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Crypto Faucet I use to store my mined bitcoin on, with 4.08% APR paid daily with accounts over 30k satoshi. Referral link included, I share 50% commissions with my referrals paid every Sunday if you're interested.

My referral link for the aforementioned FREEBITCO.IN:
I have cross referenced this post on my site:
Why should you sign on with me? I'm not a one off, you can reach me personally through DM or post comments. I've done most of the leg work, alleviating the trial and error process. Just follow the steps in this guide specifically in sections 7️⃣, 8️⃣, and 9️⃣.
I share 50% commissions, get a kick back on everything you earn weekly.
I trust this site, and personally have 270$ worth of bitcoin in one account with almost 500$ total including two other accounts.
Coming from Cointiply? Well, as a heads up, you're not actually holding any BTC. I suggest what you earn you HODL in FREEBITCO.IN.
Just some abbreviation and terminology explanation before we start for those unfamiliar.
USD=US Dollar
Click here Bitcoin price history, past and present
FREEBITCO.IN can be accessed from any device with internet.
Using a VPN or a TOR is now allowed given that your account achieves certain criteria similar to a captcha free account requirements.
🛑WARNING: FREEBITCO.IN wipes inactive accounts after a certain period! If you lose interest, withdraw your BTC!
📝NOTE: iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) are restrictive. The only way to access is via website, as BitBot isn't available.📝
FREEBITCO.IN is what's called a "faucet", a site that gives a small steady stream of crypto which FREEBITCO.IN does through hourly rolls and interest accrual.
FREEBITCO.IN also hosts other means to win or earn crypto, you can gamble with Multiplier, or bet on world evens and crypto prices.
After your account reaches 30k Satoshi, you begin to collect interest. The site also offers lifetime referral commissions, explained later in this guide.
All you need to start is an email. You can add more verification options for security later on. I would highly suggest it. Use a junk email though.
2FA and MFA are strongly suggested. A password should be 15 characters long. I suggest Google Authenticator for your 2FA needs.
I know you can definitely access this site from Brave Browser with add blockers enabled. I'm sure it will work with others. Even without an ad blockers, they only advertise their site gambling and games, no 3rd party adds that I've seen. It's not too invasive or spammy either.
This post is both an advertising platform I use, and a guide I've made to help those interested to automate and optimize earnings.
For those of a cautious mindset, I've uploaded all of FREEBITCO.IN's information on interest accrual, security, and proof of mining on Imgur, in case you're worried about visiting the site.
Transparent link here: Interest accrual structure and FREEBITCO.IN security.
My referral link:
So at this point, with hourly claims and daily interest, I'm bringing in roughly 8978 Satoshi (or .70$ USD with BTC at 7804$ USD) daily at full optimization on one account, and two other self referred accounts without lifting a finger. This is before the fact that a hourly roll (claim) can reward up to a max of 200$ USD worth of BTC (percentages in section 5️⃣).
They also have a weekly lotto (tickets awarded with every roll and referral roll) with the last 1st place winner receiving .32769156 BTC (2587$ USD at current bitcoin price).
This is also not including my current commissions on accounts not owned by me. In this post I will describe some of my strategies I've incorporated, and some insight into how this website works.
To offload or withdraw bitcoin, you're going to need what is called a "wallet". I personally use Coinbase (available on mobile or desktop) as you can sell it through here as well and easily move money to Paypal or a bank.
If you are already on FREEBITCO.IN, do you have someone who referred you? Do they share commissions? If not, why not make a new account and join me, where you'll get a return on everything you earn.
As you can see, large affiliate groups don't share anything, hoarding hundreds of thousands worth of BTC earned off their referrals
I share 50% of my commissions. I get 50% of your roll rewards, 25% of your interest, and 0.4% of your wagers. All of this is paid out by FREEBITCO.IN as a commission, so it's not pulled from your rewards or held BTC.
So the more you're active, the more you'll receive from me weekly (being active is doing anything that I get commissions from). IMPORTANT: Your (and all referrals) shares are based on activity, so if you are inactive for the week, you get a lower % for that week. If you're the most active of my referrals you get a higher percentage of what I share. This is to incentivize being active and to stop people from getting a cut without doing anything.
If you have FREEBITCO.IN automated, you don't have to worry about this. However, having a larger bankroll to earn interest, or playing Multiply BTC (I do not suggest playing unless doing so to meet auto roll requirements) will increase can your activity further.
Commission Structure
Here is some proof, I've actually shared about 2/3 of all commissions
Commissions update 12 January 2020
Here is a proof of Payment section per individual
📝NOTE: I've noticed when I was creating the images of commission sharing that the "RECENT" blocks are showing zero. If you look at totals from the first image, you can tell I'm actively sharing with all of my referrals.📝
Join my team FREEBITCO.IN
You can earn AT LEAST .00000552 BTC (.048$) daily when automated (or claiming every hour on the hour) before bonuses (like using reward points to increase rewards 1000%). After some testing, it seems that this amount will always be about .048$ worth of BTC, base claim rewards no bonus active.
After .00030000 BTC, you accrue compounding interest at a rate of 4.08% APR, paid daily. As soon as your daily interest is accredited, it too starts earning interest. The daily interest rate comes out to ~0.011% of your total held BTC.
FREEBITCO.IN gives you a roll once every hour, free
📝NOTE: Roll rewards fluctuate inversely with BTC price. BTC goes down, roll rewards go up, vice versa. The BTC rewards USD value will be extremely close to the values represented below.📝
Current rewards and probability with every hourly roll.
(.002$) -> 98.85%
(.02$) -> 1.00%
(.20$) -> .08%
(2.00$) -> .04%
(20$) -> .02%
(200$) -> .01%
UPDATE: I decided to do some research after some odd outcomes when extensively testing some of my Multiplier strats. Turns out FREEBITCO.IN does indeed have a house advantage that isn't too transparent. Longer sessions are almost always going to come out negative. If you still plan on playing, do short sessions, once daily max, with lower amounts.
There are a couple methods to play the Multiplier with a reduced risk (but still a risk) here as well. I would suggest small play sessions.
My preferred settings for AUTOROLL on MULTIPLY that I've had the best success rate with to date. (preferably with .00005000 in ACCT for best results)
BET: Minimum
ROLLS: (doesn't matter, 100)
BET ON: alternate
STOP BETTING PROFIT: .00000050, important as the bets will get exponentially higher with every loss. Win in small increments.
STOP BETTING LOSS: Set a loss limit if you want, I have mine set to .00001 and haven't reached it
ON WIN: select increase bet 0%
ON LOSS: select increase bet 65%
Here is a pic of the settings
Anything else doesn't matter. Make sure the boxes are checked for the above options.
With this strat, I've won positive on one account, about .000077 BTC, and I've only played 5 or 6 times, at less than 2-3 minutes of play time a session.
Good for accounts with a low balance. I've had a surprising amount of luck with this method, enough so that I thought I'd post it here with an update. This could work well for accounts with less than 1k Satoshi, as a losing streak wouldn't be a huge loss. For this strat, you should have at least 189 Satoshi in your account.
BET: Minimum amount
ODDS/WIN CHANCE: 189 or %0.5
ROLLS: 189 (remains the same no matter if you bet more)
BET ON: High or Low, but not Alternate.
STOP BETTING ON PROFIT: Minimum amount, once again, you want continuous small wins
UPDATE: Conducting more tests for viability
I played these settings 10 times, I came out positive 8/10 times. In the end I was positive 433 Satoshi total with selecting "hi".
On selecting "low" I went positive 5/10 losing 525 Satoshi.
On selecting "hi" and betting 10 Satoshi, I went positive 3/10 times losing 9708 Satoshi.
On selecting "high" and betting 100 Satoshi, I never went positive, 0/10. Losing 189000 Satoshi (~15$ USD).
There does seem to be a pattern of losing more when betting more. Like anything gambling, there's probably a house advantage that's not too transparent.
Win small lose small.
Pic of these settings
Another strategy I've tried is betting most of my balance once occasionally with a 94.06% chance of winning. This is, eh, alright to risk OCCASIONALLY, but a loss would set you back more than you ever made using this strategy, which happened to me, I lost about 40 USD worth of BTC after making maybe 5 USD.
Playing this in auto roll, out of 20 rolls I'd always lose at least once, putting me into the negative. Even with 10 rolls, I'd more often then not lose at least once.
Pic of these settings
There are other strats out there, such as the "Martingale", which is essentially doubling the bet amount every loss, then resetting your bet to minimum after a win to in theory "win back what you lost". At 47.5% odds of winning, I've had loss streaks that would drain my account.
My summary for Multiply, use sparingly. Don't use it as your primary means of earning. Use once or twice daily, limit play sessions to 5 minutes max.
📝NOTE: FREEBITCO.IN captcha requirements seem to be tiered, with requirements for Captcha free upscaling when you BTC holding passes a certain threshold.
