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Microsoft to acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion in stock - Japan’s GMO Unveils Specs and Price of 7nm Bitcoin Mining Rigs - Bitfinex Exchange Suffers Outages Amid Cyber Attack

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Ivan on Tech - Bitcoin BEAR Market, SEC, New China Ban, McAfee, Stock crash, Bitcoin adoption, GitHub

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My stock study watchlist. would appreciate criticisms or red flags

- FB ecosystem
This is the stock that i believe is invested in the right places and has a path forward in the global market. I work as a React developer in fintech and I greatly enjoy their technology. The reason I stopped using snapchat was because I couldn't use it on low connection in Mexico, but Instagram worked marvelously. I use Whatsapp to stay in touch with my family in mexico and Facebook to stay in touch with my mom. There's something extremely powerful about that in my opinion.
They're conservative with their push and development of camera and VR technology which is wise in my opinion give the many opportunities that exist in that space. They're pushing along with fintech in India, again with small business through Whatsapp. And they provide a suite of customer services for small business and entrepeneurs.

- Microsoft
I think they will have a great run during the cloud era of software development. Their acquiring of Github AND NPM goes to show how in touch they are with developer servicing.

- Paypal
Paypal has a marvelous history and is a battle tested pioneer in the fintech space. I see them repeating their previous successes by acquiring Honey. I work with Honey in the fintech space and now I'm understanding that Paypal has an auto coupon scraper on my Amazon purchases while my Visa ones don't. This is the forward thinking I love from Paypal despite not being as flashy as Square.

- Disney
Disney is quintessential american entertainment. I believe their deep roots in American culture and the entertainment industry will provide a solid bedrock for them for the generations to come.

- Waste Management
Sanitation and environmental, like internet connection technology, are about the same when it comes to market penetration. It is a scarcity. Sanitation is a critical part of any society's development and wellbeing. I think WM will be there to benefit from increased urbanization and industriousness from technology and wealth growth.

- Kansas City Southern
I'm Mexican and my family are avocado farmers. I believe in the future prospects of Mexico and its relationship with its neighbors. Mexico is a bustling nation and many youth are international students that carry degrees. This is a far cry from having military policing streets in rural neighborhoods decades ago. Kansas city southern is part of the supply chain that connects Mexico to main industrious Mexican states like Monterrey, Jalisco, and Michaocan. I like rail in this regard because it's a lot of weight in one operation of heavy materials. So Canadians that use Mexican mining will also benefit from this railroad.
- Nintendo
I believe in the future of gaming as a market and if I were to take a shot at who would be the most stable, I would vote for Nintendo. Like Facebook, they approach the family unit and grow generationally. I love their curveball approach to gaming and I think that creativity, along with it's customers trust, will be something I can hold onto for a long time versus companies that have a history of developing games like Call of Duty or World of Warcraft. Nintendo can take different forms: in the living room, at sweaty tournaments, online, mobile, on your phone, on a TV, in the movies, etc.

Closely watching
- United Health or Cigna
This is only going to grow and wont change due to American politics for 8 years at a minimum.
- Cisco
Same as Microsoft but for IT.
- Impossible Foods IPO
I've been vegetarian for 10 years and Impossible Burgers has been one of the most mindblowing experiences of my life. The product is phenomenal and on a league of its owned compared to Beyond Meat. IMHO Beyond taste like cheap school lunchroom burgers and Impossible tastes like something I would be excited to feed my family. If their pork products are great then I am ALL in because Chicken products are by far the easiest thing to replicate. I'm extremely excited about this product.
- Visa
They make a ton of money on transactions. I saw them hiring for blockchain development so it leads me to believe that they're adapting.
- Square
I work in the fintech space and I like their modest approach to financial services. Their acquiring of a bank charter is actually incredibly important due to all the procurement and legal processes that go behind being a fintech company (abiding by federal security laws, etc). The one reason I like Chase banking is because I enjoy their app. I see Square as a competitor to Chase, surprisingly.
- Apple
Apple designs its products with customer service in mind. I think the future of education technology will likely go to Apple because of this. Their screens and cameras are wonderful and I can see them pioneering computer vision products because of this. They are THE American Tech company.
- TMobile
Aggressive as hell and grew to be a large player through savvy moves across time. Their customer service is a highlight for me.
Customer service for banking is unmatched IMO. If any legacy banker will make it across changes, I believe Chase is doing what it takes to adapt and think forward.
- Planet Fitness
$10 gyms, clean, and casual enough for the general population. You can't beat $10 gym membership when you're broke as fuck. I've been a heavy lifter before and still used Planet fitness in my transitions across states and whatnot. I need to look at their numbers more closely.
- Volkwagen
I trust Europe and Japan to take EVs more seriously. I don't know who will seriously come close to competing with Tesla in the long run but they'll have to.
- Panasonic
Panasonic, much like AMD, did not immediately reflect the value of what they have produced. AMD did not explode inline with bitcoin or cheaper GPU consumption, in the same way Panasonic did not reflect a massive spike in price after speculation in Tesla grew. They're an important arm to the EV market that spreads across many players ranging from Tesla to Toyota to big tech.

