Bitcoin Exchange Mt.Gox Suffers Serious Attack

How do I transfer USD into BTC?

I've tried Dwolla and Liberty Reserve or even Getbitcoin but can't seem to figure out how to actually transfer my money into an account and then send it to my silk road account information. Please help.
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To those who have been around since 2013 or prior, what event do you think is important for newbies to be aware of

There are certain precedents that have been set by certain events in the bitcoin industry that dictate how we view certain topics. Please help the newbies out by providing information about the event.
Also, if you just have something thats straight up just interesting. I know I would have loved that. At the bottom of this page i will link to a bunch of good reads about certain events. I will continue to add more info and some terms may lack explanations until i get around to getting the info together but you still have the option of googling it.
Here's a good place to start (although it's a bit outdated, these were all some of the biggest events in bitcoin)
I've always said that those of us who have been into bitcoin since 2013 and got to ride both the big bubbles (the april 2013 one and the late 2013 early 2014 one with mtgox happening shortly afterwards in feb i believe). People need to face consequences because of their actions and the problems mtgox was facing weren't a secret and lots of redflags caused many of the smarter users to stop using the exchange. If the Bitcoin community were in charge of the decisions made within the ethereum team, there would have never been a fork when the DAO hack happened. It allowed people to compromise many advertised principles of ethereum (immutability! Code is law! etc...) and worst of all it set precedent for people to start whining the next time there was a large amount of funds
Lesson teaching events
Google these terms to find more info, pm me if you're having trouble
Interesting reads
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Green addresses: An accidentally dodged bullet?

Summoning an old posts from the archives of Bitcoin-development:
On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 6:03 AM, Luke-Jr [email protected] wrote:
On Sunday, December 18, 2011 7:15:26 AM Jorge Timón wrote:
I'm just saying is useful for the "green address" particular case.
"Green addresses" are also a broken-by-design feature and should be discouraged.
I've found myself wondering if the tech communities general resistance to "green addresses" didn't prevent this MTGox incident from being a systemic failure with far broader consequences.
For those who weren't around for this: Back in 2011 a system for instant payments in Bitcoin was proposed by instawallet and mtgox which basically forced all their transactions to be signed by a particular key (usually inefficiently bouncing through two hops like coinbase does today) and then recipients of these coins could analyze the blockchain... decide that the transaction was actually initiated by a reputable party and instantly credit the user.
There were many complaints about the systems— including severe concerns around privacy, scalability, equality of access, layering violations in the protocol, etc... though systemic risk didn't really come up much as far as I know— though I believe some pointed out that a better security model could improve equality of access. Refusal to accommodate this usage in client software appears to have largely prevented wide spread deployment.
Maybe in hindsight someone will claim they didn't deploy because they weren't willing to trust MTGox, but at the time no one publicly or privately said that to me.
When MTGox froze deposits they had over 30k BTC in stuck transactions pending which will now almost certainly never be paid even if there is some level of MTGox recovery.
With widespread green address use those obligations would have been dumped onto other Bitcoin businesses all over the ecosystem.
It's hard to speculate on what an alternative history would have been— but considering that I can find few/no opposition to green addresses on the grounds of systemic risk, I do wonder how much bigger the failure would have been if green addresses hadn't had so many other problems.. and if, perhaps, we dodged a rather large bullet here, and perhaps ought to worry about "interlocking common failure encouraged by technology" a bit more equally to other technological considerations.
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I'm sorry but this is for all the noobs out there. If you skim through /silkroad you'll find a lot of different info. Whatever you do, try to find something to use other than mtgox, because it CANNOT be used on tor. I found this out the hardway and I'm pretty much just gonna cash out my btc on dwolla and end my short stint attempting to get on the road.
I could have used intersango but was too impatient so I went the mtgox route and yeah. If you just heard about the road and are super pumped and can't wait to get on it, just wait. Take a few minutes, think about your life and if it's really worth the trouble. Because if you're a noob like me, you'll waste a good amount of time thinking you can become a tech nerd and figure all this shit out in a week when really you can't
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Estimating the amount of Bitcoin users

Even with a few sources it seems very hard to come close to a definitive amount of Bitcoin users. says there are around 125,000 wallets:
There are approximately around about 6500 Bitcoin-Qt nodes:
So atm we have about 130,000 ish wallets. However there are also MTGox accounts, cold wallets and other instawallets/services etc which could possibly add a few thousand. There is also a high chance of the same users owning both a wallet and Bitcoin-Qt wallet for example.
I have read a few articles that estimate there to be around about 500,000 - million Bitcoin users. Are there any other ways we could more accurately guess the number of users or will it always be relatively unknown?
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Mining Dogecoin on S3 [Question to pro miners]

