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I made an app to charge with bitcoin aimed to merchants (specially Venezuelans)

I made an app to charge your clients or friends with Bitcoin. That means, you type the amount you want to charge in fiat, choose a destination wallet, and the app give you a Bitcoin payment link that you can show to your clients with a QR code, copy to the clipboard or share with other apps.
The app does not handle your private keys, so it’s ideal to use with your employees' own devices or with a store shared computer. You add wallets to the app with their public addresses.
Other things that you can do:
Why it is aimed specially to Venezuelans?
The app is aimed to any merchant, but could be interesting for Venezuelans because of the Bolivar / Bitcoin exchange rates. Most apps out there use the official VEF/USD exchange rate and then convert to Bitcoin. That would mean huge loses for the seller, given that the official rate differs in several orders of magnitude from any market-based rate. But my app uses the exchange rates given by Bitcoin Venezuela’s API (https://www.bitcoinvenezuela.com/), a web that estimate the exchange rates from market prices at Local Bitcoins (https://localbitcoins.com/).
The app is localized in English and Spanish (named “Pay me with Bitcoin” and “Págame con Bitcoin” respectively).
Available in…
Google Play and the Microsoft Store (for Windows 10 desktop mobile). I developed the app with Xamarin Forms with iOS in mind, so it should be trivial to port to iOS, but I cannot afford the Apple Store fee and I don’t have access to a Mac at the moment.
If there is any interest in the app, I would like to:
Either support Coinbase Commerce or implement Bip32 myself, so every ticket (charge) that you generate with the app go to a different wallet, derived from a master public key. In this way you client won’t know how much money you make / have, and you would get confirmations for every ticket, avoiding confusions.
The app should also use notifications for when a payment is received.
And of course, iOS.
Download links:
Windows 10 desktop/mobile
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Bitcoin Payments For Your Website - Complete Step By Step Guide (Electrum Software Wallet & Windows)

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