Turkey Crisis Deepens as Sanctions Threat Sends Lira to

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Lutz Karpowitz, FX strategist at Commerzbank, says it is clear where the market thinks the problem is in Europe and should Berlusconi finally resign, this would provide support for the euro. “The FX market made its point of view more than clear: Berlusconi has to go.” The Brazilian real is one of the EM currencies that have recently been under particular pressure. The large current account deficit has played a key role here,according to Lutz Karpowitz,analyst at Commerzbank... However, it is questionable how long this risk appetite will last," said Lutz Karpowitz, currency strategist at Commerzbank (Xetra: CBK100 - news) . Both the safe-haven yen and the low-yielding euro tend to gain in times of market stress because these currencies are often used to fund investment in risky assets, and consequently rise back up The move by Turkey’s central bank on Monday to adjust the reserve options mechanism will only lead to more currency weakness, according to Commerzbank (DE: CBKG) analyst Lutz Karpowitz in Plus you have the fundamental factors going into the beginning of next year that point (that way)," said Lutz Karpowitz, a strategist with Commerzbank in London. "But so far it really has been quiet."

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Front Lines #226- Dan & Tank

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