How can I set the rightmost bit of a pointer to 1 in C

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If your character list has C characters, and each of your dice have S sides, then you need to roll log S (C) dice, rounded up. For example, log 6 (52) is about 2.2, which you round up to 3. So if your character list contains 52 characters, then you need to roll 3 6-sided dice. BIP-9 repurposes the block header "nVersion" field as a sequence of 32 bits. Backward compatibility with previous upgrades forces the leftmost three bits to be set as "001". This leaves the remaining 29 bits for signaling updates that are "in flight" at the same time. Segwit uses the second to rightmost bit (bit one, aka 1<<1). I need to tag the address of an int pointer with a 1 in the rightmost bit and store that address somewhere. For example the address at 0x10 would become 0x11. I have tried doing int* addr = Fastest way to find 2s-complement of a number is to get the rightmost set bit and flip everything to the left of it. eg: consider a 4 bit system 4=0100 2s complement of 4 = 1100, which nothing but -4 4&(-4)=0100. Notice that there is only one set bit and its at rightmost set bit of 4 Similarly we can generalise this for n. Possible Duplicates: How do you set, clear and toggle a single bit in C? Removing lowest order bit. n is a positive integer. How can its rightmost set bit be unset? Say n= 7 => n = 0111. I want 0110 as the output. Is there any simple bitwise hack to achieve the goal?

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