So I was able to find a used ANTMINER S3 speed is 400GHS not over clocked and in good condition for the price of USD$131, I have almost free electricity and option for free electricity as well, so how long do u think it will pay it self up if I put it on free electricity, and will it be a fine idea mining dogecoin with it or switch to multi pool? I never really had SHA256 miners or any kind of miner, used CPU before bitcoin was cool but all this is new to me since this country was in war and had a very long internet blackout which is the reason I lost all my bitcoins that was on MTGOX and instawallet "Both got hacked lost 33BTC".
Any advice like best pools, what profit to expect will be welcome and I will be thankful, I am buying the S3 anyway since I rushed into buying it and only waiting for it to ship now, and I am willing to use it to help in dogecoin community for fun and profit.
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Placing my first order. Is this a safe way to do it?

Hey I'm kinda new to SR, and I will be placing my order soon.
I want to be as safe as I can be in doing so.
What I will be doing is:
1) Crediting my Paxum account with my credit card
2) Sending the money from Paxum to Mtgox
3) Trading money for bitcoins on Mtgox
4) Bitcoins from Mtgox to instawallet
5) Bitcoins from instawallet to SR account
6) SR transaction
Does this sound right?
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So, I decided to give a couple eWallet services a spin today. I started off small and worked up to larger amounts. My findings so far:
The first thing that is obvious about these two sites is that they are incredibly similar. One person must have been "inspired" by the other. There are very minor visual differences between the two sites. Easywallet (EW) was registered less than a month ago while Instawallet (IW) has been around since April of last year. Easywallet shows shows you a QR tag for the bitcoin address itself and gives you an option to display a QR code for the wallet URL, while IW displays no QR code immediately, but provides them with a click of a link.
Started with IW first for no particular reason. I noticed immediately upon clicking the MtGox confirm button that the funds were credited to IW. A number of blocks had to be confirmed before the funds were made available, as is SOP for BTC. I did not time this duration, but it seemed reasonable and my internal clock would say it was around 10-15 minutes. I was able to send multiple payments to the same address. Using three accounts created minutes earlier, I was able to complete 8 transactions in about 2hrs, with a couple being done in parallel. I have 100 BTC in IW accounts at the time of this writing, and I feel fine about it. Though, I will be transferring them to a more secure account.
On EW, I noticed that immediately after my deposit was credited, my bitcoin address changed as well. I rather liked that feature and made a couple more deposits into that account for the novelty of the address change. It was great fun to watch, all the while knowing that my anonymity is further being protected. The sticky widget with EW is this: I have deposited 10 coins in that address over an hour ago and have no bitcoin available to send. That bitcoin was deposited in small amounts sporadically within a time period of 60-90 minutes ago. I have no idea if or when my coins will be available on EW.
That's it so far. I'll update when I have more info.
EDIT: Ok, so it took about 90-120 minutes to confirm MOST of my 10 bitcoin from Easywallet. The exact figure is 9.998. Though my balance says 10, I tried to send 10 BTC and this was the exact message I got from the website:
Not enouch balance or confirmations, sendable amount is 9.99800000 BTC
EDIT2: So, the point may be made mute by this revelation (SHIT):
At least Easywallet isn't shutting down. If they would make obvious their fees, I think that would be sufficient to most consumers to be enticing.
EDIT3: Another thing that has been bothering me, which I think is the lynchpin in my argument, revolves around the secondary hiding of fees: When you are presented with your balance on the EW site, the balance is shown without any indication that a fee has been incurred. So, if you deposit 10 bitcoins on the main page, you would assume that many would be available. But, I received the error indicating the actual BTC available was less than I would have liked to transfer. The most obvious method of informing customers of their actual credited amount is to display that amount simply and prominently. This current behavior is, in my opinion, deliberate misdirection on the part of EW. The "system" knows that I only have 9.998BTC but my balance show 10. Bad programming or deliberate? How hard is it to display floating numbers on a web page when many BTC enthusiasts expect denominations to the 8th decimal?
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Bitcoins disappeared from my instawallet

I transferred bitcoins from mtgox ->instawallet-> ->2nd instawallet. I saw the bitcoins arrive in the 2nd wallet. I saved the url and came back the next and they are gone. Is there any advice I should head or any precautions I should be taking? Edit: Forgot the arrow from mtgox to the first instawallet
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Trying to figure out if I lost my bitcoins, advice appreciated.