I'm currently testing, as is another team member (Shout out to u/SrExtreme69) , what exactly these thresholds, if holding at these thresholds increases the length of Captcha free rolls, and at what amount does FREEBITCO.IN no longer require these to be met.📝
📝NOTE: To start automating, remember to verify email and setup 2FA or the Captcha will still appear even if your account meets Captcha free requirements. Check the site occasionally as Captcha free roll requirements can change. After certain held BTC amount you don't need to renew your requirements. I haven't had to achieve new requirements in over a month.📝
📝NOTE: You may need to manually roll for a bit until the the ability to achieve a Captcha free account becomes available. It doesn't show at first.📝
📝NOTE: It's very difficult, if not impossible to automate on iOS devices.
First of all, getting to this point can be a grind, but once achieved you'll have a steady flow of BTC with options to increase earnings through rewards claims using RP. I would suggest going to your PROFILE tab on FREEBITCO.IN and disabling lottery to increase RP production when starting out. Using other apps or resources to supplement income is a good idea as well.
On the FREE BTC page, there is a blue text hyperlink with requirements that need to be met to make your account captcha free, thus allowing you to enable autoroll on extensions or apps. It has multiple ways to achieve this and they can change, so if your autoroll has stopped, check to see if these requirements have changed.
Here are the requirements. (Amounts vary)
It seems only two of these requirements need to be met.
The less risky and easiest method is to buy lottery tickets and bet with jackpots on. Even better is depositing bitcoin if you have that amount.
The POSSIBLY least expensive method is to bet both regularly and with Jackpots enabled on MULTIPLY (for higher amounts required, IMO Multiplier strat #3 works best)
For computers
I would suggest using Firefox, as you can add functions and tools to your bar up top. One of the being a "auto roll" for FREEBITCO.IN, still requires a "captcha free" account. Turn it on and let go, check it occasionally to make sure its still going.
Autoroll firefox add-on link
My link again for ease of access
Not my preferred method, but good for a second account, as using a computer means devoting more attention to FREEBITCO.IN in an inconvenient manner if you are just starting out. After Captcha has been removed, this becomes more hands free, but not as profitable as using bitbot, as you can't autoclaim RP rewards.
I haven't tried many methods besides using Firefox addons, as I'm wary of sources or intent when it comes to 3rd party scripts or programs. If I find any trustworthy scripts or programs, I will update here.
For Mobile
📝NOTE: iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) do not have access to BitBot, nor do they allow extensions/add-ons on their browsers. I have not personally found a way around this. You may still access the site and manually roll.📝
I use BitBot. This is the best place to start from IMO. You can set it to notify you of rolls and gives direct access to the site from the app (you can also access the site from any device with internet). Once your account is "captcha free" you can set it to auto roll AND automatically claim rewards every 24 hours (RP increase, BTC increase, Lottery ticket Increase).
📝NOTE: Bitbot allows auto roll from the app for accounts over 500 RP. This isn't permanent, as it uses your RP. You'll need to log onto the website through a browser to achieve captch free account requirements, which Bitbot does recognize, which allow completely free rolls.📝
📝NOTE: Accessing FREEBITCO.IN through BitBot doesn't allow access to the Hi-Lo or betting games.📝
Bitbot optimization
I started manual claims by setting roll notifications to "ON" for a while until I supplemented my BTC in FREEBITCO.IN with what I was collecting from my miner and CryptoTab. Once I was able to AUTOMATE and I had enough RP to claim the RP BONUS, I set it to do that automatically every 24 hours as this nets more RP than you spend (EG, 100 RP roll bonus costs 1200 RP, but can net 2400 RP if claimed every hour). Eventually you accrue enough RP to claim the %1000 BTC bonus, probably at a rate of once or twice a week.
My current BitBot settings now that its auto claiming, I have the 24 hour auto bonus claiming 100 RP roll bonus and 100% claim bonus, spending a total of 1520 RP, but I'm making 2400 RP with the RP bonus, leaving me 780 RP in the positive each day. Every now and then I'll stop the auto bonus claim so I can buy the 1000% claim bonus (3200 RP). So on a normal day I'll make about 1344 Satoshi. Bitbot auto bonus settings
Once your accrue more referrals, or save enough RP, it's possible to claim the 1000% BTC roll bonus multiple days in a row. This is just about as optimal as you can get for auto rolling.
Self Referrals
If you have two devices (phone and computer preferably) you can make two accounts as long as one uses a different wifi or internet connection, as the roll rewards tracks IP addresses for roll counts. So if you have 2 devices on the same network, it sudo links accounts, so if you roll on one, it restarts the timer on the other. This allows you to collect referral rewards from yourself. Effectively adding 25% of interest and 50% roll rewards.
I currently have a phone autorolling on BitBot with a computer autorolling on Firefox with a tool to roll automatically as long as the page remains open. My computer account is referred from my mobile account, and is currently bringing in an extra .000015+ BTC weekly (currently, total will be this Sunday and I will update).
I've also made another account on my partners phone, linked it with bitbot and got it auto-rolling. Once bitbot is going, its non-invasive and you can silence notifications, it also uses minimal data.
Supplementing with CryptoTab
I'll use CryptoTab on my computer 24/7 to earn BTC from that while I have FREEBITCO.IN running. I also have it running on my phone at night when I sleep and on an iPad I have that I don't use much, its server mining, so no worries about battery on mobile devices. On computers it does actually use your processing power. You can directly deposit into you FREEBITCO.IN accounts.
CryptoTab Link
I've used it for two weeks and have earned a total of .000454 BTC (3.60$ USD). Not huge, but enough to start collecting interest on FREEBITCO.IN and to get the capthca free account requirements.
Supplementing with Cointiply
🛑WARNING: Cointiply's main currency is the constant, weighted against the dollar (10,000 coin/1USD). This means your actually BTC holdings will fluctuate with BTC's price.
For this reason, it's my strong opinion that DON'T HODL in Cointiply as you're not holding actual BTC.🛑
Cointiply is a great site to earn decent amounts of COIN which translate to SAT's. Earn coin, withdraw to FREEBITCO.IN (as you actually hold BTC in cointiply).
I also use an ASIC miner (Antminer s9i, DIY liquid cooled and overclocked with BixBit firmware), and whatever I earn I'll put that into FREEBITCO.IN to collect interest. If you want, I may be willing to do a rental.
📝NOTE: Since this faucet has been around a while, many people privy to sites such as this are already signed up. So getting referrals can be a slog. My tips for your ads is be genuine and don't hard sell or post "too good to be true" sensational ads.📝
This is another faucet. Its structure is a bit different from FREEBITCO.IN, as you complete offers to earn coin. Within this site (also an app) users can earn coins by doing PTC ads (and other offers), this is a good method to get exposure as you can advertise as well. Using this method my traffic for last week as about 800 people.
13000 coins buys about 1000 "clicks" on your ads. They also have options to advertise to people based on location (these options will increase or decrease cost). After your first ad, you usually get a 10% off coupon good for 7 days as well.
You can earn this amount within a day doing surveys on Theorem. I've done surveys before, and this has to be one of the best surveys sights I've ever done. Very rarely do I get kicked out mid survey, and if I do, I still get partial pay.
I will also use "Hideout" on my computer and leave it running. It has to be the open tab on your browser, with the browser open, not minimized. Let it go and check it occasionally as it has a timeout at roughly 2-3 hrs idle. As of now this is the best passive method of earning on Cointiply.
Pi Network, an ICO (Initial coin offering) based on trust and social media is another good medium for advertising. I will usually see 15-20 people click on my link with 2-4 ads posted per day.
Just go to "chat", select "random" and post an ad in the chat channel. No charge.
My tip, keep your ads short to medium in length, don't spam.
This is another crypto earned through "geo-mining". On the "coin" app you can do a "geodrop" where you can leave a note. Just click on the box with a parachute icon, select "any" on the "Tile" selection. Leave your ad in the "note" section.
It costs 10 "COIN" at the very least to do a "geodrop". This method may not be worth it if you aren't already involved in the program. To earn a substantial amount of coin, you'll need a subscription or a "sentinel". Sentinels can actually be purchased for under 20$ nowadays (depending on site) and is the best option to earn. Without these you'll only make approx .05-.18 coin every 30 seconds if you're actively moving.
My tips if you plan on advertising on this platform, once again keep it short, and only advertise around 7-9am and 4-6pm, as this will be peak mining hours with people driving to and from work.
My FREEBITCO.IN Referral Link
What is a Satoshi?
Bitcoins price through Coingecko
CryptoTab Link
Autoroll on Firefox
Coinbase Link
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[DISCUSSION] List of non-functional apps in iOS13