- Lyft
I think Lyft's focus on customer service and regional clientele will pay off against Uber, who is growing too quickly and spreading thin. Lyft will benefit from the development of computer vision and Big tech's interest in automanufacturing.

- Crypto (Bitcoin or XRP)
I like crypto as a technology as a software engineer. I see the value in a faster process for procuring and exchanging legal tender that does not have to go through the bottleneck of the ACH process or through legal issues like the PATRIOT ACT or the Bank Secrecy Act. It still fundamentally respects those laws without the frustrations of banking service bottlenecks. I think the halvening protocol has an interesting affect on Bitcoin and supply and the market that it's trying to generate.

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I started my career in November and investing February 5th, 2020 - my strategy as a once peasant Mexican

My history investing in college and my first month investing in February:

Learned about miners and blockchain validation with a chemical engineering friend before the rally.

My Strategy now that I have income

My current market sentiment

CURRENT HOLDINGS (ordered by priority & checkup time):

GOOG & AMZN exposure through tech ETFs ::: priority FB
NVIDIA, AMD, Intel EXPOSURE through semiconductor ETFS ::: priority Texas Instruments
PAYPAL, MERCADO LIBRE, SQUARE exposure through fintech ETF ::: priority PayPal
Environmental Services exposure through Sanitation ETFS ::: priority Waste Management
Adobe and AutoDesk exposure through cloud software ETFs :: priority Adobe
Nintendo exposure through gaming ETFS :: priority Nintendo
Cisco exposure through cloud networking and edge computing ETFS Cicsco, Fastly, Cloudflare, etc
TELECOM networking ETFS :: priority TMobile
Manufacturing technology, industrial sectors, and robotics exposure to Fanuc, ABB, Siemens, Sherwin-Williams, VW, GM, Nissan, Toyota, Panasonic,
Healthcare services ETF :: priority Cigna


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As bitcoin market stagnates, defi market doubles

Ever since the large jump in Bitcoin price at the end of April from 7.6k to 9.3k, bitcoin has gone sideways for much of the past 2 months, failing to break the 10k mark on multiple occasions yet finding strong support at the 8.5k and 9k levels.
While most holders of bitcoin understand that the price doesn’t always go up in a straight line and are willing to hold on to bitcoin and ride through the uncertainty, some bitcoin holders are looking for alternative areas that can allow them to continue growing their wealth.
While many traders and investors have tried to look for the “next bitcoin” among many of the promising crypto projects, the truth is that an overwhelming majority of these crypto startups don’t fulfil their promised potential. Deloitte found in 2017 that 90% of the 26,000 blockchain projects launched the previous year had become idle. It’s almost akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Others have tried technical trading, and the results are mixed at best, and should you use a centralized exchange, you expose yourself to additional custodian risks.
The safer alternative to generating returns would be to go into the Defi lending space. This entails converting your bitcoin to Ethereum based platforms and lending out your funds. Few notable platforms for lending out are MakerDAO and Compound. In doing so, there are risks involved as well such as platform risks and risks that the smart contracts that run these platforms have bugs and can be hacked.
These are risks that you have to accept should you want to get higher returns and you should only be willing to risk money that you are willing to lose.
Going into the defi markets has become increasingly popular as the total value locked in defi contracts has doubled from 800 million to 1.6 billion over the same period of end April to the start of July according to Total value locked (TVL) is one of the more important metrics that measure the growth of the defi lending space. This shows that there is growing confidence in the defi space to eventually take over traditional financial markets. Defi yield farmers have largely been drawn to this space because of the relatively stable and secure way to earn returns without being exposed to the risks of picking the right crypto company to invest in. This could be similar to how bonds are generally safer than buying stocks.
I believe that the defi lending space will continue to grow and has the potential to replace traditional retail banks due to the transparent and efficient manner that uses algorithms to disburse loans rather than through human labour. This is perhaps the next financial revolution that the world is about to face.
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Where do I go to trade bitcoin futures?