Yes, I know this isn't /bitcoins but I thought I would ask here first anyway since it's related to SR.
I've been buying bitcoins using the bitinstant/zipzap to MtGox lately with no real issues. I went through the procedure yesterday that I've done a few times before, and I think I screwed it up, but I'm confused as to how.
In a nutshell, I've been buying bitcoins on MtGox and withdrawing them to an instawallet bitcoin address, then sending them to my SR bitcoin address. I've read varying advice about whether another step between MtGox -> SR is really needed, but it seemed prudent and has worked fine so far.
For those who aren't familiar, Instawallet gives you a secret URL associated with a bitcoin address. You access your bitcoins by going to the URL that theoretically only you know. If you lose that URL, you lose the associated bitcoins.
I have a couple copies of a text file with the URL in it stored safely. It has the URL and the bitcoin address....I know, now that I think about it, pretty dumb to store them together. Anyway, when I was going to transfer from MtGox to the Instawallet address yesterday, I (lazily) copy-pasted the bitcoin address from my text file into the destination field on MtGox's site. I really wish I had gone to the URL and copied the address from there, but I'm almost sure this is the same technique I've used a few times in the past. The transaction seemed to complete, but when I went to the URL, I had zero bitcoins. That's when I realized that the bitcoin address I sent the coins to from MtGox wasn't the one associated with that URL. When I got to my saved URL on Instawallet, the bitcoin address is totally different.
I can see from my MtGox history that I've transferred bitcoins out to that address several times in the past few months, so I'm pretty confident that it's the same one I've been using. At first I thought I had gotten my bitcoin addresses mixed up and accidentally put the SR bitcoin address (maybe an old one) in, but that doesn't appear to be the case. The coins never showed up at Instawallet or SR, even though shows the transaction for that address has a transfer of 10 bitcoins into it yesterday. shows nothing for the bitcoin address associated with the URL I thought I was using, so I know I've never used that particular address before.
In other words, I definitely sent them somewhere, but I'm confused about where that is. I thought maybe I had accidentally saved the wrong Instawallet URL (the site just gives you new one if you visit without specifying an existing address). On further thought, that's unlikely because the only way I would have gone to Instawallet is with the link I saved in the aforementioned text file, and I've done this process a few times in the past few months.
My fear is that I've lost the URL for the bitcoin address (and obviously my money) for Instawallet. I've sent an email to Instawallet support asking if the bitcoin address in question is one of theirs. I don't know if they can even tell me that, and I haven't gotten a reply. I've done an exhaustive search through my computer, email, browser history, etc. trying to see if there was another Instawallet URL somewhere that is linked to the bitcoin address I sent the coins to.
I'm not even sure who to ask about it. All MtGox will know is that they sent the coins to the address I provided. Instawallet probably can't/won't tell me anything about the transaction, which I now realize is one real glaring problem with using Instawallet. I wondered if the bitcoin address associated with the Instawallet URL could have 'cycled' as SR does routinely and the old bitcoin address would also still be associated with the URL, but I doubt that could be the case either.
Is there any danger to posting the bitcoin address or the blockchain info here for feedback?
I know the answer is probably going to be "Sorry, dude, you're out $300. Learn to bitcoin better", but I figured it would be worth a shot trying to get advice from someone on here who understands the process better than I do. I'll appreciate any advice.
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[DE] Bitcoinupdate 31: der beste deutsche Bitcoin Podcast

Bitcoinupdate 31 - der beste deutsche Bitcoin Podcast liefert euch die wöchentlichen News!
Um uns zu hören, schaut auf oder abboniert unseren RSS Feed! Diesmal Liveaufnahme im Metalab. Lautstärke top, Nebengeräusche gibts diesmal jedoch gratis dazu ;) Andreas+Andreas sprechen mit Ralf alias Trepex aus Deutschland als Gast über folgende Themen:
Feedback jeglicher Art bitte an [email protected]
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The best way to get bitcoins onto silkroad?

What is you're preferred way to get bitcoins onto the silkroad?
What is the route you take, and is it necessary? I see posts like bitinstant>instawallet>mtgox>silkroad. Why cant you go from mtgox> silkroad?
eddited for clarity
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What does "tumbling" coins actually accomplish?

So say that I have some bitcoins in a MtGox account. How does tumbling the coins through InstaWallet before going to SR make the whole transaction any more anonymous. If the transactions are public, can't they be traced directly back to my MtGox account?
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Bitcoinupdate 31 - der beste deutsche Bitcoin Podcast liefert euch die wöchentlichen News!