If you know about an app that doesn’t work in iOS 13 or iOS 13.1, comment the name of it and I’ll add the app to the list.
Please kindly provide the app link(s) to the app(s) you’re reporting.
⚠️ If the app is partly functional (works but has a few buggy features) or only works on select devices, please include those details in your report.
Non-Functional Apps in iOS 13 Beta
Thanks for all your app requests! I hope that this list, which will be continuously updated until the final launch of iOS 13, will help other users.
❗️This list has been discontinued. I will no longer be adding new apps to the list since iOS 13 has already been released to the public. Thanks for all your support and I’ll see you next year!
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Just So I’m clear.....

Sooooo still kinda new to this bitcoin thing. First I purchased some BTC through the robin hood app without doing research then after a while of doing some more research I realize I dont actually get BTC from there its basically forex. So In attempts to join the bitcoin community i created a wallet on my phone with the block chain app. I wrote down my phrase and got my wallet address. To even try it out I uploaded some money and tried accessing the wallet from other devices and it works(ipad, androiod tablet, etc) however so cool I think I got the hang of things pretty awesome, buuuuttttt now im coming across something Im reading in different sections where people say “not your wallet, not your coin” and I get that but I also hear about using a “cold/hard wallet” to store your bitcoin. (eletrum or some other thing i havent heard of)
So my question is
  1. am I in possession of a “cold or hard” wallet with what I have on that block chain app? Is that app just another thing similar to coinbase or where that isnt actually my wallet either
  2. How do I get a hold of a cold wallet for me to start storing bitcoin if it isnt one or is it ok to just stick with the wallet I have and keep loading and holding?
Forgive the newbie questions I just want to make sure I do this right when joining hodl community
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iPad user looking for a good first wallet.

So I have a bunch of bitcoin on coinbase and I want to get them off the exchange and into some form of long term storage. I only have an iPad for a computer for now so I’m looking for the best cold storage solutions I can get with my iPad. I hear there are some apps such as edge or bither but are those wallets really ok? What is everyone else’s experience with those?
And just in general, what sort of cold storage options would you recommend?
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Tried to use Bitcoin at a bar tonight at a Bitcoin meetup. Here is how it went.

First off, I hold more Bitcoin than any other coin.
I've been investing in Bitcoin since early this year and went to my first bitcoin meetup in San Francisco tonight.
The description said, "the only bar in SF that accepts bitcoin at the register!"
I'm thinking, how is this gonna go? Can't go well, right.
I asked the bartendeowner if I can pay with bitcoin and he's like 'yeah, no problem'.
I had ordered two drinks. The bartender hands me an ipad with a bitpay QR code.
I opened up my Coinbase app that I had moved $100 into today specifically for in person payments.
My drinks came out to $15.50 with tip.
The Bitpay app requested 0.0012 BTC (Current price is $16,500). When I put that amount into the Coinbase app it said the USD value was $35. I couldn't figure out why it was $35. So I switched the interface to allow me to just enter a USD amount.
I entered $20, cause I was slightly drunk and said, oh well, I'll pay more. After I hit send I looked at the transaction and it said it was pending for $51. WTF?
I asked the ownebartender how this was gonna work since it was going to take 2hours plus.
He was like "2 hours? We can't wait that long, I'll just cancel and you can pay by credit card. Also , I don't want you to pay $51 for this".
I told him "You can't cancel, it's bitcoin. No backsies".
He was like "Well, Bitpay says it's canceled now".
And I said "Not sure its gonna come back through via Coinbase. I have no idea how this is gonna go."
The owner was super great and offered to wait or try a whole bunch of things. I said "This was mostly an experiment, take my card. Thanks for doing the bitcoin community solid.".
At the end of the day I have no idea if I got refunded. 2.5 hours later, Coinbase said the transaction went through. Turns out the extra $30 was transaction fees for $20 drinks.
Ok, this is not anything new to anyone here. But it was my first time trying to buy something at a retail store.
The owner was super great. He actually knew a ton about transaction fees, altcoins, bit pay and ease of use for customers. It's not an exaggeration to say he knew more about bitcoin than any other person at the meetup I talked to. (Which is weird, cause he was surprised it was gonna take 2 hours. I thought we all knew that).
He also said I was the only one to try to pay with bitcoin, which I kinda found sad. (ok, maybe everyone already knew better).
I knew it wasn't going to go well, but wanted to try for myself.
Anyway, go to this bar and talk to Aaron. Super cool and will talk your ear off about bitcoin if he has the time:
Here is my transaction:
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spec shitshow #5