Hi guys. So, I can buy bitcoin. I can do leveraged buying of bitcoin. But, I don't have a way to hedge my risk. I want to leverage 5x long, and but have an option to sell bitcoin at the current price. If my leverage long get's liquidated due to a crash, I would only be out the cost of the option.
Another trade I want to do is to buy options to both buy and sell bitcoin at the current price. So I went to and they are asking for a company name. I am a retail investor. A rich retail investor (not a whale yet) but definitely not a minnow. I want to be a dolphin eventually.
But I have no company. :/
So, I went to , and they just have a sign up for news. You can click the link to and it just takes you to the intercontinental exchange. If you click login, there is no place to sign up, but it does have a bunch of connected apps that you can supposedly login with, but clicking the app doesn't download an executable or anything, and they don't have githubs for their code, but I suppose since they are normal corporate types they expect to be taken on trust of their reputation...
I just want to leverage long buy btc, and be able to hedge my risk so that if bitcoin does a nosedive alongside the stock market when it crashes next month I don't lose my existing btc stack. Does anyone have any experience trading btc options or futures?
I have been stacking sats. I don't keep my coins on exchange. I want to get to 21 bitcoins, and the only way I see being able to do that this year is to go in with big risky moves. But, unhedged risk is waaaaay too dangerous. :(
Also, if the sec is the one responsible for prohibiting americans from trading bitcoin options, we should totally organize an army to march to congress and get the red tape cleared.
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Deep fundamental reasons behind all conflicts with Tezos Foundation

