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Information for new investors

Good day new investors,
Please note;
  1. You do not have to register to purchase tokens. No more tokens can be purchased from the company for this fund. It is closed-end. Register and purchase with an exchange. Active markets are listed below. Information on the fund is in the whitepaper and fact-sheet, linked on the homepage.
  2. You will need to register if you want to liquidate them (SELL, not transfer) with the company for their NAV share (see whitepaper 'liquidation option'). You can also sell the tokens on a supported exchange for the market value. Therefore -
  3. You do not have to register with the company to buy, sell or transfer C20 tokens.
You can check the active markets here
There is a detailed FAQ here.
Fund exclusions: BCC, USDT, C20 itself.
C20 Community Resources
I realise that some people are not that active in our Discord channel (or have not joined at all), which has quite a lot of community developments and other resources. So I have decided to gather some of the things shared around and post them here - in no particular order.
Crypto20 performance snapshots and unofficial community resources:
There are also a few desktop tickers and widgets floating around in the Discord server, which will show you personalised holdings.
For consumption, the NAV is found here.
Other resources: [not an endorsement or recommendation]
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