one of the few who still reads these?  
I don't have to be PC so let me just say it how it is:
Young naive writer gets handed narrative by the paper. Writes some stupid shit, gets paid by VC indirectly for protecting the portfolio (because IOTA is a threat to the entire portfolio). Slap a graphic on top of it. Done.
I agree that there is no "grand conspiracy" to damage the IF. It's regular business for coindesk at this point.
Attacking IOTA on a scientific level ended with self inflicted academic fraud (allegedly), exposing bad actors and destroyed reputations, while educating the IOTA community about the protocol itself. If the media didn't spin the DCI/IOTA incident, it would have been an absolute PR bloodbath for DCI. The new angle is: hurt the IF by making it look like a toxic environment for developers.
That's why month old screenshots are being digged out. This is FUD with surgical precision because developers engaging with the IOTA protocol is one of the more underrated but really fucking important factors.
Thanks to the first steps in making the IF more transparent however, we now know over that 1300+ developers/creators are part of the Ecosystem.
Yes, you should boycott Coindesk. No, it's not childish. You should generally avoid all bad press as it's a waste of time.
If the first newspaper you’ve read was on an iPad you might not know this: Serious newspapers label articles, in which the writer states his/her opinion on the topic he/she is reporting on, AS SUCH. Those are often referred to as “Opinion Pieces” or a “Comment”. However...
Most crypto news sites are simply a vehicle to push undisclosed native advertisement
[Native advertising is a type of advertising, mostly online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears.] ...
[a clear disclosure is deemed necessary when employing native marketing strategy in order to protect the consumer from being deceived] ... [According to Federal Trade Commission, means of disclosure include visual cues, labels, and other techniques.[8]]
here is a good example of a native advertisement:
If a news outlet is NOT even labeling opinion pieces as such - it’s not worth your time. It will add more confusion than clarity. Because that’s what it’s designed to do.
Let's see if we can spot the difference between professional and fraud:
see how is very clear about everything? Opinion and disclosure? TNW not so much...
ok, let's never talk about this again! Let's finally move on.
We should stay healthy skeptics towards corporate adoption. Friendly reminder the IF exists mainly to push back on corporate agendas.
For all we know, some just do it for the extra likes on twitter because of a #IOTA hashtag. Rarely do corporate SM accounts enjoy this kind of attention.
If you think i'm being anti-corporate libtardish, consider this: Industry 4.0 needs IOTA more than IOTA needs them. Not only to stay competitive but also to not get hacked and shut down by “insert country”. Bosch, Fujitsu and DXC are maybe the first to realize this. SO PLEASE stop begging on social media and tweeting at Elon Musk about IOTA. It’s not a good look.
that being said:  
Institutional money and regulation is the hot topic right now. And most likely will be during 2018. BTC Futures showed a recent spike in Volume hinting at smart money flowing in: (dont judge me for my resources i cant afford nice looking charts)
There are several news articles about WS traders moving to crypto and so on. Looks like things are starting to get rolling in the institutional world, as infrastructure is being set up.
Contrary to popular tinfoilery belief (aka. "The Cartel" Medium Article, that all of Bitcoin is 100% manipulated already based on future contracts), futures had relatively small volume compared to the global btc volume - most likely not important enough to justify manipulation of the entire market. (global volume)
Even the SEC Chairman Jay Clayton stated that futures market is "quite small" in his public statement before the february hearing:
It is important to put the new Bitcoin futures market in perspective. It is quite small with open interest at the CME of 6,695 bitcoin14 and at Cboe Futures Exchange (Cboe) of 5,569 bitcoin (as of Feb. 2, 2018). At a price of approximately $7,700 per Bitcoin,15 this represents a notional amount of about $94 million.
If you believe in a paradigm shift, this means we are still early.
Recent regulatory voices and twitter drama led to this piece by
Why is this important? Companies in the US most likely are patient about making an investment into any crypto token as there is regulatory uncertainty.
DXC TECHNOLOGY COMPANY, showcased a PoC with IOTA. At Q4 in december, DXC has stated:
213 Million in Net cash provided by (used in) investing activities.
Just some food for thought:
If you are already spending opportunity cost on IOTA, why wouldn't you leverage that with the token. Bosch invested into the token as well, most likely because there is more regulatory certainty in germany. Fujitsu wants to roll out IOTA as an industry standard (as it seems). This is not your regular Shitcoin. There is a reason dumb money is called dumb. Last time i check Verge had 10x the volume on binance compared to IOTA.
There are no fundamentals yet in evaluation, it’s purely speculative - but with more institutions moving into the space this might change. As such, CCs with industrial use could likely see a reevaluation. But, looking in from the outside, there seem to be some hurdles.
this twitter account is one of the more resourceful ones, he lets out some numbers to boost his SM traction (god bless him)
as outsiders, this will be an extremely helpful resource. He tweeted out a quarterly report
he writes: Over $1.8 billion has been invested into firms working with the blockchain ecosystem through corporate venture capital to date.
That’s not that much. Is it. For the entire ecosystem? Friendly reminder snapchat, after a 20% fall, is a 15 billion company. Just to get some perspective.
Especially if you consider the crypto market is still in the hands of leveraged daytraders on bitmex and whales, who got big stacks in a coin early on.
Imagine you want to invest 3M into IOTA as a CVC, you would’t spin up Binance and hit marketorder. You contact the IF and see if you can buy some, or outlier ventures might want to part with some, or even the founders i imagine hold quite a substantial amount.
I often see people asking for more exchanges - that's kinda missing the point. What you want at this point is more institutional interest. That's the kind of demand we want. Thats what you would call "organic growth" i guess.
Ripple holders, thinking a coinbase listening would make XRP go to $10, fail understand that Ripple itself holds a substantial amount of tokens where VCs can go and buy in bulk. And that’s why XRP is such a Shitcoin in the first place.
Cool thing about open ledgers is that you can look at them. Go figure.
Ripple and XLM look extremely bad with over 90% of coins held in the top 100 addresses (shitcoins confirmed). TRX and EOS don’t even have a mainnet yet to really track it - so you can imagine the numbers are likely shit too. ADA is looking way better than IOTA in terms of wealth distribution. But 60% for whales, IF and Founders is probably better than what most projects can show for.
Thing is, the small guys got in on crypto first. Not the banks, not a selected silicon valley investor boisclub either. While this is good for us, it's a nightmare for investment banks and such.
JPMorgan admitted that in their “BTC Bible” saying:
Ownership is highly concentrated. The opportunity set around direct CC trading appears relatively limited for banks
(Think about that for a second.)
CVC investing into the token could be, in my speculative opinion, the most likely catalyst for the price of IOTA, as its industrial adoption can build a synergy for entire sectors. As the main argument for Bitcoin is price uncorrelation to legacy assets, IOTA might be an interesting pick for the smart money, as it could be one of the few CCs with actual fundamental impact on different industry sectors. Something Blockchain, after 10 years, has failed to do.
Let me summarize because i was a bit all over the place. Things i will look for going forward:
  1. Institutional infrastructure is being built as we speak as regulations get more clear
  2. 2018 might see the highest investments into the blockchain ecosphere
  3. Financial talent from legacy market is switching to crypto
  4. Retail investors are the early adopters, not exclusive silicon valley boiclubs
  5. Liquidity is really bad, its hard to buy a lot of crypto for institutions
  6. The real FOMO and bubble might come with the “smart” money
  7. IF addressing wealth distribution and being more transparent
(i do not have a finance background as you can see and i write these to offer some interesting links and resources you might find useful in your own research.)
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How to buy Ripple with Coinbase & Shapeshift (Feedback welcome)

I had some real issues using the big exchanges to purchase XRP. After a few days of research I finally put a tidy sum in a paper wallet to forget about for a while.
My friend asked me a for a How To, and this is what I sent him. Thought I would post here as it would've been useful to me. Would welcome feedback and any contributions to make it better.
Step 1. Open a Coinbase Account (boo!) and buy some Bitcoin
Step 2. Get a XRP Cold Storage Wallet
Firstly - you need an address / cold storage wallet to store your XRP On laptop/ipad use an incognito type web browser to head to this website: Once there put your device in airplane mode and turn off any wifi connection. Scroll down on the page and hit "Generate New" a whole bunch of times. Write down the Ripple Address and Secret key PERFECTLY on paper (you don't need the QR Codes). I mean it. Check it twice and then check it again. Read the one on the screen it out loud to someone else who can check it against the paper for you. Don't fuck this up. Hit generate a few more times just to be safe and then delete your browsing history if you didn't do this in an incognito browser. Close the browser and then feel free to flip your wifi back on.
Step 3. Create a watch-only XRP wallet on your device
Next you need a wallet application on a laptop so you can view the balance of the paper wallet you created above. Download this: Install it on your laptop and open it up. Click the second tab "Read Only Mode" Type in your Ripple Address (not the secret key!) and then hit Open Account. Now if you pay in anything to this wallet you can see the balance in here! Your laptop also can't hack into the account because you didn't type in your secret key! Good times! Security Check - take a moment to make damn sure that the ripple address in the top right corner of the app is exactly the same as the one you wrote down. Copy and paste it into a notepad on your laptop. Label it RIPPLE ADDRESS just so you don't make any other mistakes later.
Step 4. Buying Ripple - Direct from Coinbase (hmmmmm...)
Note: You might want to test this with a small amount of bitcoin first (£10 worth) to make sure it works. You will see why in a minute. It'll double your fees but, safety first!
Open Coinbase in a browser tab First, go to Tools > Addresses. Make sure BTC Wallet is Selected in the drop down menu and then one of the Addresses into your notepad. Label it BITCOIN REFUND ADDRESS. Next, go to Accounts > Bitcoin Wallet and click Send to bring up the dialogue box.
In a NEW TAB go to Deposit: BITCOIN! Receive: RIPPLE! On this page there are usually warnings about slow network traffic. As far as I can tell, this shouldn't matter, but it is worth noting. Type in 25 Ripple (the minimum you can have in a wallet is 20) and it will generate the Bitcoin cost. Select 'Precise' and 'Continue'
From Notepad copy your RIPPLE ADDRESS into the 'Your Ripple Address' box. Copy your BITCOIN REFUND ADDRESS into 'Your Bitcoin Refund Address' box. Ignore the 'Destination Tag' box.
Agree to Terms and...
[As soon as you click Start Transaction you will have only 5 minutes to send the Bitcoin it asks for to the address it provides. As far as I can tell it is very quick at telling when you've sent it, but it still makes me nervous. I have done it with Coinbase before and the transaction has timed out, but my Bitcoin has still been sent into the ether and lost. But from what I can tell this is rare/impossible.]
Start Transaction
It will say "Please send XXX Bitcoin to this address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" Copy the address, and BTC amount into the Coinbase send dialogue. Double check the address and amount is right!! Hit Send. Back in Shapeshift, after a few seconds you should get a green tick next to 'Pending Confirmations' and the timer should vanish. Next, Awaiting Exchange will flash for minutes... maybe hours... Now is the time to go make a cup of tea and watch a couple of episodes of Ozark. Better not to worry about it until...
Eventually everything will be confirmed! The BTC will have left your account. Everything will be green in Shapeshift and your XRP will show up on your watching-only Ripple Wallet. I copy the urls for each Shapeshift transaction page into a spreadsheet so I can go back and check any transaction details if I need to
That's it. Then you can close everything and know you have a sweet pot of XRP magic waiting to explode all over your bank accounts.
Just DO NOT FUCKING LOSE that piece of paper with your secret key on it. Maybe worth typing the codes (unlabelled) into notepad, printing them off 3 times, laminating them and giving one to your mum to look after.
Edit: Corrected steps #s
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Sell an iPad or PS3 on Craigslist, meet at Starbucks, use Bitcoin for payment?