Let's first take a look at two core ideas behind Tezos protocol:
  1. In Bitcoin protocol, there are those who create blocks (miners) and users. Those are two fundamentally different groups. As a result of that they do have fundamentally different interests. When those interests are aligned, it's all work very well. However, sometimes those interests might get misaligned. Miners might want one set of changes in the protocol while users might want another set of changes. Tezos procotol solves this problem via proof of stake's baking mechanism by allowing users of XTZ to become block creators (like miners in Bitcoin protocol). Users/holders of XTZ and block creators are now fundamentally the same group and therefore there is no interest misalignment. Moreover, as a consequence of choosing proof of stake over proof of work, almost anyone can become a baker at low cost. Of course, there is a minimum requirement but it can be easily reduced through voting if price XTZ goes too high;
  2. Although per (1) problem of misalignment between users and miners solved, Tezos protocol make one step further. Namely, there is self-amending mechanisms in protocol. Through of the set of voting rounds, attached bounties (via dillution), there is a deterministic path to resolve disputes in upgrading Tezos protocol. Nobody knows the future, nobody knows how protocol should look like after 5-10-20 years. That's why it's very important to have self-amending procedure. Without deterministic path to protocol upgrade, you will have fork-wars like in Bitcoin. As a result of these fork-wars, you now have Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV. Also, with built-in bounties via dillution, Tezos protocol guarantees funding for its further development;
There is third core idea behind Tezos protocol. Namely, formal verification friendly, low-level and explicit smart contract language - Michelson. While it's very important feature, it's not relevant for this discussion.
Now imagine you are going back in time when Tezos protocol isn't implemented yet, only draft whitepaper. How would you bring it to life if you were original author?
If there were no crypto-currencies, then all you have to do is to take time and implement minimum viable product (MVP) on your own. May be you might do it with co-founder but it's not really necessary for releasing the first version of protocol in absence of any competition.
However, the field was already crowded and time works against you. It would be necessary for project's survival to be as fast as possible in such dynamic field. You need to raise funds to hire dozen of strong programmers to implement Tezos protocol and on top of that to fund development of ecosystem in Tezos network. Namely, wallets, higher-level languages on top of low-level Michelson, education materials for future smart contract writers, new projects similar to 0x, Maker, Compound, Cryptokitties etc.
Now, I would like you to make a pause and think what is Tezos protocol. It tries to align incentives of parties using game-theoretic constructs! And now, I would like you to make second pause and think what crypto-currencies are all about in broader sense. Crypto-currencies are about eliminating centralization and unnecessary middle-mans. One of the biggest middle-mans is governments and their legal system.
People who are in the space for long time should know how much crypto-currencies influenced by Austrian School of Economics (read Hayek's book "Denationalization Of Money" (1976) and early Satoshi Nakamoto's posts).
With that in mind (spirit behind Tezos and crypto-currencies in general), how would you fund development of Tezos protocol and later its initial ecosystem?
The correct answer is to setup decentralized autonomus organization (DAO). Initial DAO on Ethereum protocol since you don't have any Tezos protocol implementations (remember, we are still back in time!).
This DAO will be used to develop Tezos protocol itself and leverage power of smart contracts to correctly align incentives for development of Tezos protocol. Namely, backers of this DAO would get ERC20 token representing voting and governance power. For example, let's say founders raised 250M USD worth in ETH and all of these money will be locked in smart contract. Only backers can unlock funds from smart contract by tranches as Tezos protocol developers making progress. It would be similar to traditional world - seed round, round A, round B etc. When Tezos mainnet goes live, backers would receive proportional amount of XTZ as their ERC20 voting tokens on Ethereum. Since that initial DAO would still have tons of ETH locked by the time Tezos mainnet released, those proceeds will be used to fund wallet developers, high-language developers, and so on (via voting by backers of course).
In this scenario, I would envision that the first big project after Tezos mainnet launched would be to build trustless, decentralized bridge between Tezos blockchain and Ethereum blockchain. Simply, because it would be good to migrate intial DAO and its ETH funds into Tezos blockchain.
There are only two downsides with this approach:
  1. You can't raise funds in Bitcoin but who cares if it's 100M or even 50M (still huge amount of money);
  2. Many people in crypto-space will make fun of you because you just setup DAO on Ethereum while developing Ethereum competitor;
Neither of these two downsides is important. Ultimate upside is that backers has direct control over how funds are spent because they would be the only ones who can unlock funds by voting for proposals.
On meta-level, you would have beautiful symmetry. Namely, you develop Tezos protocol and its ecosystem, using the similar ideas and spirit as Tezos protocol itself!
But we all know that it was never happened!
We all know drama with Gevers who tried to capture power at Tezos Foundation. We all know that there is no RPC command in Tezos github to vote out Tezos Foundation members ;) We all know that we are not in control of Tezos Foundation. Tezos Foundation is a swiss non-profit organization with its own board and we are not part of it. Tezos Foundation is govern under Swiss law and most of you are not even Swiss citizens.
Here is the question why Breitmans suddently decided to throw away all fundamental principles behind crypto-currencies and just went all-in with traditional world? Why we all got stuck with our own mini-Washington, namely Tezos Foundation? There is one reason why Breitmans decided to throw away all their principles and stick with this strange scheme involving Swiss foundations.
The reason is ... socialism. You might think I'm joking but stay with me. There were roaring 1920s and following 1929 stock market crash (by the way that was actually caused by government creating credit bubble). Republican (but still a socialist) Herbert Hoover created depression from 1929 crash. Franklin Roosevelt made this depression truly great! He imposed price-controls and outright gold confiscation (check "Executive Order 6102"). One of his most terrible pieces of paternalistic socialist legislation was "Securities Act of 1933". And this is the reason why Breitmans tried so hard escape iron hand of Roosevelt's zombie.
The same month as Tezos fundraiser, SEC issued statement about the most famous Ethereum DAO:
Basically, they tried to say that DAO violated their 1933 Securities Act (aka Roosevelt zombie). I'm not claiming that Breitmans anticipated this exact SEC statement about Ethereum DAO. All I'm saying that they are smart enough to understand that SEC might come after them as well. It doesn't matter if SEC had right to do so. It doesn't matter that XTZ is not security at all. Only people outside of hardcore old school crypto-community would believe in such non-sense as rights. The truth is that any government is essentially an army which controls a territory and they (not you!) decide what they think is right or wrong.
Breitmans knew that SEC might chase them with bloody machete, so they decided to play traditional game which many played when Switzerland still had numbered accounts. Namely, using Switzerland as old-style traditional escape from Roosevelt zombies.
Unfortunately, for them they got in hands of people who knew too well how actually Swiss foundations work. We all remember how Gevers tried to exploit Swiss law about foundations to seize control over foundation's assets. Now we have new drama. But fundamentally, it's all because Breitmans choose Swiss law over Ethereum smart-contracts.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming Breitmans. I really think that their fear of Roosevelt zombie with bloody machete led them to setup weird foundation in Switzerland. In normal circumstances, I don't see any rational reason not to setup DAO as I described above.
Zooming out, on the bigger scale, you might see that these two worlds (i.e. traditional government law and crypto) are not compatible at all. You just can't have both of two worlds.
For the same reason, I don't believe in STOs. It's a nice toy, a temporary thing to bootstrap your Defi ecosystem in Tezos but nothing more than that.
Every STO, at some point, rely on some centralized entity which is controlled by law of some jurisdiction. Once government (aka army which control territories and make visibility of its own legitimacy via elections and passing laws) decides that your STO is not compliant, all these STO tokens will be worthless overnight. More on this in my another long post:
Regardless of what's happen with Tezos Foundation, I strongly believe that Tezos protocol will thrive. Mainnet went life and the jinn that can't be put back in the bottle!
Update: Many here criticized my position regarding STOs. That's partly my fault with being too lax with terminology (once I wrote big post, I didn't have much energy to clarify on STOs in the end). By STO, I mean any tokens backed by regulated assets (again, I know it's lax definition). I assumed almost everyone here is for open, borderless finance. As a result of that, I assumed that you want to make these tokens available for everyone and that's why one day government will put pressure on such STO issuers to freeze tokens. However, it's turned out that some people excited for STOs being fully regulated from the start and therefore these tokens wouldn't be available for everyone. Basically, some people see main benefits of STOs as being pro-actively censorship friendly. In other words, they want to move all compliance on blockchain. Whereas, I see very existence of government regulations as root of all problems. Having said that, I'm not against STOs but I'm not very excited about them either. You have to make great mental leap to understand that fully-regulated STOs fundamentally solving wrong problem. You have to build fully censorship resistant technology, not fully censorship friendly. No matter how big market for STOs, it's still several orders of magnitude smaller than potential world of fully-inclusive finance without any borders whatsoever. Tezos is very well equipped for this ambitious task especially with new privacy features coming. Remember, Satoshi Nakamoto didn't ask permission from governments before releasing Bitcoin.
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6 Things to Know Before Getting Expert Into Cryptocurrency Certification