Bitcoinupdate 31 - der beste deutsche Bitcoin Podcast liefert euch die wöchentlichen News!
Um uns zu hören, schaut auf oder abboniert unseren RSS Feed! Diesmal Liveaufnahme im Metalab. Lautstärke top, Nebengeräusche gibts diesmal jedoch gratis dazu ;) Andreas+Andreas sprechen mit Ralf alias Trepex aus Deutschland als Gast über folgende Themen:
Feedback jeglicher Art bitte an [email protected]
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wow >9,000 users here now

Summary of the day: MtGox is pretty delayed, probably facing an ongoing DDoS. French owners of seem to have been hacked, allegedly lost $6mil. Bitcoin price peaked at 150 USD/BTC, after MtGox outages fell to 120, now about 130.
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Possible way to get funds into SR account?

I am wondering if this is a feasable and fairly safe way to get BC into my SR account, any help would be much appreciated.
Could I make a verified mtgox account and use dwolla to fund it, with all my real information, then just run the bitcoins through bitfog, instawallets, ect.? or would this be flagged?
I've been using the method of funding it through bitinstant and paying in cash at CVS but the amounts are getting rather large and I feel starting to look sketchy.
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Still not sure after researching... Can someone explain (ELI5) to me how to anonymously buy/use bitcoins?

God I feel stupid. Can someone ELI5 me?
I understand the concepts of instawallet, tumbling, and BTC exchangers.
What I understand so far:
  1. I should pick a BTC exchanger that will allow me to buy bitcoin without an ID via direct cash deposit.
  2. After the deposit, the exchanger will deposit bitcoin to my instawallet.
  3. Tumble to increase anonymity of my bitcoins.
  4. Transfer my bitcoins to my SR account.
Now, I have bunch of gaps in my understanding in terms of which sites / services to use and avoid for buying and transferring my bitcoins. Also, how to effectively tumble my bitcoins. Lastly, do I need to be using Tor when I'm using some of these services?
I have heard bad things about exchangers like intersango and Mtgox, so which exchanger do you guys recommend?
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Recent attacks

  1. Mt. Gox, btc-e and bitcoin-24 DDOSed
  2. Instawallet hacked
  3. Strongcoin encrypted wallet downloaded
I smell a coordinated targeted attack, possibly accompanied by a pump & dump, designed to cause FUD and cause a temporary price drop.
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Bitcoin Mt. Gox FLASH CRASH! Bitcoins at $0.01 Each The Mt.Gox Story (Bitcoin Exchange) Mt. Gox: Solving the Mystery of Bitcoin’s Biggest Disaster I Fortune MtGox USD to BTC e Bitcoins in 1 minute How To Create a Mt. Gox Bitcoin Trading Account

The exchange Mt. Gox and the Bitcoin storage service Instawallet were targeted by DoS attacks and both services went down. There was speculation in April of this year that Bitcoin’s value would An online bitcoin storage service, Instawallet, said Wednesday it is accepting claims for stolen bitcoins after the company's database was fraudulently accessed. Instawallet didn't say in a notice Currency chaos — In wake of Bitcoin spike, Instawallet halts service and Mt. Gox “eats” DDOS Instawallet will reimburse accounts with less than 50 BTC—good luck if you're over. Image caption Bitcoin exchange rates have fluctuated as exchanges the Instawallet website - where people store Bitcoins - is offline indefinitely after an attack. MTGox said it did not Bitcoin’s wild surge in value has made it even more of an attractive target for hackers. Another wallet service called Instawallet said it is suspending itself indefinitely until it changes its

[index] [21340] [29451] [174] [12258] [15608] [25029] [10915] [18569] [19295] [11448]

Bitcoin Mt. Gox FLASH CRASH! Bitcoins at $0.01 Each

MtGox USD to BTC-e Bitcoins in 1 minute This video shows the transfer of MtGox USD funds via the integrated Bitinstant functions of BTC-Trader to the BTC-e exchange and purchase of Bitcoins on BTC ... MT Gox has confirmed the selling of 24,658 BTC and 25,331 BCH in 2018. MT Gox also notes there is no plans to sell any more BTC/BCH at this time. https://www... MtGox Bitcoins to BTC e Bitcoins in 50 seconds BITCOIN PRICE , BITCOIN FUTURE in doubt What is NAMECOIN BITCOIN'S First Fork http... Donate: 1piwo7t59rr4SR78CWpYJpt5WM6iCy11Y Bitcoin Timelapse MtGox Drop #2 24.02.2014 to 27.02.2014 - Bitstamp Price from Original files availa... Mt. Gox’s Mark Karpelès is dedicating his life to righting the wrongs of his company’s collapse in 2014. ... Mt. Gox: Solving the Mystery of Bitcoin’s Biggest Disaster I Fortune Fortune ...

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