I'm looking at a couple old things I own -- specifically, an iPad and a PS3 -- and wondering what would happen if I sold one on Craigslist with an ad that said something like:
"Bla-Bla for sale. $50 cash, or $40 in Bitcoin (preferred)..."
Let's say I meet a guy like me, who's also curious about trying a Bitcoin purchase, and we meet at a Starbucks... (Now that I think about it, this makes more sense for the iPad than the PS3, since you can't test a PS3 at a Starbucks.)
Let's say we decide to go for it, for .0085 BTC. What's the easiest way to do the next step?
Would I just text him my BitCoin address, and then he'd log onto... some app? ... and send .0085 BTC to that address?
My memory is that when I transfer BTC from Coinbase to, say, Poloniex, I have to sit there waiting for confirmations. Like, maybe 5 or 10 minutes for the first confirmation, then 20 minutes more until there are enough confirmations for the transfer to go through.
Would the buyer and I just sit in the Starbucks and wait for 5, 10, 20 minutes waiting for confirmations?
I think a couple of my assumptions are wrong, so I've laid them all out hoping someone will take an interest and redirect my thinking.
Thanks in advance.
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Tried to use Bitcoin at a bar tonight at a Bitcoin meetup. Here is how it went.

The following post by financialdawnwall is being replicated because some comments within the post(but not the post itself) have been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/7l7x5u
The original post's content was as follows:
First off, I hold more Bitcoin than any other coin.
I've been investing in Bitcoin since early this year and went to my first bitcoin meetup in San Francisco tonight.
The description said, "the only bar in SF that accepts bitcoin at the register!"
I'm thinking, how is this gonna go? Can't go well, right.
I asked the bartendeowner if I can pay with bitcoin and he's like 'yeah, no problem'.
I had ordered two drinks. The bartender hands me an ipad with a bitpay QR code.
I opened up my Coinbase app that I had moved $100 into today specifically for in person payments.
My drinks came out to $15.50 with tip.
The Bitpay app requested 0.0012 BTC (Current price is $16,500). When I put that amount into the Coinbase app it said the USD value was $35. I couldn't figure out why it was $35. So I switched the interface to allow me to just enter a USD amount.
I entered $20, cause I was slightly drunk and said, oh well, I'll pay more. After I hit send I looked at the transaction and it said it was pending for $51. WTF?
I asked the ownebartender how this was gonna work since it was going to take 2hours plus.
He was like "2 hours? We can't wait that long, I'll just cancel and you can pay by credit card. Also , I don't want you to pay $51 for this".
I told him "You can't cancel, it's bitcoin. No backsies".
He was like "Well, Bitpay says it's canceled now".
And I said "Not sure its gonna come back through via Coinbase. I have no idea how this is gonna go."
The owner was super great and offered to wait or try a whole bunch of things. I said "This was mostly an experiment, take my card. Thanks for doing the bitcoin community solid.".
At the end of the day I have no idea if I got refunded. 2.5 hours later, Coinbase said the transaction went through. Turns out the extra $30 was transaction fees for $20 drinks.
Ok, this is not anything new to anyone here. But it was my first time trying to buy something at a retail store.
The owner was super great. He actually knew a ton about transaction fees, altcoins, bit pay and ease of use for customers. It's not an exaggeration to say he knew more about bitcoin than any other person at the meetup I talked to. (Which is weird, cause he was surprised it was gonna take 2 hours. I thought we all knew that).
He also said I was the only one to try to pay with bitcoin, which I kinda found sad. (ok, maybe everyone already knew better).
I knew it wasn't going to go well, but wanted to try for myself.
Anyway, go to this bar and talk to Aaron. Super cool and will talk your ear off about bitcoin if he has the time:
Here is my transaction:
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Did my first POS bitcoin transaction last night, and it was for one of the best meals I've ever had

SO and I are in Nashville for spring break and we decided to stop by Flyte because they accept bitcoin. The food was absolutely amazing and when it came to pay they had a guy come over with an ipad They had a coinbase app but he used a different app that I had never heard of. It came up with an error message a couple times at first but then it worked fine. So if you're in the area and like good food (and have a good amount of btc to drop on a meal) you need to check out Flyte!
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Please tell me how secure coinbase is after you read this.

So my wife opened a coinbase account Saturday morning. She used the instant verification which took less than 2 minutes and everything seemed great. She even placed a buy order with coinbase after being verified. Monday evening we are watching TV and reading, ipads in hand. My wife gets an email from her bank WF (Wells Fargo) telling her that her account information has been changed and, if she didn’t initiate this change to please contact WF. My wife checks her account online, and all I hear from her are a few hushed, but colorful, expletives. Someone has logged into her account changed the contact address, phone numbers and transferred $9500 from two savings accounts to her checking account. Also her account now shows that a check has just been cashed out for $4500. At this very moment her phone rings. The caller ID shows that the number is from San Francisco - we live in Denver. We are staring in disbelief at her account transactions on her ipad but I tell her to answer her phone, maybe it’s coinbase calling about an account verification breach?
It’s not coinbase calling, its a teller at a WF bank…calling from San Francisco. my wife is cautious about giving any information over the phone. (I too was having a hard time believing the caller was actually a WF bank teller, but it turns out that she is, and a very good one at that). The teller is saying that a woman is in the bank trying to cash a check written by my wife in the amount of $5000. The teller says a check was just cashed 30 minutes before at a different WF bank in SF for $4500. My wife and I are freaking out at this point. My wife verifies to the teller that she never wrote a check, does not live in SF and, is at this very moment watching her account online being manipulated and drained of cash. The WF teller calls the police and flags my wife’s account.
Short end to the story is a woman in San Francisco was placed under arrest at the WF bank trying to cash a second check. The arrested woman had an accomplice (male) which was verified by a phone call to the bank teller. The male accomplice claimed to be my wife(?) and was screaming at the bank teller to release the $5000. My wife spent the next 2.5 hours on the phone with WF fraud department(s), the WF bank in SF and the arresting SF police officer.
Can some of the more astute readers tell me that the above situation is all a big coincidence? That just because coinbase is in SF and my wife gave coinbase her account information (on Saturday), username and password and the perpetrators (on Monday) hit several WF banks in SF trying to drain my wife’s account…it’s all one big coincidence and nothing more? Yes, my wife should have immediately changed her bank account password after the coinbase verification process…but she didn’t. The coinbase server is still secure right?
Because if this is not a coincidence the reality is a little troubling coming to terms with. That a breach exists either inside coinbase or outside of coinbase.
I will try to update this if any new or substantial information becomes available. Yes, we tried to contact coinbase, and when we did we found no phone number available. I mean, why in the 21 century would any legitimate business need a phone number.
Your thoughts please.
After some discussion with my wife, she would prefer I not post any more information. She wants this thing to work through the PD and her bank. If in the near future she is comfortable with me updating this post I will do so. I didn't pick this forum for any reason other than I have read many post on my phone app zero-block and thought this would be a good group to discuss her incident with. Both her and I have tried to crash course ourselves with bitcoin information over the last several weeks and I thought it would be good for others to know what happened to her - at least as much as we know at this moment. Hopefully more information will come to light soon and she will be ok with me updating this post.
Thank you for your comments and suggestions.
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Vendor questions regarding BitPay/Coinbase

Hi Folks, I have a barbershop and recently started accepting bitcoin payments via BitPay ("Checkout" via iOS). It works great for those who use BitPay already on their mobile device, but I am running into issues where people have Coinbase and would like to pay that route. I did figure out a weird workaround but was wondering what the most appropriate way to accept funds with Bitpay via Coinbase was.
Currently, I type in the dollar amount on my iPad that the customer owes me, and it generates a QR code. With the Bitpay Mobile app for customers its just an easy scan of the code and away we go. However, with the coinbase app it looks like the customer must type in the amount they wish to send on their device first before scanning the code, which seems redundant because I have already created an invoice with the total (so to speak). Using Bitpay, it just withdraws the invoiced amount from the customer without asking the customer to type in the total. Does anyone have helpful advice? Other than instructing my customers to not use Coinbase...
Thank you in advance.
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Cold Storage Step-by-Step Guide

