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cgminer causing instant BSOD on execution.

I'm having a pretty strange issue. Up until a few months ago I was mining bitcoins using cgminer just fine. I stopped because it became entirely unprofitable. I decided this week to start mining litecoins and read up on what I needed. I created a new cgminer folder specifically for litecoin with a different version number of cgminer to avoid any conflicts. I eventually got it all ready and went to run cgminer and as soon as I double clicked the batch file I made it cause a BSOD. The message with the BSOD is "Bad_Pool_Header".
I thought that I may have had some incorrect flags in my batch file or maybe I was trying to push it too hard. I decided to see what would happen if I tried to run my old bitcoin mining config and it too instantly causes a BSOD. The only thing I can think of that has changed about my system is that I got a new PC case and changed the slot the graphics card was in, but I removed all the drivers and re-installed them when I did that.
From here things only get weirder. I had been on Catalyst 13.12 and decided to downgrade to 13.1 to see if that would help. That didn't do anything so I decided to see if I could get guiminer going just to see if it was all miners. I tried to start guiminer and it instantly gave me a "guiminer has stopped working" message. Long story short when I downgraded my drivers 13.1 refused to install openCl properly even after several reinstall attempts. I updated to 13.4 and now openCL is fine and guiminer works just fine using cgminer 3.7.2. However, when I attempt to run cgminer itself I still get a BSOD.
I can't understand why when I run a freshly unpacked cgminer I get a BSOD, but if I run guiminer and it uses cgminer it works fine. I'm pretty content with guiminer, but want to figure out what the issue is just in case it may cause other issues later. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this before?
My Rig (nothing is overclocked):
Sapphire 7950 (100352-3L) i5-2500k ASROCK Z67 Extreme 4 16 GB RAM 3TB HDD Windows 7 Pro
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Best driver to use with the 6970?

I've read a lot of conflicting reviews so I was hoping to use the collective wisdom of this subreddit to determine what is the best driver to use.
I'm currently using 12.6 and its working well. My 6970 will get up to 480kh with cgminer. Has it been shown that newer, or a different driver set works better for litecoin mining?
Some say that the newer drivers dont work well with the old cards, and I was having alot of problems getting bitcoin mining to work on the latest drivers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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