6 Things to Know Before Getting Expert Into Cryptocurrency Certification
The world would have never thought to see such a massive jump in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A digital currency that once stood at $ 2 per Bitcoin has now made a big jump to 9,368.99 USD (at the time of writing). With the world facing a dip in the global stock market, this is the right time to learn about cryptocurrency and become a cryptocurrency expert. Bitcoin is not the only currency that exists in the market; there are several others like Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. Such massive growth is going to make cryptocurrency the next big thing, and the world is talking about it. So, if you, too, are planning to make it in the world of cryptocurrency, then crypto trading certification a must. In this blog, we are going to tell you what are the key areas where you need to focus on becoming a cryptocurrency expert.
Let’s get started:
1. Understand The Market- Before you take a plunge into the cryptocurrency market, it is important that you must know about the market and also about the cryptocurrency. You must keep a close eye on how the cryptocurrencies are performing in the market. Many believe that the cryptocurrency market is going to make big in the times to come, and the investors are going to get good returns.
2. Knowledge About ICOs- When we talk about the cryptocurrency market, then it is paramount that you must know about ICO and how to trade in crypto. Going for a cryptocurrency trading online degree in this field is going to be helpful to understand better about cryptocurrency trading.
3. Read More About Cryptocurrency- You must subscribe to research papers or join the crypto community to get to know about the latest updates in the market and which cryptocurrencies are performing better. This eventually helps in making the right investment.
4. Start Small- Some cryptocurrencies are going to perform excellently in the times to come, though they might not initially be of much value. Bitcoin started its journey the same way. If you are a beginner in this field, then you must start small in investment. But, make sure that you choose a good performing currency. Have a look at its previous trend and how it is currently performing. You can also seek advice from various online communities on Github and Reddit.
5. Go For Balance Portfolio- If you are planning to invest in 4 cryptocurrencies, then the amount must be equally distributed. For example, you have $1000; then, you should be investing $250 in each of these currencies. This is a good choice when you want to create a diversified portfolio.
6. Choose a Good Certification Program- Cryptocurrencies have recently garnered a lot of attention. People are opting for investment in cryptocurrencies. But, if you are a beginner, then a certification program in this field is a must. Cryptocurrency certifications or cryptocurrency trading online degree is the best way to learn more about cryptocurrencies. These certification programs will give you in-depth knowledge about cryptocurrency and how they work, along with the tricks to trade cryptocurrencies.
Conclusion- These digital currencies will define the future, and if you are willing to invest in this field, this is the right time. Blockchain Council is offering cryptocurrency online degree programs and cryptocurrency trading certification. For more information on cryptocurrencies and certification programs, connect with Blockchain Council today.
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[H] Adobe (All Apps),, Spotify, Tidal HIFI, Netflix, PluralSight, Hulu, DailyYoga, ESLAspeak, Calm, HEADSPACE,, LUMOSITY, Elevate Pro, MEMRISE, CourseHero, Grammarly, EDU email, SEO membership, + MORE! | Include Lifetime Subscriptions accounts [W] BTC/ETH/LTC/Paypal/AmazonGC/AliPay