Link to all my other Bitcoin Guides
NOTE: If you decide this is too complicated for you; web wallets like coinbase have an offline storage option for bitcoins that is in all likelyhood probably a totally safe and viable option for general users. If you really can't understand this, I recommend simply using their cold storage option.
Here is my step-by-step guide on Bitcoin cold storage, or at least the method I use. I recommend starting by first reading my Cold Storage Concepts Guide as otherwise you may not understand some of these steps. What we’re doing is actually very simple and straightforward, but unfortunately looks a lot more complicated than it is.
This guide is for anyone who has a large amount of bitcoins and wants to store them securely for a large amount of time, instead of relying on third party wallets like or who might be compromised down the line at some point.
Note that I use OSX and other apple devices so unfortunately this guide is biased for those using apple… please don’t flame me. Alternatives exist for everything I list here for both Windows and Linux, just post if you get stuck I’m sure someone will help you.
There are many approaches you can take to cold storage, and the methods you use will depend on the level of paranoia you have and the degree of security you need, but this method will work for around 99% of people.
I welcome any and all feedback, and I encourage anyone intending to use this to read comments below to get second opinions.
  1. 5 normal 6-sided Dice (note: physical dice only! Do not use software!)
  2. A trustworthy electronic device capable of using (I recommend using an non-jailbroken iPad or iPhone)
  3. Download a QR reader app
  4. A copy of the Diceware password generation list, either on paper or on a separate screen
  5. Pen/pencil and relatively strong paper.
  6. Disk Utility, or other software to create encrypted drives
  7. Dropbox account, Apple’s upcoming iCloud storage, or a relatively trustworthy long term network storage
  8. A physical long term storage location, preferably in or near your house.
Some notes on requirements:
We use 5 dice minimum as otherwise it will take you forever to generate passphrases, the better quality the dice and the more you have the quicker you can make passphrases.
I recommend using iPads or iPhones because to my knowledge they are more secure than android in terms of viruses/malware (someone in the comments will no doubt correct me on this though). Alternatively you can buy a cheap laptop and brand new hard drive.
On to generating the cold storage addresses! I’ve made extra notes at the bottom for more detail.
  1. Lock yourself in your room, gather your things and make sure no-one is going to disturb you.
  2. Get your dice and your diceware list. Roll 5 dice, look up the password and write it down. Repeat this at least 8 times to generate a passphrase for each cold storage address you want to make.
  3. Write these down on a piece of paper as clearly and neatly as you can.
  4. Take your iPad or other device and connect to the internet. Google ‘bitaddress’ and go to the top link (1).
  5. Once you have loaded the bitaddress website, disconnect from the internet.
  6. Click on the ‘brain wallet’ tab. (4)
  7. Carefully and checking it over three times, enter each of your 8 word or more diceware passphrases, and click ‘generate address’.
  8. Be careful that autocorrect didn’t change any of your diceware words
  9. Generate a further 4 or 5 word passphrase that will be used as your ‘Master Key’
  10. Take a screenshot of all of these addresses. On iOS devices this is easily done via the Home+Power buttons.
  11. Close the Bitaddress website on your device, purge your internet history, cookies, etc.
  12. On your laptop, disconnect from the internet and create an encrypted drive. Here’s how to do that in Disk Utility.
  13. Make sure this drive is password protected with your Master Key from step 8.
  14. Transfer screenshots of all of your cold storage addresses from your trusted device to the encrypted drive.
  15. Triple check this worked, then delete all screenshots from your trusted device.
  16. Use a QR reader to scan the PUBLIC addresses of all your cold storage addresses. Save these in your notes or email them to yourself (2)
  17. Unmount the encrypted drive. Take this drive and put it on your dropbox folder or other network hard drive.
  18. Reconnect to the internet on your computer and sync with dropbox or other service.
  19. Take your piece of paper with your diceware passphrases on it and store it somewhere securely (3)
  20. Go to your active bitcoin wallet, and send your bitcoins to cold storage. Congratulations, they are now secure.
Now a few things about what we did. We saved 2 copies of our cold storage private keys (the piece of paper, and the encrypted drive); this means if your whole house burns down then you still have a copy of your private keys in the cloud. If you forget your master key password, then you still have a physical copy in your house as a backup. We encrypted the drive so that anyone who gains access to your dropbox won’t be able to open it. You could even keep several copies of this encrypted drive spread over several locations and computers and it will still be safe. If anyone somehow finds your piece of paper, they will only see a list of random words and won’t necessarily know what it’s for (unless you leave detailed instructions or the word ‘bitcoin’ on it..!).
You also used diceware so your passphrases are completely random so no-one can guess them, and in fact are almost as strong as the cryptography in Bitcoin itself. Also, it was easier to write down 8 english words than a random sequence of 1-6's so there's less of a chance you wrote down your passphrases incorrectly.
To get your bitcoins out of cold storage, just scan the private key into your hot wallet, or re-generate the private keys from the diceware phrases you wrote down.
(1) this prevents you from mis-typing the address and getting a phishing page.
(2) We use a QR reader because this prevents writing the public keys down incorrectly.
(3) i.e. a safe, or inside a book in your library, on the back of a family picture that doesn’t get moved much. Spend some time thinking about how you want to approach this.
(4) You may have heard brain wallets aren't safe... this is not true. Only a non random brainwallet is unsafe (like one made from song lyrics), but since we generated our passphrases with dice they are random and the brainwallet is secure.
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Small business looking for easy to use (iPad)app to accept bitcoin in person.

I've read a bit on how to accept bitcoins and read through this guide. I was looking at coinbase but realized they only currently have a POS version for android.
What I want is an app for our iPad (already in place and set up for square payments) that my employees can run without me there and I don't have to worry about over-complicating things. I also want a service I can trust and one that can automatically convert and deposit USD if I am away for an extended time so I have the option to set it and forget it.
What would you recommend, there are so many I feel lost!
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Bitcoin: A BIT of a problem

