding!

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Bitcoin JSON-RPC Tutorial 5 - Your First Calls

Gold will be explosive, unlike anything we’ve seen says Canada’s billionaire Frank Giustra - Duration: 20:47. Kitco NEWS Recommended for you Bitcoin JSON-RPC tutorial. Handling JSON, entering parameters and receiving error messages. BTC: 1NPrfWgJfkANmd1jt88A141PjhiarT8d9U. Bitcoin JSON-RPC Tutorial 5 - Your First Calls ... REST API concepts and examples - Duration: 8:53. WebConcepts 4,754,909 views. 8:53. Top Five Useful Knots for camping, ... An introduction to the Bitcoin JSON-RPC tutorial series. BTC: 1NPrfWgJfkANmd1jt88A141PjhiarT8d9U. Bitcoin JSON-RPC tutorial. How to set up bitcoind on a VPS. BTC: 1NPrfWgJfkANmd1jt88A141PjhiarT8d9U.

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