My name is Joe Average. I am the 80% of people who found out about bitcoin. I found out last week that an ATM for a new type of special currency is being released in my hometown, Vancouver BC Canada. Like many others, I'm still clueless about bitcoin, despite spending my halloween weekend researching it, trying to find out whether it's a trick or a treat (sorry I had to).
In this post, I'll list what I know about it, then list the thoughts, problems, and barriers that I, and probably 80% of the population, feel about bitcoin. These things are probably most relevant to those of you bitcoin enthusiast that have a vested interest in the success of the currency/commodity, because the general public represents a population that will influence the capacity that bitcoin can have in society.
Bitcoin has many advantages. Here are the advantages that I came across in forums and news articles: -free from government influence -zero bank fees -limited resource, naturally appreciating value -relatively anonymous -intangible, convenient to carry -irreversible transactions
And here are some problems, starting from the most relevant one which probably everyone thinks of right off the bat:
1-Bitcoin or cash? Why should I bother using bitcoin? Dozens of local merchants in my area are accepting bitcoin. Wow that's great! Now I can spend 2 hours acquiring bitcoin from a private, ungoverned, unregulated exchange (more on that later) and buy a medium belgium hot chocolate from waves (great drink by the way). Paying with card or cash? No ma'am, I'm paying with BITCOIN big teethy smile, eyebrows up and down several times Ok, bust out the ipad or whatever, spend 15 minutes waiting for the cashier to grab her ipad, unlock the screen, get a network connection at coffee shop network speeds, tap the bitpay app or w/e, load the app, scan my qr code, wait for the transaction to verify, blah blah blah, meanwhile, big ass line up forms behind me and I'm the big asshole who decided to pay with bitcoin instead of cash.
Okay, in all fairness, I'm probably being ignorant to some bitcoin app out there that cuts this whole process down from 15 minutes to just 5 minutes, the time it takes to verify transactions. But if I have to use an app, that probably costs money. So now my $4.50 dark belgium hot chocolate now costs $4.65 + 5 minutes of my life.
Hmm maybe I'll just 1) whip out some cash 2) whip out my visa card and pay it off right away so I don't incur interest fees 3) pay for it with debit, my bank doesn't charge me debit fees for using my card
2-Sending bitcoin So let's say what appeals to me is that bitcoin replaces Western Union, bank transfers, etcetc. I want to send $4,000 to Alice and Bob of ABC Co., payment for their work as hypothetical people in every accounting example I've ever read. For that amount, I'd have to pay >$100 in service fees from a money company. Or I could save myself >$100 by using bitcoin instead.
Okay great! Where do I start? Download a wallet. Done, nice. Next step, synchonize 208 weeks of ledger. Great.. oh, hang on. It's been 4 hours and I've downloaded 3 weeks. What the fuck?! How long does this take.. it doesn't even tell me how long it will take or how big the file is! computer left running overnight Awesome, just 2 more nights to go then I'll be fully syncrhonized. 2 days later hard-drive is maxed out? I needed a new one anyways. 4 days and a 500GB SSD later Now I have my wallet ready to use. Time to purchase some bitcoin!
So I purchase bitcoin, send it to Bob and Alice, and since they own ABC Co., a massive enterprise, they employ an IT guy, and he is the only guy in the company who will ever understand how to securely use bitcoin. He's behind 2 juniper firewalls (for redundancy), we VPN tunnel'd the payment code over with the pass, that way I know it went to him and nothing's been compromised. Because once the funds are sent out, it's gone, there is no insurance. Which brings me to my next point:
Bottom line: requires a lot of time to SAFELY and SECURELY send bitcoin, FEE-FREE. But that's okay because I have nothing better to do. If I had kids, errands, work, non-IT hobbies to do, $40-$100 might be worth the time it takes me to research the process of sending bitcoin out properly.
3-Bitcoin wallet services There's a whole list of companies emerging to take podium position in the race of the bitcoin wallet services world. Besides setting up a bitcoin exchange (which anyone can do in their basement), bitcoin wallets are the next biggest thing in bitcoin.
In the digital world, about 3 companies take podium position in a certain thing. Like Android/Apple/Blackberry for cell phones, Windows/Apple/Linux, Chrome/Firefox/IE, etc etc. Right now, for digital bitcoin wallets, everyone's competing to be one of those 3 major companies that everyone will use. Companies like coinbase.
These companies cost money. Coinbase has a pretty impressive talent pool. Let me introduce them to you:
Barry Kwok- Holy shit, this guy has a Masters in Engineering?! No seriously, this guy is a master of engineering. He built teams of 5 to 50 people at Google (fucking google man!). This guy is the first guy on the list, how much does he make? I'd have to guess $120k
Craig Hammell- This guy built OK Cupid. I know a guy who uses that shit to get laid, it really works, so OK cupid is probably a well-established company. Because of Craig's success with OK cupid, and the fact he looks that young, I'd say he probably doesn't make that much, just a modest $90k
Olaf Carlson-Wee- Olaf does rock-climbing, enough said. $95k
Fred Erhsam- Traded at Goldman Sachs. $150k
Charlie Lee- Invented Litecoin, worked on google chrome, google play, and youtube. $120k
Brian Armstrong- This guy has experience with Fraud Prevention. Don't know why they hired him, because as everyone's been saying, you can't fraud bitcoin. Since they don't need him, he's probably an intern.
Let's run some quick numbers: Total cost of salaries: $575,000/year Other expenses including dividends to investors: $3m/year
So this company has $3.6m a year to allocate to their consumer base of 329k of wallets, and 12k merchants. That is roughly $10.56/year per wallet or merchant. (realistically, the portion of cost between wallets and merchants would be not be split equally, and of course all these figures are pulled straight from thin air, however, this is reddit, not forbes).
That is a very low amount compared to using VISA which costs merchants $0.25/transaction+monthly service fee. As we can see, bitcoin is a great! Save some money.
But here's the problem: people fraud banks all the time. That costs money. Somebody puts $10k in their digital wallet, loses it, they're going to be pissed off. They'll start demanding it back from coinbase. The day coinbase pays 1 guy $10k compensation, the day they'll have to pay everyone that loses money like that, and that $3-mil figure I gave above will be much higher, and the fees everyone has to pay will go up. If coinbase doesn't compensate, then people will be reluctant to use bitcoin for anything other than small transactions.
This means bitcoin will not have the capacity to be adopted by regular people, like me. Either I lose big chunks of money at a time, when my digital wallet gets hacked, goes missing, frauded, etc, or I lose it in smaller chunks and frequency which is similar to a bank.
So digital wallet services are just like banks. Wait, I thought the bitcoin guys were saying banks were a bad thing?
4-Inflation vs Deflation I see a lot of bitcoin enthusiasts talking economics, which really angers me. You should read some of the things they say "inflation is bad, bitcoin actually deflates, so its good" "the government can't fuck with bitcoin, so its good" "bitcoin good, so it's good". If you're a bitcoin enthusiast and discussed bitcoin economics, you probably need to trade your internet credit for some college credits. Because seriously, that is some retarded shit. For example:
Inflation is bad, bitcoin deflates = good / The gov't can't fuck with bitcoin so it's good No. Inflation is good, yes I said it and you can quote me on that. Inflation allows job creation through lowering interest rates which encourages people and businesses to buy things. When stuff is bought, things happen. And jobs are required to make things happen. So when the government sees that "hey, our economy ain't doin too well, how bout we print some of ye ol' fashioned paper dolla bills" that's a strategic move to lower the unemployment rate and increase GDP.
The US is in shambles right now for reasons beyond inflation. The #1 reason why is labour costs too much in the US. Shaquila and Billy Bob don't want to work in a factory for $12/hr, they're too in love with hollywood and liberty, thinking they're entitled to a high paying comfortable job. Half of America thinks like that. But guess what, the Chinese don't, they're happy to pick up where Shaquila and Billy Bob left off. And because of the economies of scale thanks to their large population, that ignited over night, and now the US is left with a population that doesn't want to work. There's also a bunch of other reasons like going to war, etc, but that's debatable because there's a cost/benefit of going to war (own all the oil rigs out east to pay for things because you lazy fucks can't be bothered to make money with elbow grease).
The point is, mind fuck #1, inflation is a solution to a problem that's not related to money.
On the other side of the coin, deflation IS a bad thing.
Deflation, which bitcoin is designed to do, means that there will be fewer amounts of money to spend over time. That increases the price of things. That's good for people who are holding on to bitcoin. This encourages people to spend with bitcoin less, and save more. Mind fuck #2, saving money is bad, because it reduces GDP. It reduces the need for companies like coinbase to develop and create a product for spending bitcoin in the first place. So the more bitcoin deflates, the more its value goes up, the less people spend bitcoin on shit, the less merchants see a point in accepting bitcoin, the less merchants use bitcoin, the less people buy bitcoin, then bitcoins value goes down.
5-Limited supply of bitcoins This title should read Diminishing supply of bitcoins, but it would then be misinterpreted without an explanation. Bitcoins don't diminish, they are simply unaccounted for. Meaning, if you have bitcoins, and forget the password, it is gone forever. And in case you didn't know, people are human, making them prone to mistakes. Forgetting, etc. So, over time, enough people will lose bits and pieces of bitcoin here and there. That's going to add up over the long run. Units of measure will start going to miliBits, Microbits, ultra micro bits, ultra ultra micro bits. etc. Kind of like fiat currency, it can inflate to be infinitely large, and with bitcoin, infinitely smaller.
6-Exchanges and trading When Silk Road went down, bitcoin went up. First, naturally and by way of economics, fewer bitcoin = increased value. The Silk Road guy had $26-million USD worth of bitcoin, more than enough bitcoin to raise the market price. Followed by that, we have news, and hype, which drove higher. Then the fact prices are going up, makes a nice news article, which drives it up even more. When prices went up because of the news, incentive went up. Now the prices are so high, some people have made fortunes off of it. And that makes the news too, which drives it up again even higher.
That's a great incentive if you're a bitcoin investor. Hey, the winklevoss twins have 1% of bitcoin, all you miners go use your mining pools to break into the winklevoss account and delete the fuck out of their bitcoin wallets and backup, so you can raise the market value.
Just kidding. That's a lot of work. You know what's easier? This:
1) Start your own bitcoin exchange, no fees 100% free. 2) People will start trading on it. 3) ???? 4) Profit!
Actually step 3 isn't a mystery, you set the fucking price level to whatever you want it to be. And because it's 100% unregulated, unsanctioned, not tied to any commodities, no authority, no referee, no consortium, you can do whatever the fuck you want on it.
Without authority, believing that the prices on the bitcoin exchange is set naturally by way of price and demand is like believing in religion. You just have to believe.
Of course with public exchanges, there is some level of corruption involved, but that's why people get arrested and shit. Using bitcoin exchanges doesn't have that level of protection, and it never will. You think the governments own law enforcement is going to go after guys corrupting a private stock exchange, which trades a currency that negatively impacts their own fiat currency? Unless the government is somehow benefiting from bitcoin, which it won't by design, the police will simply have a good laugh at that.
In conclusion, there's so many flaws that I can see with bitcoin. But bitcoin enthusiasts will say otherwise. If I jumped on the bitcoin train 3 years ago, I'd probably do the same thing as you: make up some backwards economic reasoning it'll succeed, some backward political reason, etc.
So Dear Bitcoin, you just don't make enough sense to us, the general population, for us to adopt you. A great substitute for currency in the underground world, but you just don't fit with us here on the mainstream. And if you did fit, you'll end up being regulated just like currency, so what's the point? You're the same shit as my cash or cards. Fuck off. -Joe Average
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Best bitcoin (brick & mortar) merchant tool for iOS? Popular options?

Background: I've been following bitcoin for about 3 years now, but have never dived too deep into actual services, etc. I've only purchased btc a handful of times and have only spent them online (also only a handful of times), and never in person.
Present: I accept bitcoin on my website for online sales using coinbase, but I want to begin accepting bitcoin in person as well. I have both an iPhone and iPad that can be used...
I understand Apple started allowing bitcoin wallets on the App Store just last month so there must be significant movement in this space, but I would like to know what people feel is the best currently available service. Obviously security is important but I'm not talking about a substantial amount of BTC I expect out bring in- I just want to help spread the word.
Thanks for the help. I've googled around a bit but thought this would be a timely conversation to have as we approach the 45 day mark since apple OK'd bitcoin.
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Anyone familiar with "Restaurant Manager", POS restaurant app by ASI with respect to Bitcoin integration

I'm going to be speaking to a restaurant owner about hosting a Bitcoin Beer event as a one off but with the ulterior motive of having this restaurant accept bitcoin full time.
I'm good friends with the manager and he showed me their system. It's called Restaurant Manager and it was originally developed by Action Systems. The website for this app is . I'm hoping some bitcoiners out there that have worked in the restaurant industry may know this system.
The bartenders and waitresses use a key card to login and everything is touch screen. The terminals themselves are run on Windows Embedded XP. They do have private wireless in the restaurant that connects their four or five terminals.
There is a backend computer in the restaurant in their office which I haven't seen but I assume that's where the daily accounting and settlements occur. This is a medium sized restaurant with thirty to forty tables and a very healthy bar business, especially on the weekends.
We'd do this event at their back bar on a slower night, a Monday or Tuesday and promote it heavily with our meetup and also use it as an opportunity to invite anyone interested in Bitcoin to come talk to us. I'm in the Los Angeles area.
I have no experience with integrating a Bitcoin payment system to a POS system. I'd imagine we'd look at Bitpay or Coinbase as their processor. I understand that Coinbase does not have an iOS payment interface but that Bitpay does so perhaps an iPad can be used to generate the QR codes for the bills.
I have no idea how settlement can occur, especially with tipping the waitress and bartenders. I'd imagine people can leave their CC's to guarantee and then people can settle with BTC as if it were cash at the end of the night. Does anyone know how this actually works in a restaurant accounting system?
My feeling is that we have one shot during a thirty to forty five minute meeting to convince him to try this. The upside is that he owns five fairly successful bars in the area. My understanding is that he's open to technology and would at least listen to us and not dismiss us out of hand.
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Bitpay iOS POS app? Bitpay question

I heard that Apple is halting bitcoin on their app store. Does this mean an ipad can't use bitpay or coinbase or any POS app for bitcoin?
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Launched our new Crypto Prices iOS App and paid main dev in Litecoin

Our team has just launched a new iOS app for iPhone and iPad "Crypto Prices All-in-One" - - which basically allows you to display on price board any currency pair from the top most liquid Crypto exchanges, in a clean display.

Brief description: The #1 Cryptocurrency Price Checker App for multiple Crypto exchanges - View all your coin prices from multiple exchanges at once.
Features the top 14 most liquid Crypto exchanges: Bter, Cryptsy, BTC-e, Poloniex, Vircurex, Bittrex, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Coinbase, OKCoin, Huobi, BTC China, CAVirtEx, Kraken
Customise price board with currency pairs from any of the supported exchanges
Clean and beautiful price display - with icons of exchange next to currency pair
Hold and drag to re-order coin
Swipe to delete currency pair
Customisable update intervals
Useful app for traders of any Cryptocurrency traded across multiple exchanges, including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Darkcoin (DRK), Nextcoin (NXT), Vertcoin (VTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Blackcoin (BC), Monero (XMR), Namecoin (NMC), Peercoin (PPC), Bytecoin (BCN), VeriCoin (VRC), etc.**

You will love this App if you own a variety of these Cryptocurrencies + Bitcoin, and want to check them all at once across multiple exchanges.

Introduced the main dev to Litecoin (and cryptos in general), and asked if he would take Litecoin as payment. After some reading and finding out that he could cash in at his local exchange, he was very keen, so he agreed to take Litecoin as payment. Goes to show that it's always worth an ask.
Anyhow hope you enjoy this no-cost app and what will mean most to us is that crypto enthusiasts will find this app useful as much as we do. For android users, here's the same app launched couple months ago:
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My first purchase in a brick and mortar store

A local deli called "Cheese & Crackers" in my town started accepting bitcoin recently so I went there after work and bought some cheese to test it out. They were using an iPad as a square register and they went to coinbase in the browser to do the transaction. It was very rudimentary and it took several minutes for the cashier to figure out how to ring me up. Hopefully they will use an Android tablet soon and just run the app. Anyways I was super excited for my first brick and mortar purchase.
Picture of the cheese I bought.
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Meeting with owner of a French cafe in SF who wants to start accepting Bitcoin...

I'm planning to explain to him how he can accept Bitcoin in 2 ways.
  1. He can accept and hold them if he believes in it as a personal investment
  2. He can accept it and instantaneously convert it to USD
Was thinking of introducing him to Coinbase and having him use his iPad with the new Coinbase app. Seems like the most simple way of introducing Bitcoin to his store without explaining security or private keys or anything like that.
Is there anything else you would add if you were setting it up for him?
The place is Promenade Cafe:
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[OFFER] App, Game, Website and Extension/Add-On Testing

I'm an avid gamer, app user, and love the internet. Happy to test out what you've designed. I won't put in money up front (i.e. buy your app, need to provide it to me), but as long as the work is reasonable (can be completed in like an hour) then I'll accept as little as 5 bucks. Will do bigger tasks for more money. I know this is slave labour but you're getting someone with a wide range of technology available as well as years of experience and ability to troubleshoot.
If it's an extension/add-on I'll scan it and research to make sure it doesn't come bundled with adware. I've got tons of rewards and survey sites to bloat my computer with adware in exchange for money already.
Devices available:
Browsers available on PC:
Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, all upgraded to latest version, will install Opera if needed.
Accepting PayPal payments (unless you can tell me where to exchange BitCoin or dogecoin for USD that won't take 5+ days to do it like Coinbase does).
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COINBASE TO BINANCE USING IPHONE APP Buying + Sending Bitcoin On Coinbase App - Pros + Cons How to Use Coinbase App (Bitcoin) Cheapest Way To Buy Bitcoin 2020 - Robinhood + Coinbase App How To Sell Bitcoin On Coinbase App In 2020

Integrate bitcoin into your iOS application with Coinbase's fully featured bitcoin payments API. Coinbase allows all maj. The app allows you to earn bitcoin in exchange for answering messages and completing tasks. The iOS SDK provides a fast and easy way for iPhone/iPad application developers to quickly integrate mobile payment Coinbase Wallet is the #1 mobile cryptocurrency wallet. Wallet makes it easy for you to securely store, send and receive Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), Ether Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), XRP (Ripple), Stellar Lumens (XLM), and Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. Bitbanda is one of the major competitors of Coinbase, in Europe, thanks to its sleek and flawless design. They mainly concentrate on bitcoin, ethereum, and ripple, but provide support for many other coins. Credit cards, wires, Skrill, and numerous other payment methods are supported in the app. Coinbase. Coinbase is a simple, safe way to manage and sell cryptocurrency. Coinbase is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges with over twenty-five million users across thirty-two countries worldwide. Coinbase allows you to securely and safely buy, store and sell cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and many more on their easy, user-friendly The secure app to store crypto yourself. All your digital assets in one place Use Decentralized Apps Pay friends, not addresses All your digital assets in one place. Take full control of your tokens and collectibles by storing them on your own device. Join the Coinbase Wallet Community.

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